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Jane Morrow

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  • Fabulous, caring, and effective attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Heather

    After I was injured by a negligent doctor, I selected Ms. Morrow as my attorney because of her history as a competent lawyer and a Registered Nurse. It was wonderful to have an attorney who was knowledgeable in the medical aspects of my case; many of the attorneys I initially consulted with had to stop me to explain what certain terms meant, and that was incredibly frustrating for me. I never had this issue with Jane.

    In addition to her medical knowledge, Ms. Morrow had an instinctual and intellectual understanding of what to do at every turn in my case. She was always supportive and explained the legal things I did not understand without ever making me feel stupid or burdensome. I really believe that Ms. Morrow cares about her clients' long-term well being. How many lawyers can you truly say care about their clients as people, and not just as case statistics? In my case, for example, Ms. Morrow supported me in pursuing action against the hospital and doctor who negligently assaulted me; other attorneys I consulted early on wanted me to settle for as much money as possible as early as possible, even if it meant not pursuing action against the hosptial. Jane really listened to me and understood that I wanted, more than anything, to spread the word and prevent this person from hurting anyone else. She never made me feel pressured to come to a rapid monetary conclusion to the detriment of my personal goals.

    I cannot say enough about what a great attorney Jane Morrow and her cohorts are. If it is important to you that you connect with an attorney who listens to and supports a client through difficult times, who is knowledgeable about medicine in addition to law, and who is a generally good and caring person, you cannot go wrong with Jane Morrow. I am so greatful that I found her during the worst time in my life, and I cannot imagine what might have happened if I had been swayed to employ anyone else.