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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Hired Attorney

    A Caring Lawyer

    Peter Gerstenzang is a kind, patient and caring person. He has helped my son from the minute I made that phone call to him in the middle of the night when my son got a DWI and landed in jail. He called me back first thing the next morning and advised me. He also recommended a fantastic rehabilitation facility for my sons addictions. Every time I have reached out to Peter with a question he gets right back to me with an answer. No waiting forever for a call back like so many lawyers do. He talks to me at a level I comprehend. My experience with him helping my son legally and personally with his issues has been really great. I would recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    DUI defense

    Mr Gerstenzang is beyond knowledgable and proficient. He cares not just about his clients case but also about the whole person. He has been a Godsend to me and my family!!! An amazing lawyer and an amazing man!!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by H. Daryl Jones

    The Best In The Business

    Mr. Gerstenzang and his associates Jim Davis and Jon Cohn are the epitome of professionalism, diligence and legal acumen. My case was handled without flaw or blemish and they eradicated what could have been a career threatening issue. When I arrived in the office for the initial consultation and browsed the textbook Mr. G. authored; I immediately felt a sense of relief.

    From start to dismissal, my case was handled with confidence and dexterity.

    I recommend this team led by Mr. Gerstenzang unequivocally and unanimously.

    H. Daryl Jones

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen


    I was charged with a DWI 4 months ago. The severity of this incident intensified due to the fact that I refused the breathalyzer test, there was also property damage and I have a CDL license.
    Initially, I was referred to an attorney in hopes that he would be able to help with these charges, but I was somewhat skeptical about the outcome. I decided to ask around to see if I could find another attorney who deals with similar cases like this (CDL/DWI). Luckily, I was referred to Peter Gerstenzang, Esq. (Super Lawyer) and his firm. I immediately called Mr. Gerstenzang and his reassurance made me feel like I still had a fighting chance!
    I must also commend his associate, James Davis, Esq., who represented me for my first appearance at the DMV for the refusal part. He was extremely supportive and did an amazing job! He is forever in my heart!!
    After the first step was complete, I now had to wait for the second part, criminal charges. On August 20th, I received a phone call from Mr. Gerstenzang explaining that the DA had no choice but to dismiss my case and drop all charges due to a loop-hole which was discovered by Mr. Gerstenzang's son, Joseph. (We thank you too)!
    My family and I cannot thank Mr. Gerstenzang and his team enough for their hard work, professionalism, and dedication throughout this process. I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for this A team. We will be forever grateful for everything you and your amazing team have done for us!
    Thank you!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    A good Lawyer is as imortant as a good Doctor

    There is nothing worst than learning your graduate studies daughter is involved in a dwi summons. Feeling helpless I called an Attorney friend and asked his advise on what to do. He assured me that the reprsentation Peter Gerstensang would provide was who I needed . I spoke with Peter and he began the process of getting to know my daughter and then brininging us together as a family to his offices on a Saturday morning to see how we as a family were going to handle the months ahead. He is without a doubt one of the most knowledgable people i have ever met with a real sense of family and what was needed by my daughter during these months ahead. His conversation to my daughter was frank and while we didn't think it was making a difference in her aerogance towards what had occurred she was obviously absorbing what Peter was advising her. The outcome has veen highly favorable and during the entire year plus Peter was always keeping my wife and I totally aware of the next steps.
    He is a great person with a sense of family that makes these situations manageable when being so far away. I would recommend Peter and his team for any legal situationn he is a great lawyer.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Christian

    You are in good hands with this firm

    Do you ever see those giant books lawyers reference when searching for ways to attack a case? Well these are the guys writing the go to books for New York DWI defense(not an exaggeration). I went to this firm and got a borderline Aggravated DWI completely dismissed. My lawyer from the firm was James Davis(I wrote an in depth review under his name) and he and the rest of the staff at Gerstenzang, O'Hern & Hickey are fantastic in every area of the defense game.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Linda

    Peter Gerstenzang, Esq. gets RESULTS!!

    Not only is Peter Gerstenzang the most knowledgeable person I could have found in the area of DWI law, he has a huge heart, a bulldog perseverance, and a wonderful team that get RESULTS!!!!
    And that spelled SUCCESS for me- after 6 years of being without a license. He has Iiterally written the book on interpreting DWI law (and teaches it for the State Bar Association, etc), and in the ever changing climate over the last few years in New York State, he had the ability and keen intellect to recognize the pitfalls, direct me as to what needed to be done for my case, some of which took time, and open the path to recovering my license.
    I had a different attorney that handled a DWI conviction for me, and promised that he would facilitate getting my license back (in 2009). He tried to help me, but his efforts were unsuccessful. I was referred by a family member that knew of Mr. Gerstenzang and his credible/incredible results record, and was advised that a period of time need go by before we could go into court. I should preface this by saying that I am an alcoholic in recovery. I work a wonderful spiritual program in AA and have a network of support which has created a life that I never dreamed of, and that I highly recommend as an avenue to anyone that has issues with alcohol. That being said, Peter Gerstenzang advised that I continue on my path, and document my progress. And, I need to say, that he applauded my progress through his unwavering support. To make a long story short, Peter and his team, including his wife Karen and his son Joe, plowed through all the red tape with commendable perseverance, including the new regs that NYS adopted last year, and the ultimate result is a fully restored license, with an interlock for a year. Personally, I think interlocks are the ultimate deterrent (at least 85-90% effective) in keeping drivers that have been drinking off the road. I am a sober woman that is extremely grateful to have my driving privileges restored, with no danger of interlock issues since I don’t drink. So, this is a reassurance to the powers that be that I am re-introduced to the road with an effective measure to guarantee that. And, it was Peter Gerstenzang and Team that made that happen for me. I am forever grateful and would suggest that anyone with drinking and driving issues, RUN, not walk for an appointment with Peter Gerstenzang.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI client

    Former Client

    I hired Peter and the Gerstenzang Firm recently to represent me for a DWI charge. It is worth mentioning that I am a practicing attorney in New York, and while I do not handle criminal cases, I do have some experience working in the criminal justice system.

    Peter and his firm's reputation proceeds itself. For that, and for other reasons, I knew that if I ever found myself in the unfortunate position of having been charged with a DWI, they would get the call. True to the plan, minutes after my arrest, the arresting officer was on the phone with Peter's associate (and son), Joe Gertenzang, who promptly invoked and preserved my rights for me, as I was in no shape to do so myself. He then conspicuously counseled me on my options regarding whether to submit to a breathalyzer, helped arrange for an advanced first appearance date, and actually convinced the arresting officer to drive me home later that night. Keep in mind, this was on a Friday night, well past "close of business."

    Early the next morning Peter called me personally, and was already fully aware of every pertinent detail of my case. He counseled me not only on my legal case, but also on the state of my health. It became clear at that point that Peter was not only an exceptionally competent attorney, he is a man who cares about the well-being of his clients. Despite my considerable protestation, Peter firmly suggested I "drop everything" and get myself into an inpatient rehab facility immediately, to address my issues with drinking and to demonstrate (to the Court , the DA, my family, etc.) that I was remorseful, taking my situation seriously, and committed to fixing the problem and making sure it wouldn't happen again. When I eventually saw the wisdom in the suggestion, Peter actually called the admissions office of a facility for me.

    Three weeks later, Peter and his son were both among the first people to reach out to me and see how I was doing. After I gave them the good news of my progress while at the facility, they set out to do what they do best.

    It also must be mentioned that my arrest involved property damage (my car went off the road in a snow storm) and a high BAC (above the aggravated limit). Shortly after my discharge, the firm had filed their motions with the DA's office and begun talking resolution. To my complete (albeit pleasant!) shock and amazement, within WEEKS the firm had a deal reached. Though I had blown a very high number and caused property damage, I was to plea to a DWAI!

    I can say unequivocally that probably 95% of DWI lawyers in New York could never have gotten that deal for me. I can also say, unequivocally, that probably 99% of DWI lawyers in New York could not have gotten that deal for me as quickly as they did. With my whole case basically wrapped up in 6 weeks, I was then free to focus on the important things, like getting my health, priorities and family life back on track. This is all because of the work Peter and the Gerstenzang firm put in on my behalf.

    I won't claim to know how they do what they do. I am certain that it is a combination of hard work, persistence, tireless advocacy, mastery of the subject matter, and making savvy use of a reputation/relationships handcrafted over 40+ years of practice. But there is another ingredient (akin to a magic wand) that I can't and won't bother trying to define.

    For as long as I practice, I will (without hesitation) refer all DWI cases to this firm.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Harry

    When faced with a possible DWI, I chose "The A Team", Peter Gerstenzang and he far exceeded our expectations.

    We received an emergency call one night, informing us that a family member was in DWI trouble. I knew less than zero about what to do. I tried a few NY lawyers that advertised on line, left messages on their machines and sent e-mail responses to their advertisements, but those efforts were fruitless.

    I found Peter Gerstenzang's office number at the Avvo site. The secretary said Peter was on holiday in Florida, gave me his cell phone and politely instructed me to call him immediately. Within minutes, I was speaking with Peter Gerstenzang. I had never before encountered someone who returned calls as fast as Peter does. And, honestly, when someone you care deeply about is in trouble and needs help, this single aspect of his service is greatly reassuring. When Peter Gerstenzang represented us, his son Joe Gerstenzang and everyone in the office made us feel as if they cared. Under such circumstances, it makes a huge difference to know that you matter.

    Peter did not waste any time. His office takes pride in personal service and within days I had an agreement explaining how things work, what to expect in terms of costs and he didn't "nickel and dime" me. That's nice too.

    Peter and Joe Gerstenzang were our primary contacts and together they kept us well informed. Despite the difficulty of this task they showed tremendous patience with explaining the law, the significance of certain details and the points that were hard for us to understand.

    When it mattered most, communicating with the judge and opposing council Peter Gerstenzang handled matters gracefully and confidently. Peter was so knowledgeable, tactful and insightful, that we could not be more pleased with the outcome.

    My son, learned a valuable lesson and his future is intact. This is due to Peter Gerstenzang and the considerable talent within his office. I highly recommend Peter. In his representation of our family he proved to be thoughtful, expert and effective.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Hilary

    Best DWI attorney in the state of New York

    Peter Gerstenzang was able to get extremely positive results from a very complicated DWI case I was involved in. His skills, professionalism, and knowledge of the law made the difference between a conviction and a dismissal. He is known and well respected by all in the legal community. I would recommend Peter to anyone who finds them self in a legal bind as a result of drinking and driving.