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John Stuart Reid

John Reid’s reviews

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  • Very helpful advice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    John responded with some very helpful advice and is obviously experienced and knowledgeable about patent and copywriting laws and strategies

    Consulted attorney
  • A great patent lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bjorn

    I have worked with John Reid for about 15 year. He has written most my patents - all were allowed. He is extremely good to work with. He kept me informed during the process of patenting my inventions. He also advised me of steps to take I was not aware of to make the patent more effective. John is also very pleasant to work with as a person. I am recommending John Reid highly.

  • John Reid Patent Law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    I have been a client of Mr. Reid for some 10 years now. John Reid is fast, competent and reliable. He has worked with me to keep cost down which has been of critical importance as my funds are minimal. John's passion is Patent Law. As such, he strives to remain current with the case law as well as changes in the USPTO. Great guy!

  • CEO, various companies

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Randy

    I have known Mr. Reid for several years. He has written very good patent applications for me in the past, both personal and on behalf of several of my companies, including DigiDeal and others. He has served in various employment capacities while writing these patents, with Wells, St. John & Roberts, Randy Gregory IP Law and with his own firm.

  • I Recommend John Reid without reservation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bob

    John prepared a number of my patents while I was working at HP. I really enjoyed working with John. He was fast, flexible and responsive. I worked with a lot of external patent attorneys while at HP, I specifically requested to have John prepare my patent applications. I would definitely use John again. Whether you are a large corporation or an individual inventor John will do great work for you. I requested John because he was easy to work with and did great work. He was understanding of my busy schedule and amazingly responsive to my redlines to his patent drafts. I used to joke that he used his fax machine as an alarm clock because he always seemed to respond so quickly to my input. I have filed more than 80 patent applications and worked with well over a dozen different patent attorneys. Most fell in the middle, several I requested not to work with any more and less than a handful made my list as preferred patent attorneys. While at HP John was at the top of my list of preferred patent attorneys. Not only did I request to have John prepare my patent applications I recommend that others I worked with request John as well.

  • Astute attorney that understand the law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Intellectual Property client

    Introduced to John in the mid 1990's when he performed an IP audit on our small high-tech company for a general manager of a major oil company. The review highlighted potential weaknesses in our US patent strategy, and in particular, using European style claims for US patents.
    Upon patent litigation in the US, I contacted John for guidance. John's advice was to apply for re-issue / re-examination on the patent. John represented our company in this action. Many new claims were allowed. The contesting party in the litigation had been extremely successful in deploying the technology around world. They saw great value in the re-issued patent and in other patents and technology that we owned. They acquired our company, and were themselves acquired shortly thereafter. All three companies, and their respective shareholders / customers were delighted with the outcome. The importance of the commercial protection afforded by the re-issued patent for all three companies and their stakeholders cannot be overstated.
    As part of the due diligence for a major VC investment for first round financing organized by a lead investor in California, John performed an IP audit on an important patented technology. The IP audit satisfied the attorneys representing the varous venture capital investment firms and the investment concluded successfully.
    In addition to the major headline work described above, John has acted for the various high tech companies that I have worked with in the following matters:
    Non-infringement opinion on a US patent
    Drafting and prosecuting patents in various technology areas
    Confidentiality agreements
    Drafting and negotiating licensing agreements
    He is an attorney that I have worked with for approximately fifteen years, an attorney whose advice and guidance I trust, and one that I would recommend without hesitation for clients of both small and large high-tech companies.