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Patrick J. Mclain

Patrick Mclain’s client reviews

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marianna

    Hired attorney

    For the past year and half I have been through the hardest ordeal in my military career. I was facing multiple charges in a Special Court Martial. Not having any experience in legal matters I needed someone with the knowledge and experience in Military Law not only to represent me, but also to fight for my 26-year military career. Mr. Patrick McLain was that individual; someone I could trust and who guided me every step of the way. He held me accountable to study my own case and ensured I provided all facts that were necessary to ensure a favorable outcome. I must say, I truly believe that God put Mr. McLain in my path at the time when I needed solid legal representation the most. I highly recommend Mr. McLain to anyone who is facing any legal actions against them; he is truly a professional and a dear friend to my family and me. Thank you for all you have done for us.

  • Without a doubt, the only one to hire!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jay

    Hired attorney

    I was in need of a voice. One that would be heard and never forgotten. I was facing special court marshal and multiple charges that would make most throw their hands up and give up and plea. My name needed to be cleared and all I wanted was to find someone who would fight for me and my 15 year career. I called multiple people and asked "if I did not hire you, who would you recommend". Patrick's name was the constant. I needed to go through this with a clear conscience afterward no matter what the verdict was. I was not getting any good feelings from my military lawyer so I called Patrick. He is a no non sense man who wants to work hard for you. I hired him and immediately the weight of my trial was put off my shoulders. I fell into a dark place and Patrick was my light out. During the pre trial my military lawyer had a Marine Corps required training seminar. The guest was Patrick. I knew right there I had picked the best man for my defense. At trial Patrick picked apart the prosecution and left so much for the jury to think on, it was a work of art. My name was cleaned that day. I'm able to hold my head up high and continue my service. Thank you Mr.Mclain.

    Patrick J. Mclain’s response: “Thank you, Jay. It was my honor. Now go conquer the world, as you have always done. Semper Fi, Mc”
  • The BEST!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    Patrick saved my career!!! I am a Navy officer whose urinaylis results were found positive for a prescription painkiller -------one that was not my prescribed medication. The reason for the results was found to be not due to misconduct; I am retiring under honorable conditions and will enjoy the benefits I have earned via many years of hard work and sacrifice.
    The BEST decision I ever made was to hire Patrick Mclain as my lawyer. After telling me to keep my mouth shut (and I am glad I did!) He immediately made contact with the local JAG officers and my chain-of-command and forced the due process to occur.
    In the week and a half after I was informed of the urinaylis results and prior to my contacting Patrick Mclain, I was removed from important tasking and meetings and, uninvited from a conference that had an agenda focused on my area of responsibility. After Patrick's notification of being my attorney, the more blatant exclusionary treatment stopped. I have always been a top-performer and a member of the "inner- circle;" it has been very humbling to experience how quickly one can become a pariah.
    Patrick was available to me at any time-- I was able to call him late at night and on weekends. He knows military law and the machinations of military personnel administration thoroughly. His expert knowledge and experience helped me fight what looked like an inevitable career-ender. His absolute commitment to my case gave me the confidence to keep working and performing at the high-level I always had.

    Patrick J. Mclain’s response: “It was my great honor to serve a Navy officer of your caliber and character. Fair winds and following seas in your new career. Thank you for the trust you put in me to take care of you. Semper Fi, Patrick McLain”
  • You can't afford not to have him

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    Hired attorney

    Mr. Mclain guided me through the hardest part of my life. I had spent almost 5 years in the Marine Corps when I received false allegations of illegal drug use (positive urinalysis). I mistakenly made a statement to CID and then started hunting for lawyer afterwards. I interviewed multiple lawyers before I found Patrick and I immediately retained him after our consultation. Under his counsel I:

    -Denied NJP and demanded a court martial
    -Dealt with unlawful command influence (which I feel like is something that happens in a lot of commands for similar cases)
    -Built an outstanding case for retention
    -When the command did not pursue a court martial, we spent countless hours preparing for the administrative separation board that followed
    -Got retained in the USMC and will be discharged honorably next week

    I very highly doubt I would have achieved this outcome if not for the expertise and experience of Mr. Mclain. During the legal process you will be expected to be 100% honest and forthcoming with him and you will need to do everything he tells you to do. These two parts essential for an outcome in your favor. He will fight as hard as he can for you and will always be on your side.

    Hiring Mr. Mclain was the smartest decision I ever made because my career is priceless to me. He saved my GI bill (which is worth a $100,000 alone), my security clearance, and the prestige of having served honorably. If you are facing allegations, there is no one better to have on your side than Patrick Mclain. It was not only an honor to have a man of this caliber represent me, but to even know him as well. Look no further, he is the best.

    Patrick J. Mclain’s response: “Andrew: you are a great Marine and a good man. My military co-counsel and I did a lot of work for you, but in the end, it was your accomplishments and character that won the day for us. Semper Fi and good luck in the next phase of your life - Patrick McLain”
  • Top-Notch Military Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    I hired Patrick J. McLain in April 2014 after consulting with a handful of other lawyers who never had any confidence in my case. I had an extremely difficult case where the military was going all out against me. I was facing sexual assault charges, being a registered sex offender for life, confinement and a bad conduct discharge. I was blasted in the media by the military and my case made national news. It was the most terrifying experience in my life. Patrick took me under his wing and made me feel like I was a part of his own family. He got me fully engaged in my case instead of just watching it from the sidelines. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable of Military Law and a very hard working person. He conducted my defense brilliantly and always seemed to be 10 steps ahead of the prosecutor. After a four day trial I was found NOT GUILTY. I would highly recommend Mr. McLain to anyone who needs a good military defense lawyer. Patrick I can't thank you enough for the devotion and time you put into my case. Thank you!!!

    Patrick J. Mclain’s response: “Mike: It was a tough case. But I believed in you. And the jury did, too. Semper Fi, Patrick McLain”
  • A Sincere Thanks

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    It has been one year now since Mr. McLain helped rescue me from the worst experience I have ever gone through in my entire life. Furthermore, there is a reason that I remember it so well. I remember feeling like there was no hope and that no matter what I said, nobody would believe me or give me the opportunity to talk. After going through lawyer after lawyer, I finally found someone who I could believe in. It was none other than Mr. Patrick McLain whom I felt I could truly trust. His confidence, persistence and reliability allowed me to realize that I had made the right choice. He gave me the opportunity to provide insight into my own case so that he could understand me better. He cared, he was honest, and he put in the time and effort to do what it takes. The world can be cruel, and there are times in life when everyone needs help. Mr. McLain, I just want to tell you thank you, and thank you for caring. I can now continue on my military career just as I was and continue to do great things. My wife, four children & I are doing great! I consider you not only a great person both personally and professionally, but also a friend. From myself and my family, Thank you!

    Patrick J. Mclain’s response: “Brian, it was an honor. I am humbled when you, and any of my brothers or sisters in the military, trust me to fight for your lives, your reputation, your freedom. The sacrifice is worth it because you are worth it. Semper Fi, Patrick McLain”
  • The Best Military Lawyer You Will Ever Find.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Warrant Officer Mike M.

    Patrick McLain is the VERY BEST!!
    He completely cared, took my case personally, always made me feel as though I was his most important client, and was knowledgeable on all subjects. I give him the highest rating possible and totally recommend him to anyone who is facing an up hill battle with all odds against them.

    Patrick J. Mclain’s response: “Mike - I still think of this case often. I hope you are doing well. All the best. Semper Fi, Patrick McLain”
  • Outstanding

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eddy

    I would highly recommend Patrick McLain, to anyone needing professional representation.
    He's a no nonsense attorney, that didn't sugar coat any thing for me, I felt that he was truthful and honest as the day was long.
    His staff was very courteous and responsive, to all my calls and e-mails.
    The verdict is still out on my case, but I will say that if the judge listened to his closing augment, that he knocked it outta the park.

  • Military Law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Military Law client

    I recently hired Mr. McLain back in June of 2013. I was facing a General Court Martial for allegations of Rape and Sexual Assault as well as unlawful force. This could have placed me not only behind bars for life, but worst of all I would have lost my loving family to include my wife and three children as well as my career and a registered sex offender for the rest of my life. When I met Mr. McLain, he reviewed my case and assured me that it was a winnable case. He did not hesitate for one second to get to the bottom of the truth! I often wondered if he ever slept because he was always available and working diligently on my case. Not only was Mr. McLain determined to help me and my family, he was passionate about his work and devoted to doing the best job that he possibly could with his Team. After a four day trial, I was acquitted of all charges. Lastly, not only is Mr. McLain the best Lawyer that I have ever met, he is also a caring person who truly cares about the people he works with and around. Once again Sir, Thank you for everything not only from me, but from my family.

  • Command Sergeant Major

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wil

    I was a Command Sergeant Major with 28 years in the Army facing 68 years in prison under General Court Martial for fraud and various other trumped up charges. Mr. McLain put me to work right away helping to prepare my own defense. His skill and diligence was apparent from the very beginning. His staff is skilled and very organized and reliable. He took the fight to the Commanding General and not only got my case converted to a General Level Article -15 but I was eventually exonerated from All charges. Mr. McLain not only saw me through the roughest time of my life but he saved my career. He opened my eyes to how the Judicial system works in the Military and he made me feel like I was an important part of my own defense. You can't go wrong with putting Mr. McLain on your team.