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Nicole Gabrielle Abramowitz Weber

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  • Dedicated and Compassionate Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nathalie

    I know it can be very challenging to find a good immigration lawyer. That is why I want to write a review to help people who feel overwhelmed in that quest. As an immigrant, I have been dealing a lot with immigration and therefore with immigration lawyers, so unfortunately I have seen my share of bad and good lawyers.

    I came here with lots of different working visas then I applied for my green card. The process should have been easy as I had hired a lawyer who was supposedly very good. Actually the file was not done properly, he had made mistakes and there were lots of inconsistencies. Therefore the immigration service denied my green card!!! That lawyer was not even able to explain why it was denied!!! I was totally depressed and SO disappointed, and felt cheated to have paid a useless lawyer. I was panicking.

    Thanks to a friend who highly recommended them, I found Isabelle and Nicole. I gave a desperate phone call thinking I was doomed. I talked to Isabelle who explained why I should not panic, even without seeing my file she already knew why it did not work and she said they could take my case over. She was very matter-of-fact and very hopeful.
    Then, I met Isabelle who explained in details how I should present my case, what further information I should provide. I did as she said, then I met her again so she could check all the information, then she sent it to the immigration and 3 weeks later I received my green card!!

    Both are very compassionate, and really want to help people, they are very smart and positive, and find ways to work around your case. Also, one of them immigrated here young and she saw her parents struggle to become legal, so she knows both sides of the story.
    I was always amazed to see how prompt they were in returning my calls and emails, and how detail-oriented they were. I was feeling very supported. Because of the urgency of my case, they even met with me and called me after business hours.

    People I know in the same situation as me usually have an interview! I received my green card with no interview!! No doubt thanks to them who made a huge difference.