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Janet Bledsoe Lacy

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  • I Could Have Learned At The Court Law Library How To Represent Myself Better Than This Attorney

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    Posted by a Divorce client

    I hired Ms. Lacy to represent me after being sued for divorce by my husband in November. I paid her a $3500 retainer. I desperately needed spousal support so I could continue to maintain the family home, which I could not afford on my salary alone. My husband made over $250,000/year. I made $75,000/ year. The first available court date was in April. Ms Lacy missed that date because she failed to have the necessary paperwork in to the judge 2 weeks prior to the April date, so no support until the next court date, which could not be re-scheduled until June. At the June court appearance when the time came to appear before the judge Ms. Lacy became busy with another client at the courthouse. I appeared before the judge without my attorney. The judge says, "Where is your attorney"? I respond, "With another client, Your Honor". Judge: "Go get her" Me: I attempt to interrupt Ms Lacy telling her the judge was requesting her presence in the courtroom yet she ignored me and the judges demand for her appearance in the courtroom. She never appeared before the judge to represent me. The case was again rescheduled. After Ms Lacy had now done this to me twice, I fired her. Yet she has still had the audacity to charge me for 2 (TWO) court appearances.
    I also made it very clear from the very beginning I had inherited a home from my mother and father. Inheritances such as this are never to be issues in a divorce. My husband’s attorney sent 25 interrogatories (a written question that is formally put to one party in a case by another party and that must be answered). Ms Lacy knew this home was an inheritance and should never have been in the divorce at all. She also should have known these 25 interrogatories should not have been answered by me yet she still had me take the time to answer all of these questions. It was completely irrelevant and a waste of time.
    From the time I initially hired Ms. Lacy in November until the end of June her legal fees were $7,000. I ask you, did I get my money's worth with this attorney? You decide if you would want this kind of attorney to represent you.