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Ellen M Hendrick

Ellen Hendrick’s reviews

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  • Amazing Attorney and staff

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carolyn

    Ellen Hendrick has been helping us with a 3rd party custody/De Facto parent case. It has been long but at every step, we have found her to be a highly skilled professional whose knowledge of family law is second to none. She is always well prepared whether it be for a court hearing or a meeting in her office. Her compassion for the needs of children shows her commitment to always proceeding in the very best interest of the child. Ellen's staff are kind, caring professionals who work very hard to make sure filings are complete, all questions are answered, client emails are answered promptly and all notifications of court dates are communicated. I would highly recommend Ellen Hendrick, the best attorney in town.

    Hired attorney
  • Very good professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peter

    I have worked professionally with Ellen for many years. I find her well prepared. Even though she is opposing counsel to me in court and representing interests that are usually adverse to my clients, she is always cordial and cooperative. I enjoy working with her and I recommend her.

  • great lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by pinky

    Ellen helped me in gaining 3rd party custody of my great granddaughter. She spent a lot of time helping me fill out the required forms and consulting with me. She always had time to talk to me if I needed her. Her assistants were very helpful also. She had to work against drug using parents and an agency that was difficult to work with. Because of her a little girl is living in a stable environment. I appreciate every thing she did for me.

  • Outstanding Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Ms. Hendrick is a consumate professional. She knows the law and the legal system and consequently represents the client extraordinarily well in the negotiations and courtroom. As with most excellent lawyers, she is busy and must respond to urgent situations at the behest of the court system. Within these realities, however, she is responsive and prepared for action. She is fair and provides outstanding and rationale advice. She grounds the process, is level headed, and provides excellent support to the client. My experience with her was quite positive.

  • We couldn't have done it without her!!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Ellen was my second attorney and was recommended by a very trusted source. I found her to be very professional and responsive. If there were any issues with delays or paperwork needed I always felt apprised. She handled feedback about her staff or any office issues promptly.

    I would recommend her and learned from my first attoney's mistakes. She had to fight an uphill battle in many cases because of the damage done by the first attorney. She was clear about our chances, offered options for us to discuss, and we always felt she had our children's best interest at heart.

    I never felt pressured regarding billing, and in fact didn't feel at any point that it was her motiviating factor. After winning our case, she touched base and asked to for me to keep in touch. She was kind, caring, profressional, and compassionate.

    She celebrated our vitories, and mitigated any setbacks with grace and decorum. I would give her a glowing reference anytime.


    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    VERY unprofessional and unreliable. I would be in her office for a scheduled appointment and she would get phone calls and talk with another client for a half an hour or longer on speaker phone so I could hear everything. I was charged for the time she talked with other clients. She does not remember important facts and shows up to court dates completely unprepared. If she gets her facts wrong or forgets something important during court she blames you or denies it. Ellen cannot keep an assistant because she is so hard to get along with and the assistants she hires are just as unprofessional as she is. They do not call and inform you of important court dates or when they have been changed. I would NEVER recommend her to anyone. She cares nothing about you as a client or your situation, to her it is all about money and nothing more.

    Ellen M Hendrick’s response: “I am a family law attorney who regularly practices in Spokane County and always on the other side of Ellen. We fight in the trenches for our client's best interests, but sometimes clients do not understand what and why we do the things we do. I have never been a client of hers, but I do know she is very professional in court and is always very prepared regarding the relevant issues. Sometime clients think of things that they would have done differently, including bringing up different facts. That is why they hire us to represent them, though. We do the best we can with the facts our clients have presented us with. Ellen is an aggressive attorney who gets very good results for her clients. This does cost money. If there is a dispute regarding the amounts billed, those are best done by discussing them with the attorney. Often clients do not understand the time it takes to work on a case and assume that the only time billed is time the client is participating. We often work on the case when the client is not aware of all the details of our work until the bill is received. We all make mistakes, attorneys, staff and clients. If a client or staff are causing problems, we take corrective action as we believe is necessary, including additional training or terminating the relationship. I am responding to the the above comment so potential clients know that she is professional and prepared. The clients will have to determine if it is a good fit betwen them and the attorney/staff. Unfortunately, with these anonymous compliants and our ethical duties to keep client confidences, we have a hard time responding to them. For potential clients: Meet Ellen and decide for your self.”
  • Best lawyer in the state!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris and Vicki

    I live in Texas but my ex lives in Washington and I contacted Ellen to represent me in our custody battle. She is an excellent lawyer and her assistant Diane is top notch as well. She kept me informed through calls, letters, and emails. Every step of the case she let me know her plan of action and asked my current wife and I our thoughts on proceeding different ways. She is extremely knowledgable and up front about everything. She never quits believing in her clients and never quits fighting for their best interests. She handles herself very well in the courtroom and doesn't back down from a challenge. If you are looking for a hard working never quit trying type of lawyer that will give you 100% all the time then go with Ellen! She will make sure you are taken care of and that you do not get the short end of the case. She cares about her clients and doesn't let even distance barriers get in her way of helping you fight for your kids.

  • The best family law lawyer in town!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Maria

    My experience dealing with lawyers before meeting Mrs. Hendrick was very negative overall. A friend and well known advocate for minorities in Spokane highly recommended Mrs. Hendrick to me after I mentioned to her how devastated I was about my case. She explained to me that it was a common feeling among minorities when looking for representation in family law in this town, but she reasurred me that Mr. Hendrick's qualities and abilities were without a doubt remarkable. After I met her, I realized that she was one of a kind! I knew immediately that she was the right counselor in law for me!

    My family case had been considered one of the most controversial and difficult ones ever in this town, this said by two GLA's and commisioners involved. After meeting with Mrs. Hendrick several times to discuss my situation, she took my case and from that point forward I felt that I was in the best hands! No one could have done a better job than she did!
    Mrs. Hendrick is the most compassionate and objective professional that I have ever met. She worked endless hours to learned about the long history of the case. She took also the time to talk to several professionals involved and reviewed similar cases nationwide. As she became familiar with the case, her very efficent paralegal, organized all the documentation. Along the way, I saw the two of them discussing the case and strategizing each move carefully to make sure that they had ALL the information at hand.
    I was highly impressed with Mrs. Hendrick firm and assertive approach to such a difficult, long and poorly managed case in the past by other lawyers. If she was able to manage to fix a messed up case, imagine what she can do with fresh ones!
    Her constant communication with me and her intuition about the moves of the opposite counsel were right on at all times! She never allowed others to intimidate me, instead she won the battle with honesty, integrity and most of all professional and personal respect!
    One of Mrs. Hendrick's best qualities is that she communicates extensively with her clients, breaking all possible barriers, among them the language. English is not my first language, but she made sure to explain with examples and details every aspect of the case, so I was aware of the implications. She presented to me the different options to solve the case, always placing the best interest of my children first.
    Mrs. Hendrick has a heart to defend those in need. She is knowledgeable, caring, loving and well versed in many different areas. Her nursing background, her life experiences and her professional formation are a perfect combination of compassion, human kindness and strong professional abilities to defend and protect what matters the most these days in society, which is the family system and human dignity.
    I can not thank her and her paralegal enough for their hard work, dedication and commitment to make the best of such a devastating situation for my family and for most for my children. I will be forever grateful to my friend who recommended Mrs. Hendrick to me and to her and her outstanding paralegal!
    There is light at the end of the tunnel but for sure it makes a difference to have someone like Mrs. Hendrick to walk with you during one of the most challenging times in the life of a family.