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Anne Catherine Beles

Anne Beles’s reviews

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  • Would not recommend her!

    2.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    She's just a lawyer, that's it. Nothing about her sets her apart from the others. I know a couple cases she's handled a public defender could have done a better job. She doesn't return phone calls in a timely manner and the clients are not top priority for her. If she doesn't have faith in the client it shows and will not fight for the client. She takes cases for the money not because she wants to help. Got better results when went with a different attorney.

  • The woman you want in your corner fighting for your life and freedom

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tiffany

    My husband was charged over a year ago on a 18 year old cold case homocide. It was the MOST HORRIFIC thing ever. We looked into a handful of attorneies before meeting with Annie. We knew right away she was the one for us. The case was/is completely cirrcumstancial. He is/was charged with murder 1 with a special cirrcumstace enhansment out of Contra Costa county. Originally the DA wished to seak the death penalty in the case. Annie got that off the table and it now just carries a life w/o penalty. I say is/was because with Annie's skills we hung the first jury trial about 6 weeks ago. A hung jury is pretty rare on a murder charge, even if you are innocent as my husband is. Annie is a hard working, dedicated, and "Think outside the box" kind of lawyer. She gives her all, brain, heart and soul to her clients. She filed motion after motion in our case. I believe the motions she wrote were a HUGE part of our hung jury. She knows when to stand up and fight, and when to let certain things ride for the benifit of her clients. One of the things I love most about having Annie as our attorney was her willingness to hear and listen to every single one of my husbands, and my suggestions, and believe me I had alot. She will take it all in and use what will help, and tell you when suggestions are not in your best interest. That was a top priority for us when picking her. If I could pick any attorney in the state of California I would'nt pick ANYONE over Annie Beles, that's just the bottom line. So if you, or a loved one finds themself in a criminal situation, you will be very glad and rest better if you choose Annie to represent you.

  • Very professional and knowledgeable

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Anne was extremely helpful in my case. She was with me every step of the way and never gave up. She worked very well with my hectic schedule and over the course of 4 years never once became discouraged about my case. She was very knowledgeable and what she was unsure of, did extensive research to help me every way possible. Anne is very trustworth and a reasonible person. She had great communication with me and told me what was going on and explained to me everything every step of the way. I would recommend anyone to Anne, she is a fantastic lawyer.

  • I won't trust any one else. She is the BEST!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pamela

    During desperate times and several attorneys later I found Robert and Anne Beles. I was immediately impressed with their down to earth professionalism. They took their time to understand my entire situation. They listened with compassion and tried to put me at ease. They asked pertinent in-depth questions, spoke on their experiences and their assessment of my situation. They immediately told me who they would phone to sort out the fact and assured me that they would do everything they could to help my case. This consult was more than I have ever experienced with any other attorney My gut told me that I had finally found the right attorney and I was right.

    As my situation progressed, Anne Beles took her professional time to strategically work my delicate situation for the most desirable outcome. She was always very honest with what I was looking at and was always compassionate with my nerves, which she also tried to comfort.

    My case was complicated and encompassed two counties and three courts... maybe more. Anne Beles never lost footing and appeared to enjoy the juggling and the challenges of its complexity. She retains the facts and knows all the players. I never had to remind her of any detail, yet she was incredibly patient with all my questions and concerns and confusion. I often got lost in the mess. From the start I trusted her and she never let me down. When I couldn’t handle anymore, she would put her arm around me, let me know that she understood how hard this was but to just trust her to take care of things. I did and she did with pride.

    Anne Beles respects and is well respected by her colleagues. She understands the law and has an understanding of the judges and their courts. Everything is not cut and done. She digs and works for alternative solutions. She works from a premise of reasonability, logic and compromise. She has respectability!

    Anne Beles is extremely competent in communicating, negotiating and decisively working on my or any situation. She takes her time and never has rushed any decision. I never felt that there was a "cap" on what my retainer would “buy”. She enjoys and has a passion for her trade.

    Some of Anne Beles attributes are:
    She is smart and is a quick thinker.
    She anticipates scenarios and is prepared to deal with anything that comes her way.
    She takes her time and is comfortable in front of judges and her colleagues.
    She has a passion in doing her job so you never feel she isn't working.
    I was always well informed and she explained things so I would understand.
    She strives for the best outcome for her clients while working with integrity.
    Most of all, her compassion is heartfelt

    I would highly recommend Anne and Robert Beles to anyone that needs an attorney. My life would have been ruined without them.