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Denver, CO Bankruptcy lawyers (336 attorneys, 1045 reviews)

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  • Law Office of Andrew S. Trexler, P.C.
    7887 E. Belleview Ave., Suite 1100, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 9.9  
    Helping free you from the stress & pain of debt. Experienced, compassionate & affordable
  • Salinas Law Group LLC
    501 S. Cherry Street, Suite 1100, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    Compassionate Solutions for Complex Financial Problems! Highly Rated by Clients! Free Consultation. Call 833-799-0447
  • 501 S. Cherry St., Suite 1100, Suite 575, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 9.1  
    "Open and Available. Due to concerns over the coronavirus we are conducting consultations via telephone and Zoom only, until further notice. Call or email to schedule an appointment!"
  • The Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray
    1624 Market Street, Suite 202, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 8.0  
    We offer a free consultation and payment plans, and provide personal attention to every client.
  • David C. Hoskins, Attorney at Law
    1888 Sherman Street, Suite 650, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 8.0  
    I'm Dave Hoskins. For 39 years I have helped people in hard times. I will work with you directly.
  • The Harris Law Firm
    1125 17th Street, Suite 450, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 6.8  
    Leading Colorado's Family Law Team. GUIDANCE, with Wisdom, Strength, & Peace Of Mind. Proudly serving the community since 1993. WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! WE ARE ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS! We have secure systems in place to offer a strong remote workin...
  • Berkus Law Office
    44 Cook Street, Suite 100, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 8.6  
    Review: “Matt Berkus knows his stuff. This build up of debt, tax obligation and hefty monthly payment was really limiting us. It felt like our dollar wasnt stretching at all!! It was tight, tense and exhausting in our home. Matt w...
  • Skeen & Skeen, P.C
    217 E 7th Ave, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    If you are looking for tenatious and determined lawyer to represent you in bankruptcy or other debt related matters, call me today. I pride myself on responding promptly to your phone calls and e-mails and making your problems my priority.  As an ...
  • Cohen & Cohen, P.C.
    1720 S. Bellaire St., Ste 205, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    In addition to serving as a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Panel Trustee, Rob spends the majority of his time focusing on creditor and debtor representation in consumer and corporate bankruptcy. Rob has extensive experience in a range of legal areas includi...
  • Curtis Law Firm, LLC
    5353 W. Dartmouth Ave., Suite 504, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 8.8  
    Proud to call Dinosaurland his birthplace (that’s Vernal, UT to the uninitiated), Attorney Curtis grew up in Utah. There he met and married his wife, and they both finished college. Attorney Curtis received his Baccalaureate’s degree from Brigham...
  • Law Offices of Kevin S Neiman, pc.
    999 18th St, Ste 1230 S, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    With over 20 years of experience, Kevin S. Neiman has helped countless clients, including in state and federal courts.  His experiences have shaped him into a strong advocate and strategist for all his clients, no matter how complex the matter, as...
  • Onsager | Guyerson | Fletcher | Johnson LLC
    1801 Broadway, Suite 900, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 9.2  
    Review: “Mr. Johnson provided pro bono help that was far better than many lawyers requiring $450/hour. He was professional and courteous, and managed to resolve a difficult situation. Always kept me informed, which is very unusua...
  • Aguero Law, PC
    1720 S Bellaire St., #205, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 8.0  
    Matthew Aguero, is an experienced litigator and consumer bankruptcy attorney. Prior to founding Aguero Law, P.C., Matt represented individuals and businesses - ranging from single member LLCs to Fortune 500 companies - in complex litigation and ot...
  • Stephen T. Craig, P.C.
    1444 Stuart St, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 8.0  
    My name is Steve Craig.  I am a debt relief attorney.  I started my practice in 1994 as a bankruptcy attorney.  Since then, I have represented over 3000 clients in the US Bankruptcy Court.  During this time I discovered that many people were stron...
  • The Law Offices of Jonathan P. Shultz, LLC
    1980 S Quebec St Ste 208, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 7.2  
    Tired  of harassment?  Behind on a house or car payment?  Are you ready to discuss how a bankruptcy filing can help you in the long run?  Pick up the phone and call me, Jonathan Shultz.  I have specialized in bankruptcy for more than five years, y...
  • Cohen & Cohen, P.C.
    1720 South Bellaire Street, Suite 205, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    Review: “I had initially set up a consultation with Wesley for bankruptcy. He was very helpful and made me feel comfortable during the consultation. He wasn't pushy and left it up to me whether or not I choose him or continue ...
  • 2373 Central Park Boulevard, Suite 100, Denver, CO
    Avvo Rating: 7.4  
    After spending several years representing creditors in debt collection and bankruptcy proceedings, I realized that I just didn’t enjoy telling people what I did for a living. Instead of being the bearer of bad news and feeling like the Grim Re...


How Bankruptcy Works

Bankruptcy provides a safety net for people struggling to pay debt. Once filed, debt collectors and other creditors must stop sending harassing letters, making calls, and pursuing collection lawsuits. The bankruptcy process involves a review of the debtor’s financial situation, including income and property value, to determine whether creditors will receive some portion of what’s owed. Most bankruptcy cases end with the court issuing a debt discharge wiping out qualifying debt.

Types of Bankruptcies

Chapter 7

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides a fresh start by erasing credit card balances, medical bills, personal loans, and other qualifying debt. It’s quick—taking about four months to complete—and the filer doesn’t repay creditors through a repayment plan. Chapter 7 filers keep property needed to work and live, such as a modest car and household furnishings. The bankruptcy trustee sells nonessential property for the benefit of creditors.

Chapter 13

Wage earners with enough steady income to repay creditors some portion of what they owe file for Chapter 13. This chapter offers valuable benefits not available in Chapter 7, such as allowing filers to keep all of their property. Filers can also save a home from foreclosure or a car from repossession by catching up on missed payments through the repayment plan. Once complete, the debt discharge erases remaining balances on qualifying debt.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 helps income-generating companies stay in business, as well as high-earning individuals whose debts are too high to qualify for Chapter 13. In Chapter 11, the filer and creditors create a restructured debt plan the company can afford by agreeing to new terms or reducing amounts owed. Many small businesses and individuals can take advantage of the relaxed, cost-saving Chapter 11, sub-V procedures created especially for them.

Cost of Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Colorado tends to cost $1,500, but it might be more in large metro areas like Denver. The average Chapter 13 case costs $3,500.

Bankruptcy Pros and Cons

  • Wiping out qualifying debt can help filers live within their means.
  • Filers start rebuilding credit immediately after receiving a bankruptcy discharge.
  • Filers can save a home from foreclosure or a car from repossession, and in some cases, wipe out an underwater residential junior mortgage or reduce secured debt to the value of the collateral.
  • A business owner can restructure debt and save a failing business or, after a business closure, wipe out personal liability for business debt.

  • A bankruptcy discharge doesn’t wipe out recently incurred tax balances, domestic support obligations, student loans, and other nondischargeable debts.

  • The bankruptcy filing will impact the filer’s credit score temporarily and will remain on a credit report for up to ten years.
  • Bankruptcy filers pay higher interest rates on most credit purchases after bankruptcy.
  • Filers will find it difficult to lease property for a year or two after bankruptcy.

For more on bankruptcy in Colorado, and questions asked in Denver, see our free legal advice page.