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Andrew Richard Edward Gale

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  • Extremely Honest, Trustworthy & Helpful!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brittney

    I was so hesitant on meeting with a lawyer. Like, way hesitant. However, after meeting with Andy I just knew I would be back again.
    The first time I set up an appointment to meet with Andy Gale it was to set up a will & trust. Him and his assistant, Chelsea made this process extremely easy. As I was filling out the paperwork I explained to Chelsea that I felt overwhelmed by it all and wasn't sure what some things meant, she then took time to explain to me everything and went even further into detail. Both Andy and Chelsea made me feel very taken care of. I was even able to put my dogs in the will to make sure they were taken care of! And for all you dog lovers, I'm sure you know how important that is. They're my other children. Andy was so nice, efficient, answered ALL of many questions and was extremely patient with me. Honestly, it's such a blessing to know them both and be able to have a lawyer I can trust!

    The second visit was today regarding my photography business. I had an issue regarding my contract and a client. Andy took the time out of his day to meet with me the day of me calling, he also asked me questions, listened to my concerns, helped me to find a win-win for both my client and me, while protecting my business. Andy Gale gave me such lawyer worthy advice. Honestly, his one piece of advice was worth the whole hour I spent talking to him. He's so professional, kind, personable, and if I could, I would be in his office all the time soaking up his knowledge and learning from him.

    Andy Gale also reviewed and commented on my contract, he gave me suggestions and helped me to have a more bulletproof contract. I also spoke to Andy Gale regarding incorporating my business, in the end, he said I wasn't quite ready to be incorporated. I so appreciate the extra time and money he saved me by being so honest.

    I am so extremely grateful for the time, honesty, energy, and knowledge that he has shared with me. Andy is my go-to lawyer. In the future when I have questions, whether it's with client relations, my will, my trust, a revise on my contract, a business matter, being "legit" in my business, being corporate, or whatever else, I will definitely be going to Andy. Thank you so much for everything!

  • Leah

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Andy is an incredibly helpful attorney. Really explains situations so a person unfamiliar with legal jargon can understand. Very thorough with his answers while talking you through situations. He covers all points of importance and helps to come up with solutions to your legal issues. He’s really easy to talk to and work with. Highly suggest working with him.

  • I needed simple, straight, clear answers - Found the right guy !

    5.0 stars

    Posted by R. R.

    If you want a great personal experience coupled with a great professional experience, SEE ANDY!
    One of my best friends, Steve, has been with him for years and recommend him to me readily when I needed help.
    At my first encounter, he answered my convoluted questions directly to the point (it was not what I wanted to hear, but it was the truth! Gulp!)
    I'm a fairly good judge of character and he had my vote from the first few minutes of our consultation.
    He laid it out simply and spoke English, my native language! So there was no need for "translation" from "legalize" that I've heard from others.
    Folks, if you want to get it right the FIRST TIME, talk to Andy!

  • Business mindset meets legal advice - highly recommend!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alissa

    Andy was referred to me through the Chapman University entrepreneurship incubator program. Though I graduated from Chapman two years ago, I re-joined the incubator program and am involved as an alumni based out of NYC, where I live and where I am starting my business. I decided to get involved again because I knew that through Chapman, I'd get introductions to great resources, and in particular was seeking legal advice for early stage startup structure.

    Andy offered much more than just legal advice. He listened to my needs, identified areas of my business model that needed to most attention/focus, and helped me create a list of immediate next steps/action items from a lean startup approach. I thought that I'd only get about 15-30 min of Andy's time, but we spent an hour on the phone together, during which I had Andy's undivided attention. I expected that the conversation would be pretty baseline, just covering my needs from a legal perspective (filing as a business, contracts, etc) but instead, Andy took the time to dive deep: to understand my business model, resources and any pain points where he could help. He provided insightful advice coming not only from a legal standpoint, but with an extremely acute business awareness and with my available resources and necessity for a lean approach in mind. His experience with early stage startups is evident, and his advice is on-point and helpful. I've had so much advice thrown my way from other entrepreneurs, angel investors, friends with accounting or finance backgrounds etc etc... talking with Andy cut through the noise and identified a clear road that is right for my needs, for my business.

    I left the call feeling like I had not only a lawyer whose services I could use to draft contracts at various stages of my business, but a mentor/partner who really cared about watching my business grow and had the legal/business insight to advise me as I took the next steps in making it a reality.

    I will 100% be using Andy's services as I move forward in establishing and growing my business, and I would 100% recommend Andy, whether you are in Orange Country or across the country.

  • The best lawyer I've ever worked with

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kate

    Andy is an active mentor at Chapman University 's Student Incubator, where I had a consultation with him as one of incubator teams. There is NOT many busy professionals out there who would spend their precious time mentoring people without receiving any benefits, and Andy is one of them. The fact that he voluntarily offers his time and expertise to student entrepreneurs at no cost shows how kind of a person he is.

    If I were to describe Andy in three words, it would be warm, wise, and caring. I came to see him expecting to receive consultation regarding company registration for at most 30 minutes. It turned out to be 1 hour 15 minutes as he not only gave complete answers to all of my questions on legal issues, but also listened to my start-up stories, asked great questions that I have never thought of, and suggested valuable ideas, such as how to differentiate my company from the competition, how and why I should protect my intellectual property even in the early stage of the business, how to go beyond customers' expectations and provide top-notch services, etc. Andy is not just a lawyer; he is very knowledgeable in business matters too.

    I believe the most important traits of a good lawyer are willing to listen to his clients, see clients' problems as his own and make an all-out effort to solve them. Andy has it all. He is a comfortable person to be with, the one you can trust. I'm glad I met him, and I'm sure you will be too.

  • My wonderful experience with Andy Gale

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kayla

    I worked with Andy through the Incubator Program at Chapman and could not have asked for a better Lawyer to meet with. I have a start-up company and really know nothing about legal advice when starting a business. Not only did andy make me feel comfortable and was easy to talk to but he really pushed me towards the right direction for my company. He was very informative when answering my many questions and explained things in an understanding way. Not only did Andy help with law advice but also introduced me to a client of his that he felt would benefit me. I could not thank him enough and recommend him to anybody seeking law advice!

  • Andy is the best lawyer around

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ofir

    I met Andy through the Chapman University incubator about 6 months ago, where he volunteers to meet with student and alumni teams for start-up companies and advises us on how to legally operate as a business. I've met with probably 5 or 6 other lawyers both through the incubator and through my own connections and Andy is by far the best. I'm not talking about how much better of a lawyer he is in comparison, but how much easier he is to work with. Most of the lawyers I've spoken to have treated me like a child, not expecting me to know the first thing about law and clearly attempting to take advantage of that misconception. When I first met with Andy, he told me that he was a lawyer, and I immediately had a defensive mechanism kick in from the start due to my previous arrangements with lawyers. Throughout the meeting, I was quickly able to not only relax, but feel extremely comfortable speaking to Andy. He was the first lawyer who ACTUALLY listened to me, waited until I was done speaking, and treated me almost as an equal when holding a conversation! He was able to give me invaluable advice, and not only that, but seeing that I was just a student at the time, offered to help me out for just "a cup of coffee." That alone was amazing to me because that was his way of saying, "let's meet up and talk even more, and I'll help you out right after." When we finally met for coffee, he could only spare about half an hour before his next meeting, but never even asked for the coffee. Even though I did not manage to purchase the drink, he still offered me advice AND sent a letter to a company I was attempting to get in contact with for business, as our attorney. You can all be sure that the next time we meet, I'll be buying a lot more than just coffee.

    I can't thank him enough yet, and I look forward to working with him in the future, as business professionals. He is the one lawyer that I am looking forward to paying for his future services. Do yourselves a favor and visit Incorporation Attorneys California to learn more about Andrew Gale.

  • small business advice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Gary

    My wife and I met with Andy relative to the closing and/or potential sale of our small business. As many outstanding debts existed, we were looking for advice on protecting our personal assets, best options, and how to proceed in either case. Our business experience is limited, so we were looking for someone who understood our situation and legal options. Andy was quick to get the picture and he gave us straight advice on our best option (selling ASAP) and how to take the next steps. He was easy to talk to, and we will certainly use him for any future business issues that he can help us with.

  • A person who happens to be a lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jack

    I spoke with Andy while I was in the start up phase of our business. I expected to get about a 15 minute call and some intimidation, or at least some downward eyes at us being so green to the game. I couldn't have been more wrong. I had to leave the call after an hour and 15 mintues to get back to work, because Andy kept on listening and offering advice. I had never met or spoken with this man before, but he truly wanted to know our business, and truly wanted to see how he could help. He offered advice way outside for what we started off asking for (though he answered all of our questions above and beyond our expectations). He referred us to bankers, guided and advised us on entity start up, listened to our business model and offered feedback and all the while was so inviting; and this all without any charge. I would excitedly hire Andy for any future legal work we have; not because we're strapped for people to talk to, but he was a person who happened to be a lawyer. He gave us very clear costs for his services, expectations, availabilities and outlines, and there was nothing gray or mirky about talking with him. He cleared up our concerns very quickly and guided us to save heaps of money; a feature I'm sure isn't really rampent in the legal world.

    Thank you so much, Andy; we'll certainly be back.

  • Straightforward, great advice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jesse

    My startup team met with Andrew Gale for product related advice. His information was invaluable and pointed us in the direction of liability insurance and a better market research approach.