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Rachel Lynn Foley

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  • Bankruptcy Help

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kellye

    Hired Attorney

    Rachel and her associates were very professional and funny at times which helped get through the entire process. They helped you realize that we all make mistakes and are in need of a new start, a do-over, in life and they were there to make it easy and feel less demeaning. The prep process, including the budget class, takes some work but it also helps you realize you need a budget (if you don't have one) that helps with money management to get your finances in a better place and not end up being back where you were with creditors. Rachel goes over everything from top to bottom and helps you to understand exactly what is going on, what is going to happen, and what the results are going to be. All of the ladies were very thorough with the paperwork and spoke to you in clear terms to where you can totally understand your bankruptcy process. I can't thank Rachel enough for taking me as a client and helping me through the toughest time of my life where you just don't know what your going to do. Fowley Law will help you get to where you need to be!

  • Highly recommend!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michele

    Rachel has been our attorney for both our bankruptcy case and several follow-up matters. She is extremely knowledgeable, timely, and kind. She never made us feel we though we were bad people for being in our situation. She helped us understand the process and made it painless. We are very thankful to have had such an experienced attorney on our side.

  • Exceptional Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dianne

    I never thought that I would find myself in a place where I would need a bankruptcy attorney...I was raised to believe that failure was not an option and that taking care of one's personal business matters was of the upmost importance....and then I started my own company and my world came tumbling down. I made horrific choices in business partners and found myself in a hole that I wasn't sure I could climb out of. After working with three attorneys from another law firm, it was recommended that I file for bankruptcy. They recommended the Rachel Foley Law Firm and I could not be happier that they did.

    I went from feeling like a total failure and a lost soul to feeling hopeful again, all because of Rachel and her staff. I realize that I am speaking about my feelings and not about the expertise needed to guide one through bankruptcy, but here is why; Rachel's firm not only provides EXCEPTIONAL professional guidance, knowledge and service in regard to working through a case, particularly one like mine that involved dealings with company issues and business partners, but her firm also is exceptional in the human components of bankruptcy.

    I went from being a lifetime executive professional to a blithering, weak, depressed individual in a matter of a month before I was led to Rachel. One meeting with her and her staff, subsequent follow up meetings, filing my bankruptcy and then having the 341 creditor's meeting and one month later I feel like I am human again.....all because of Rachel and Barb.

    If you are looking for an exceptional attorney that is highly knowledgeable in her field, current on bankruptcy law, involved in all aspects of her legal profession, yet personal, professional and caring, you cannot get any better than the Rachel Foley Law Firm.

  • Rachel Foley is by far the best choice if you want great representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by jadon

    Nearly five years ago my wife and I came to a crushing realization; though we had tried many ways to overcome our situation, in the end and with great regret, overwhelmed with debt we were facing a bankruptcy.

    This was, for us, one of the darkest times in our life. We, literally, didn’t know which way to turn or who we could trust. We called a couple of attorneys but didn’t get a good feeling. We even made an appointment with one attorney that had placed an ad in a local magazine, but when we met with him; neither my wife nor I felt confident in his commitment to our situation.
    Frustrated and feeling hopeless, that’s when we found attorney Rachel Foley and her incredible staff. We knew immediately that she was the right attorney to represent us. She did not mince words about the severity of our situation, but was compassionate and gave us wise counsel on how to move forward. We left her office her office feeling confident for the first time in months.

    My wife and I filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy and over the past four years we have had many interactions with Rachel and her staff and, we have NEVER been disappointed. Both Rachel and her staff have been attentive to our needs, concerns, and questions (and in a timely manner).

    What you can expect: Rachel is direct. She is going to tell you the truth about your situation and about the process. She is not unfriendly, but she is not going to mince words, because she understands the seriousness of what you face, and she takes her responsibility seriously. If you want someone you can trust Rachel is by far the best choice. Her staff is very friendly, thoughtful, and their follow-up is without question the best I’ve seen in any profession.
    Honestly, I would never wish bankruptcy on anyone, but if I knew anyone in this situation I would, without hesitation, direct them to Rachel Foley!!

  • Thankful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Janis

    Making the appointment was difficult. I felt like a failure, couldn't keep up on my payments. I knew I needed to do something but was ashamed and embarrassed. However, as soon as I walked in the door and started visiting with Rachel's staff, my burden started lifting.
    The firm had clear cut actions for me to follow. I was informed as to what they needed from me regarding documentation. They replaced my fear of the unknown to step by step instructions. By the time got in my vehicle the fear had been replaced with relief. They have helped me financially and emotionally. I cannot thank them enough for their assistance.

  • A Bankruptcy Lawyer Working for YOU

    5.0 stars

    Posted by PJ

    I was so scared and nervous when I decided to file bankruptcy. I did an online search and came across Rachel Foley's practice. There was something about her website that was different from the others and it drew me in. After making a call and meeting with her, I understood why I felt that way...she WAS different from the rest. Rachel and her entire staff treated me with compassion and I knew they had my back during the entire process. Throw in excellent follow up, great communication and a touch of humor to lighten the mood here and there and it was a 200% positive and enlightening experience. I HIGHLY recommend Rachel Lynn Foley for anyone needing representation for matters of debt/bankruptcy. You will walk away in the end feeling respected , heard, and debt free.