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How long before you can get married after a divorce?

Tuscaloosa, AL |

I married the wrong person for the sake of my child. I'm getting divorced now. How long before I can marry the right person?

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You can remarry once your divorce is final. It will be final when you have an official judgment of divorce or dissolution from your state of residence.


There is not a waiting period between the time the judge signs your divorce papers and when you could get remarried. In theory, I suppose you could bring your fiancee to the trial and, if you are divorced at trial, ask the judge to marry you at the divorce hearing. I would pay to see that.


The answers here are incorrect. Under the laws of Alabama there is, in fact, a waiting period.

Under Section 30-2-8.1 of the Alabama Code, section (a), "A court shall not enter a final judgment of divorce until after the expiration of 30 days from the date of the filing of the summons and complaint." There is then a waiting period of 60 days from the date the divorce become finalized before either party can remarry. Alabama Code Section 30-2- 10 states, "When a judgment has been entered granting a divorce in this state, the court shall order that neither party shall again marry, except to each other, until 60 days after the judgment is entered, and that if an appeal is taken within 60 days, neither party shall again marry, except to each other, during the pendency of said appeal."



is there a waiting period before you can date after the papers are signed with out it being considered adultery?

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