People v. L.R.

Steven R Roach

Case Conclusion Date:April 22, 2010

Practice Area:Criminal Defense

Outcome:Motion to Quash and Suppress Granted - Dismissed!

Description:L.R. was charged with a Class X Possession of Heroin with Intent to Deliver. He faced from 6-30 Years. I litigated a Motion to Quash the Arrest and Suppress All Evidence, in an effort for the Court to Rule that it was an illegal search. After a careful cross examination of the police office, I was able to impeach his testimony and show the court he could not be believed. The Court agreed with me and Ordered that any and all evidence obtained was a violation of my client's Constitutional Rights and is therefore Suppressed. Thus, the State had no evidence and were forced to Nolle (Dismiss) All Charges against my client. Class X Felony Dismissed! Not Guilty!