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George Allen’s reviews

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  • He listens carefully and does what he says he is going to do.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carolyn

    I had a complicated situation where I thought I might have to protect someone else. I was very emotional, even cried during my meeting with Mr. Allen. He listened so carefully, reassured me, even went on line and found a case that explained in detail the law and showed it to me. He's very smart and has great judgment.

  • I recommend George.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    I had a case where many attorneys had turned me down then I heard about Mr. Allen. He listened to my case and I little did i know he helped me resolved it quick at my satisfaction. He's very knowledgable about employment law, very friendly and easy to work with. He kept me updated often and respond back quickly. If you have an employment injustice issue this is the guy you want to speak with first. He's great at what he does and very trustworthy..

  • Thank You George Allen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cindy

    I had a difficult case and Mr. Allen was exceptional. He's all the things that I checked off in addition to being forthright and sincere. I've worked with MANY attorneys in my life, and Mr. Allen is the best I've known.

  • "You'll like the way he works. I guarantee it!"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Arbitration client

    I had an individual employment contract with a large private sector company.

    The contract said that if I was terminated "for cause" then I would not be entitled to the severance package to which I would otherwise be entitled. The contract was very specific about what constituted "just cause."

    I was terminated after more than 20 years employment and, in my view, the company did not meet the mutually agreed to "just cause" standards specified in my employment agreement. In fact, my employer refused to give me a reason for my termination. Apparently it was a "just because" termination. It was a clear breach of my contract.

    My contract called for binding arbitration if I felt my rights under the contract had been violated. I needed a lawyer and did not know any labor lawyers in the Sacramento area.

    After due diligence research and a face-to-face interview, I asked Mr. Allen to take my case and he agreed to do so. His style and values that came from his website were a major influencing factor. The interview sealed the deal.

    I must reveal at this point that I am not now, nor ever have been, a lawyer. However, I have represented clients in more than two dozen arbitrations over the previous 26 years. All this means is that I knew just enough to be a danger to myself and probably a pain in an attorney.

    Mr. Allen must have sensed this and in our first protracted meeting he took great care to explain all the various aspects of the applicable laws in my case, the arbitration standards, and his suggested plan for depositions and formal proceedings.

    He gave me great confidence in his abilities and his knowledge of the law. At that point, I put myself entirely in his hands and followed his guidance.

    Nevertheless, he continually kept me informed about the current status of the case, explained upcoming options and asked my opinion on which option or direction to take. He also cc'd me on all emails between my former employer and himself.

    Mr. Allen is an excellent and prompt communicator, and that includes replying to any emails I sent to him. I left every decision up to his professional judgment and he batted 1.000.

    Based on my experience, George was brilliant during the deposition phase. He was well prepared, knew the points of information he wanted to draw out for the record and, most importantly, knew when to quit. No excess. No fishing. No fluff. He knew not to ask the dreaded "one question too many."

    Finally, at the pre-arbitration session with the two parties and the arbitrator himself, Mr. Allen was masterful. Our arbitrator was one of the most renowned labor arbitrators in the state and is highly respected by all.

    Mr. Allen, working with the arbitrator, skillfully guided me and my former employer to an agreement on all matters to be arbitrated and it was an agreement with which I was especially pleased. No arbitration hearing and decision would be necessary.

    George has tremendous knowledge, he thoroughly prepares, he is a superb communicator, he is an excellent strategist, and has a nonpareil skill set and seamless people skills.

    A major bonus you get with Mr. Allen is his voice, and I am not being trivial or flip. He has an exceedingly mellifluous, calming voice as befits the radio announcer he once was. It calms distraught clients, takes the wind out of cranky opposing counsel, and impresses the neutral.

    One final note. Mr. Allen and his administrative assistant are extremely meticulous in their record keeping and very professional.

    Mr. Allen makes no attempt to either run up the hours or to pad the bill. In fact, I believe he minimized them to his own detriment.

    My case took place over a 1½ year time span, ending this past April, and Mr. Allen was thoroughly diligent, cheerful, and effective throughout.

    I recommend Mr. Allen without reservation.

  • Great experience working with George Allen

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cameron

    Mr. Allen handled my case against a former employer. I was in a mid-management position. I had been fired after pushing forward to upper management complaints of harassment of employees perpetrated by other managers. Before trial we were able to resolve the lawsuit to my complete satisfaction.

    Mr. Allen was completely engaged during the whole process, making me feel as if my case had his full attention at all times. Despite being "out-manned" by a team of lawyers on the other side, it was clear to me during all depositions, etc. that Mr. Allen clearly was more prepared and talented than the opposition.

    I would recommend Mr. Allen without hesitation.

  • Client Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Wrongful Termination client

    George Allen represented me in my wrongful termination case. He was always up-front and straight forward. He was quick to respond to my phone calls and emails. He is kind, caring and you can just tell he puts his whole heart into what he's doing.

  • An attorney to whom you can easily talk

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employee Benefits client

    Mr. Allen is very professional and thorough; but, what I most liked about him is his friendly and straight forward attitude.

  • The attorney to turn to if you seek justice - knows the law - a model of integrity

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Erin

    George Allen said Yes when four other lawyers before him said 'sorry, you're case is too complicated.' I can't say enough about this amazing man. He's brilliant. He's kind. He's knows the law, and knows when to fight. He walked us through every step of the brutal process of a law suit. He advised us of what lay ahead. He counsels, but leaves decisions up to his clients. I literally trusted him with our future, and he proved more than worthy of this trust.
    Did I mention - he's pretty fearless? The former employer I sued (a corrupt, monster that bullied all he could) didn't make him blink twice. He was - incredibly reasuring when times were stressful. But, he's not over-confident, and he's realistic. He has enough experience to know the law isn't always fair, and sometimes, good people with legitimate cases lose. When a settlement that is fair and reasonable to the client is on the table, he will recommend the sure-win over the gamble of court. But if it's court you want - he'll be ready.
    That was the situation in my case. We were dead-locked, and although a settlement was 'safer' - it didn't look likely, and he NEVER, ever made me feel for one minute that he wasn't ready to take it all the way. I believe, and will for the rest of my days, that had we gone to court, George would have - shown the court and the world who they were, and we would have 'won.' But, instead, he used his knowledge, talent, drive, and skill to put them in a position to settle for...what I would never have imagined when we started all this. The emotional toll of a lawsuit is significant. A settlement spared us from the trial experience, and potentially years of battling an appeal. I was - so grateful it was over! I was looking to clear my name, and he did that for me. My former employer dragged my reputation through the mud to cover up their own actions. George redeemed me, for the record. His tenacity and genuine caring brought us through to the end.
    He was incredibly fair and kind with the financial aspect of our arrangement as well. I'm sure I looked at the original agreement in detail, but hadn't thought about it in over a year. George brought to my attention a $20K error IN MY FAVOR. I truly don't think I would have ever caught this myself! Integrity. Trustworthy. George.
    These recommendations are anonymous. But, if you are shopping for an attorney, George, he will give you my name & number, because I am more than happy to talk about my positive experience with George Allen. The weight of a lawsuit is - heavy. They should not be entered into lightly. But, if this is the solution for you, George is the attorney that can give you the best chance for success.

  • Correction to previous rating.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Candi

    George was a great help to me. He is very knowledgable and easy to work with. I would trust him with any of my legal issues. He is an excellent lawyer and person. I would give him 10 stars if it were possible.

  • Mrs. Gloria Moore

    5.0 stars

    Posted by gloria

    I would highly recommend Mr. Allen to help you in your legal problems. Mr. Allen filed a sexually harassment and age discrimination lawsuit against California’s Department of Transportation and my boss, Manuel Lopez in 2005 for me. Department of Transportation and Manuel Lopez settled with us on the day we were going to trial in July 2007 for between third and a half a million dollars and an apology from the defendant. Mr. Allen was very organized and guided me through the many depositions we had. It was a very traumatic time for me and my family and he was at our side at all times. He communicated with my doctors on my condition through out the ordeal. I now have many boxes of binders he put together for the trial. If any victims of sexual harassment would like to go through them please call me at 916 354-1789 and we will discuss your access to them. I would highly recommend Mr. Allen for your legal needs. He is a man with high integrity and great compassion, what can I say but that he is a genuine good guy.