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Christopher Kerl’s reviews

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  • He broke it all down for me and thoroughly discussed my options and tthen ook apart my ex-boss

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sonia

    Mr. Kerl assisted me when my employer challenged my unemployment...twice. It was complicated bc my employer was an agency, and they involved my senior, home-care clients and the facilities they lived in. It was an emotional time for me, and he helped me figure it out. Like many clients, I'm sure, I came in with a lot of items to discuss. He is definitely easy to talk to. He broke it all down for me and thoroughly discussed my options. He represented me during the hearing with the judge and my employer. There were points when my employer made inconsistent statements, so I also had the added satisfaction of listening to him take her apart. I liked that part especially. I received every cent of my unemployment benefits. I referred Mr. Kerl to a friend, and he handled her divorce. My friend wasn't able to pay in full for his services, so he worked out a fee that worked with her financial situation. When she moved to the east coast before the divorce was final, he continued to work for her. I would highly recommend Mr. Kerl for legal services.

  • The Best Attorny

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Fred El

    Chris helped my wife and me with two different matters. First, we were facing foreclosure on our condo. After the endless delays involved in that process, sending and re-sending financial documentation, he helped us finally get a modification on our loan so that we will be able to keep the property with affordable payments. In another case, he also helped me enforce a lease agreement with a tenant who had stopped paying rent. I found Chris to be very accessible, even in the evenings, when I had questions or concerns. His personable style was very reassuring during everything he helped us with and I will be happy to use him again in the future—

  • Mr. Kerl

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Sukhbeer Singh

    I have used a few attorneys in the past and was introduced to Mr. kerl thru my Immigration Attorney.
    I was not very impressed by his office (Very Small) however I was very impressed by his knowledge.

    I was sick and tired of paying $250/hr to top notch attorneys and always charged for faxes and emails and even telephone calls I had made to them. I was charged even when I spoke to someone in their office. Attorneys are nice to you till you have signed and given them the retainer.

    Chris NEVER ONCE charged me for numerous calls I made to him.
    He is very INEXPENSIVE and not your typical attorney. He is busy. Probably due to the fact he don't charge you anything a typical attorney would charge.

    He is good with what he does. He is not 100% responsive, however he always called me back and kept me in the loop with my case.
    Don't get impressed with FANCY offices other attorneys have. You are paying their overheads.
    I sound like a salesperson, but I'm being very honest. Go to Chris. If he can help you he will tell you and if it's out of his expertise area he will politely tell you that he can't help you.

    Save your money. Stay away from the BOTIQUE Attorneys and use this guy at the end of the day they all face the same JUDGE.

    If you need to talk to me personally I'll be happy to do so.

  • Mr. Kerl.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sunny Gill

    Chris is a very easy-to-talk-to and effective lawyer. He successfully helped me with a long, messy divorce, through several hearings all the way to trial. He helped me avoid contempt at at least two different hearings and, at trial, my ex-wife basically settled very favorably at lunchtime after being questioned by him on the witness stand. Chris has also helped me on several other matters, fending off creditors (sometimes for years), and he even got a judgment vacated for me once. He’s a busy guy (because he’s reasonable and good) and he might not always hold your hand, but I’ve recommended him to several friends and family—
    Anyone need an honest opinion please do not hesitate to contact me.
    I will always use him for all my legal matters.
    Thanks Chris. You are a GOOD ATTORNEY.

  • incredibly unimpressive

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    He is a CLOSER! well, remove the 'C', and you get the picture. engaged him for approximately the simplest legal task ever, i could have done it myself in 2 days, and it dragged on for months -- and by 'dragged', i mean that it only moved forward when i prodded him repeatedly for action. if i were desperate and he was the last attorney on earth i would go back, but otherwise: suffice it to say i won't make the same mistake again.