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Lorna Margo Jaynes

Lorna Jaynes’s reviews

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  • Very good, accommodating and fair

    4.0 stars

    Posted by tara

    My ex and I had already gone through the divorce process for 4 months (almost in court) with individual lawyers prior to finding Lorna. Our individual lawyers, while claiming to be on our side did not take any steps towards settling out of Court. In fact it was more my Ex's lawyer who milked him for every dime she could get her hands on. She had no intention of working with my lawyer and basically has us headed full speed to Court with huge lawyer fees along the way. We finally talked and realized we could come to an amicable situation and found Lorna.

    Lorna fit us in VERY last minute which was appreciated in ways I cannot express because we were 2 days from a Court appearance. She listened to what we wanted, talked through a few open issues with us and by one session we had an agreement. We rushed her for final documents and she went above and beyond to have them for us within a week. I cannot thank her enough to helping us.

    Lorna is calm and accommodating. If you are looking for someone who will work to have your differences wrapped up quickly (not dragging it out like every other lawyer in town) then I think you should consider her services.

    I have no complaints.

    Hired attorney
  • Excellent service, outstanding communication

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Monica Vincent

    We came to Lorna knowing that collaborative law would be the smartest, most efficient choice for my ex husband and myself. Lorna took the time to really get to know us, our situation, our personal issues. This made a significant difference in our dealing with a highly emotional affair.

    I want to publicly thank Lorna for all the hard work, clear communication, care and follow through she put into our divorce. She was kind and thoughtful, listened well and responded to both of our needs. I never felt that she was taking sides or wasn't looking out for the best interest of us both....that was exactly what we wanted and expected from a collaborative lawyer.

    I would highly recommend Ms Jaynes. She is an excellent lawyer with many skills. She will guide you through the divorce maze and yet stay clear and open....just what is needed.

    As for collaboration vs. the 'family court' approach, we are glad to have chosen a route that didn't divide us further. The collaborative approach was so much more cost effective....I can't imagine how much we would have spent had we both hired our own lawyers! Also, I feel with Lorna's help and the collaborative process we both had far less stress than going to court, our issues were settled in a non-adversarial manner and she managed our conflicts, emotional issues and relationship issues creatively.

    I hope you find this helpful....I am a true believer in this process and in Lorna.

    Hired attorney
  • Disappointed

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    The following is my opinion based on my experience with Ms. Jaynes.
    I was hopeful when hiring Ms. Jaynes. I spoke with her briefly while searching for a Mediator. After my initial phone call to her to explain that I was in the information gathering phase, I received four followup calls within the following three months, emphasizing that it would be better to start the process "sooner than later." We met with her and signed, and paid our retainer fee after our one hour free consultation. Having never experienced mediation or hiring of an attorney, I did what I thought was the wisest choice: I checked her background and went with my gut upon meeting her. She seemed polite and professional and I made what I thought was the best decision at the time with the information I had. I have learned so much along the journey of divorce that I feel convicted to take the time to share my opinion for the person reading this who is searching for a skilled attorney who can help them. I did not know what I did not know! SHOP AROUND. I did not.
    I was under the impression that mediation would provide a calm and controlled environment, and a primary role of Ms. Jaynes was to oversee and guide the conversation to a positive outcome. I wish I would have hired someone more dynamic. I didn't feel as if there was a clear direction or plan to our meetings. A good 10 minutes of each new session was spent watching Ms. Jaynes read her notes from our prior meetings to review its content. Additionally, I expected as our Mediator, someone who would take control of the direction and intensity of our communication. Often, the conversations between my ex-spouse and myself got heated and was fruitless. Ms. Jaynes could have -- and should have -- taken more of a leadership role and led the communication to one that would resolve our issues. Consistently, it seemed like my ex-spouse and I were just arguing and paying Ms. Jaynes to sit and listen. We weren't in therapy and clearly needed guidance. Repeatedly I pointed this out during our negotiations, which would then prompt Ms. Jaynes to "correct" the agitated behavior. I had made it clear in our initial consultation with Ms. Jaynes that the lines of communication between my spouse and I were flawed, and that we needed direction with this in order to make progress. I even shared with her specifics of our communication styles and issues and explained it was one of the reasons we were trying mediation versus litigation. She assured us she had successful experience with mediation and referred back to her information, data, and publications of the success of mediation versus litigation. However, Ms. Jaynes did not perform well in that capacity. I was on guard with my spouse for obvious reasons, but worse, I had to be my own advocate and remind Ms. Jaynes to "correct" the unacceptable behavior. We spent a considerable amount of time and money with Ms. Jaynes but in the end, needed a higher level of expertise, so we ended our commitment with her.
    We were surprised at the "milking" of our retainer once this decision was made. For example, charging us for 10 minutes to speak to her on the phone solely to make an appointment was pathetic. She did not have a secretary, so apparently thought her time spent in booking the final appointment was attorney-worthy. I felt fleeced with her final charges which reflected, in my opinion, a self-employed attorney needing to cover every nickel possible.
    In reflection now that our divorce experience is over and now that I have other professionals to compare her to, I believe I am qualified in sharing a warning to choose an attorney cautiously. Read intelligent reviews, ask by word of mouth, interview and ask questions that will answer your specific needs.
    I'm sure that personally, Ms. Jaynes is a very nice person, but I wasn't looking for a nice friend. Overall, her performance was disappointing and below par.

    Hired attorney
    Lorna Margo Jaynes’s response: “Thank you for your feedback. Even if not positive, feedback is always helpful and useful. Since you did not list your name, and I have not had any recent clients who have terminated my services, I cannot determine who you might be and will have to respond rather generically which is unfortunate because If I knew who you were perhaps I could respond more fully to your complaint or better understand your dissatisfaction. So, assuming that you were an actual client, I am sorry that my services were not to your satisfaction. The reality is that even if you want a divorce, it is a difficult and painful time and feelings of anger, hurt, sadness, rejection and more come with the territory. And it is not uncommon for these feelings to be projected on those nearby, from other family and friends, to helping professionals such as therapists and mediators. I rarely, if ever, have disputes regarding fees so if you were disappointed or unhappy with a charge all you needed to do was talk to me about it. More often than not, if a client feels that a charge was unfair, I always change it, right or wrong. The customer is always right, as they say. Also, working with a divorcing couple most often involves personal and intimate matters so it is really important that a divorce mediator be someone you are very comfortable with. And there is no right mediator for everyone – different mediators have different styles. Some are directive and act a little like a judge, telling folks what they should do. That is not my style – I am more facilitative and try to help couples create their own best outcome. So, if you prefer a more directive approach then it is good that you have found such a mediator. It is unfortunate you did not determine earlier that I was not the right mediator for you but I am glad that you did reach that conclusion and terminate my services earlier rather than later. Those who come to me for mediation range from contentious, high conflict couples to those who have already resolved most of their issues and just need help with the formalities. For the latter group who work well together and have already resolved most or all of their issues, sometimes one or two meetings are all that is needed. For most folks and certainly the high conflict group, it takes work and time to sort through these issues and reach agreements. Mediation clients do not need to agree. For folks who wish to mediate to create their own best outcome, rather than have a judge or mediator tell them what they should do, they must be willing to try to understand each other, to listen and understand the needs, interests, and concerns of the other party. Because feeling heard and understood by each other tends to lead to agreement. Success in the mediation process requires integrity, honesty, fair-mindedness and the ability to value post-divorce family relationships, and the reality is that not everyone is ready for this. I believe, and experience has shown me, that most everyone who comes with the right attitude and values can succeed in mediation and create a positive and mutual agreement. However, it is not for everyone, and for those who are unwilling or unable to reach their own agreements, the court is always there to make decisions for you. So, again, if you were a real client, I am sorry, but not at all surprised, that your process with me did not resolve the issues in your conflict. And I wish the best for you and your family in whatever approach you ultimately used to try to resolve the issues.”
  • A Highly Recommended Professional for help with a Divorce through Collaborative Law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Deb

    Divorce is never ideal and an incredible hardship on families, I can honestly say that after living through it. If I had felt there was any other way for reconciliation, I never would have considered it, but after that decision had been made, I found myself looking for the next step.

    After hearing that there was an alternative to being a docket number in a traditional, drug out, expensive, process for divorce through the court system, I began a search through Google for Collaborative Law and found Lorna's name. After talking with her, I found her incredibly supportive and informative from the onset. That continued well after the last document was signed. I always felt that she had my best interests at heart while maintaining what was best and fair for the whole family. Never being through this before, she provided the legal experience and knowledge that I needed because, honestly, I just didn't always know what I was legally entitled to. I found that she always kept me informed of where we were in the process. She was very approachable if I had a question and, equally as important, she answered promptly which was very much appreciated. It did a lot to relieve the anxiety that just comes with the territory. I would have to admit that I was not always an effective speaker through the process and there were times where my mind drew blanks, but because Lorna had taken the time to get to know me, my voice was heard through her and she was able to put into words what I wasn't always able to do for myself. I don't think that my case could have been settled any better than it was with Lorna and certainly not as fast. She was exactly who I needed at that time and I'm grateful that I Googled Collaborative Law and found her.

    I can't discuss the value of finding Lorna without discussing the benefits of Collaborative Law for anyone that may be searching right now. The process of Collaborative Law provided a means for divorce in a nontraditional way. It is a process where issues can be discussed and unraveled across a table with the help and guidance of specifically and specially trained Collaborative Attorneys who keep the discussions on point, fair and productive. It differs from mediation in that each spouse retains a Collaborative Attorney. It also provides a way for you and your children, through referred Licensed Family Counselors, to have a voice in the custody plan instead of being told what that will be by a Judge who doesn't know your family. That was a driving force for me.

  • Not recommended

    1.0 star

    Posted by Chelsea

    This lawyer is biased towards men, in my opinion. We used her as a mediator and ended the process since she was unable to provide fair and unbiased results. Inspite of compelling evidence in front of her, she chose to side with the male party.

    We hired our own lawyers and we accomplished what she failed to deliver.

    I will not recommend this lawyer if there are issues to be resolved. She can write all documents if both parties are in consensus over the terms before mediation starts.