Robert Arthur took ownership of my mother's case and then afterwards continued to give generously of his time to continue to help us with next steps even after the case was completed: He was diligent in meeting with my mother and with delivering information to relevant parties. He facilitated and saw that the whole process ran smoothly by continual communication. Afterwards his integrity insured that we would be put in the right direction and taken care of with a different future case. Specifically, he showed up at the second case (when he did not need to) to ensure my mother was represented (we were not sure that she would have a public defender that day due to certain circumstances) and helped with the meeting. He even walked me to the appropriate office for official documents that I did not know I needed certified.
Robert Arthur comes across as a caring , competent and dutiful attorney as evidenced by his actions. He greatly alleviated my stresses. I highly recommend him.