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Samin Vali Beringer

Divorce and separation Attorney at Carlsbad, CA

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also known as Samin Vali Beringer

  • Licensed for 18 years
    State CA
    Acquired 2005
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Licensed to practice in both California state and federal court, Attorney Samin Beringer has extensive experience handling family law cases and helping families through their problems. Attorney Beringer became a State Bar of California Certified Family Law Specialist after graduating with her J.D. from the University of San Diego and handling hundreds of family law cases, both contested and uncontested. She opened her own private practice, the Beringer Law Firm, after working for two leading family law firms in San Diego County.

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Beringer Law Firm, APC
5857 Owens Ave. Ste. 100
Carlsbad, CA, 92008

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5.0 / 5.0
  18 customer reviews
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Posted by Grant M. | October 13, 2023
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Samin is a Lifesaver
Family Law is often a roller coaster of ups and downs. I went through a divorce in 2014, and was a recently graduated attorney myself. I can tell you that without Samin, I never would have been able to navigate the San Diego Family Law court system myself. She was thoughtful. Prompt. Very experienced. And helped me to understand my legal rights v. costs of enforcing them through trial compared to settlement v. how the local Court (which she was very familiar with) might evaluate my facts. While my ex challenged everything, and was in a state where she would have never agreed to anything with me, Samin worked out issues I never could have with my ex. I started out with slightly less than 50/50, and in my case, there were issues that necessitated that I work towards becoming the primary parent. The Court needed to understand that even as a working father, I was the best option for my kids. Getting the narrative right, and helping the judge to understand the reality of the parenting dynamic with my children was a difficult task that Samin nailed. There were two Ex Partes that she promptly worked with me on during my custody proceedings that hanged the tide. Had I been the one pointing the finger at my ex in open court, I am absolutely positive that the right outcome would not have happened. When things looked bleak, or decisions were confusing, Samin was there to help me process. And she helped me understand the long term strategy over finding short term satisfaction. At the end of my divorce, I can say she executed a long term strategy that ended with me going from less than 50/50 to all but two weekends a month. She advised me on best approaches with the two judges we had. And gave me sound advice on when settlement would likely be less costly than continuing to pay her to pursue a trial. She's everything you could ever want in a good family law attorney. Although the legal process can be costly, especially with a contentious ex mine, she was efficient with my time and money and generally spot on with her legal strategy and advice. No one can be perfect, but I think Samin might walk on water. Even attorneys need attorneys for their divorces, and I would highly recommend Samin. I can't think of a better attorney in Family Law, or one who cares about her clients and providing exceptional services like Samin does. Stick with her. It can be a daunting process. But in the end, you won't regret it.
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Posted by KM | July 23, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Highly knowledgeable, responsive, and compassionate
Hiring a divorce attorney to handle your divorce is a crucial decision. If you are leaving a marriage with children, assets and debts to be divided, who represents you during your divorce can determine how well you fair emotionally and financially post divorce. Nothing can derail your divorce faster than following lousy divorce advice. Believe me, I know this situation due to my own experience as I had to search for another attorney midway through my divorce case. My case was too far in that I contemplated on wanting to finish my situation with my initial attorney. But, I felt the lack of memory on even the most basic details about my case, an overlooked filing requesting for a child support order which was forgotten about (which was 9 months of child support I couldn’t collect), a missed hearing, and even the lack of responsiveness a few days before a court hearing. It always left me going into court not knowing what was going on. It actually left me more anxious and stressed where I questioned myself, why am I not changing attorneys? Thankfully, they moved to another firm, and it gave me an opportunity to search for another attorney mid-case without it being detrimental to my case, which was a blessing in disguise despite the stress of now finding a new attorney but now TRUSTING them given I had a bad one, to begin with. When I was searching for another attorney, you generally base your next move off of reviews you find, follow up with a consultation, and decide from there. Luckily, for me, I was able to see how Samin represented clients first hand while I was waiting for my case to be called up next. What I saw in the courtroom was an attorney who was professional, courteous, competent, very knowledgeable, responsible, and always one step ahead of the process and was never caught by surprise by any obstacles. It was at that moment that I knew she was what my case needed. I needed someone who would represent me the way she did for her clients that day as she was fierce and fearless when fighting for her clients. But given my hesitation due to my previous attorney, I had to make sure her reviews matched what was seen in court, all of them did say very similar things, and were highly rated, so I made the call for consultation, and the rest was history. I consider myself a very detail oriented person, sometimes pushing the boundaries on the patience of the person providing the details. I was very relieved and pleased when I found that Samin and her staff were the same way, very communicative, and responsive. I always felt I knew the status of where things were as she kept me updated with each step of the process. I was still well informed, and if I had any questions, she would thoroughly address each concern to where I was able to understand it, which can be very complicated not to mention overwhelming. Believe me, I can ask a lot of questions because I want to be sure I understand the entirety of it but never once did I feel it was a burden to her as she has rare compassion that I find lacking amongst other family lawyers. If I could describe Samin and her staff in a few words it would be impossible to find the right words, but it would be: no-nonsense, straight to the point, understanding, and very professional. Going through this process was definitely an eye-opener, and I wouldn't wish divorce on anyone, let alone the process. But if I could’ve changed anything, I would've started off with Samin being my representing council as it would’ve saved me my sanity on so many levels over the first 1.5 yrs. Samin, you came at the right time and became an incredible blessing for me, and I am genuinely grateful for all of your minutes/hours/days/weeks that you have put towards my case, I couldn't say it enough, but thank YOU!
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Posted by Matthew | October 5, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Stop Thinking About It - Read - Then Hire Samin
Divorce sucks. It just does. We all know this and the process of legal representation is not an easy one to choose. Why do I know this? Because, I spoke to 12 different Attorney's as I went through the process of choosing the right Attorney to deal with my difficult Divorce. Luckily, Samin Beringer was recommended to me and it was clear after 15 minutes of speaking with her she not only understood what needed to be done but also how to deal with the circumstances of difficult situations. Basically, she made the situation as smooth as possible. She's a pro with a deft touch of understanding the nuances of your side and that of the other party. However, she's relentless in protecting you. She communicates great (an anomaly in this field) and is willing to do what she has to do to get the end result. Yeah, she's great and I hope I never have to speak to her again - for obvious reasons. Hire her.
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Posted by Ben | February 2, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Awesome attorney!
I hired Samin Beringer after I was sued by my ex in-laws for Grandparent visitation of my 2 children even though they had never been denied visitation. After I read the absolute lies they stated about me and the tactics they were using to attempt to sway the court, I decided I needed an attorney to protect my children. I found Samin to be compassionate and caring and very, very smart. She is unflappable and determined and made sure to prepare me and my family for what to expect. She guided me through our options - we elected to go to an evidentiary hearing - and she was up against a ruthless and non-ethical attorney (was a perfect match for her clients). We won our case with absolute victory and I thank God every day that as I was perusing possible attorneys somehow I saw her in the listing and felt like she would be the one. I hope I never need her services again, but if I ever have another issue she'll be the one I call!
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Posted by Jennifer | January 23, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Samin Beringer is a caring, competent, and very qualified lawyer. She handled my divorce cases and always fought to make sure I received the best outcome. If I had not been represented by a qualified attorney I would definitely have made the wrong decisions for my case. She kept me apprised during each step and one aspect of dealing with her that I definitely liked was that I was able to contact her by email to which she always responded. In contrast, my husband's attorney was very hard to contact. I found her to be a very sincere person who cares about her clients. I believe she is very hard worker. I would highly recommend Samin to anyone looking for a qualified attorney to handle their divorce.
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Posted by anonymous | February 25, 2014
All my research on child custody issues suggested that not much can be done after the mediator makes recommendations to the court. Some of the most critical issues in my case were left unanswered by the mediator. I had Samin represent me in this child custody trial. I admit some of her initial arguments in court set me back, but she was excellent the rest of the way. I was stunned the way she cross-examined my ex-wife and exposed her in front of the judge . The manner and order in which she presented the facts to the judge made a huge difference. Her closing arguments was the final blow. Finally, the judge had no problem ruling in my favor. My son and I owe our happiness to her. If you want a trust-worthy, knowledgeable and aggressive attorney, don't look elsewhere. Just hire Samin.
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Posted by anonymous | July 17, 2013
Outstanding Family Lawyer
Divorce is one of the most stressful events, especially when it involves children. Lot of emotional decisions have to be made in a business-like manner. After interviewing several attorneys, I was clear about the dynamics of my case. I chose Samin because she felt the most trust-worthy and made me feel very comfortable. She patiently listened to what I had to say and guided me all along and simultaneously managed my expectations. She told me exactly when to budge and when to stand firm. She was ethical and realistic and was with me up until the settlement. Having her beside me made world of a difference. I would recommend her in a heartbeat for any family law case
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Posted by anonymous | July 15, 2013
Caring and Determined Family Law Attorney
Samin is the perfect blend of genuine caring and concern and strong determination that you would want in a Family Law attorney. I went through a very difficult divorce and she cared, listened, was very perceptive about my ex, and represented me well. She was always straight-forward with me about everything regarding the handling of my case and any fees; there were no surprises. She was always fast to respond to anything that came up even after my case was "resolved". I am glad that I had her by my side.
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Posted by Nicci | June 5, 2013
I cannot say enough about Samin! To say my case was complicated would not even be remotely close! Not only did my custody case last for 11 years, (Samin was not the attorney for the entire 11 years) but over those years my case spanned courtrooms in two different states and another country, it reached the appellate level, involved federal marshals, local police officers, multiple court visits, a-n-d one completely insane judge. I have had multiple attorneys, not because I changed attorneys, but because of how complicated my case was! Those are attorneys for different states and levels of courts! I knew I was in the right, and I have always believed in fighting with integrity, this my friends is difficult when faced with an adversary that lies and cheats and values winning more than doing what is best for a child. Samin not only WON MY CASE, she did it with honesty and integrity! I was moving out of the country so that my husband could serve our country and I was losing my mind with all the court hearings, filings, etc. Samin and my Texas attorney, Manny, yes I call him Manny, he has been my attorney for the 11 year nightmare, saved me and my son. When it was all said and done I was not only able to take my son to join his stepfather and little sister my child finally the security of knowing he wouldn't be taken away from his family. You should note that if you are looking for a family attorney this area of law is specialized. Judges basically have complete authority over custody hearings, and proceedings can be tricky, especially in San Diego! Samin has the knowledge base to handle even the most complex cases. Seriously my case is as complex as it gets, I have one attorney who is now a dream friend who says my case is the reason he no longer practices family law! (and he won every hearing for me!) She's what you need her to be in the moment, if are thinking you know exactly what must be done and you only want a lawyer who is a puppet, save your money and don't hire Samin, but you will regret it! She is kind, compassionate, honest, extremely smart and good at her job! But you have to let her do her job! When I needed a hand to hold she was there, when I thought I could never laugh about the situation I found humor, in the oddest places! When I needed someone to tell me to sit down and shut up she did that! Trust me you will probably need this too! There isn't anything else to say really, I entrusted her with the life of my child and she saved us! Literally! Thank you Samin! Samin is truly blessed for fighting for the children who cannot fight for themselves!
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Posted by Flo | May 16, 2013
Samin was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with, passionate about my representation. I would recommend (I have) her services without hesitation.
Posted by Maria | May 10, 2013
Would not hesitate to recommend
Divorce sucks all around. The only things that help are a great attorney, laughter, well, and maybe a few margaritas. Samin Beringer was my great attorney, and I even managed a few laughs along the way. From the first meeting she listened, spoke honestly, was efficient, answered every silly question that popped into my head and never made me feel like a dollar sign. I would not hesitate to recommend Samin to anyone seeking quality legal advice.
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Posted by Jamie | May 8, 2013
Wonderful attorney
She was very informative , explained things well! Returned emails and phone calls quickly! I did an out of state divorce, child support and other issues. Made my out of state lawyer / court hearing wonderful handled everything well on my end of things.
Posted by Kimberly | May 8, 2013
I HIGHLY recommend Samin Beringer! Knowledgeable, reliable and personable attorney.
Samin Beringer was my attorney from January – November 2012. I followed Mrs. Beringer to her private practice, which was the best decision I could have ever made and I am very grateful for what Mrs. Beringer did for my family. Mrs. Beringer represented me knowledgably, reliably and aggressively through my very long and drawn out custody/child support/move away case. I was the Respondent for my case, but never felt too overwhelmed in my extremely stressful case because of Mrs. Beringer’s perseverance. I think I had a very difficult case, and it was VERY time consuming; but, Mrs. Beringer was always 5 steps ahead of the Petitioner. There were many long and tedious hearings that Mrs. Beringer was always prepared for and she always ensured I was prepared, also. I never second guessed any advise/recommendations that were given by Mrs. Beringer and followed her lead and put the outcome of my family’s lives in her hands and it proved to be, yet again, another very good decision. In the end, I was able to relocate with my children to Northern California to begin our new lives together. I have recommended friends to Mrs. Beringer and will continue to so. I will also continue to use her as legal counsel when the need arises. Mrs. Beringer has always been quick to respond. I have NEVER had any issues with contacting her, every email and/or phone call was returned in a very timely manner.
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Posted by Karla | May 8, 2013
Thank you Samin!!
I was very impressed with Samin. She handled my situation perfectly. She was on time with all filings and communicated with me almost daily so I was always informed of any progress my case was having. She managed to litigate with the opposing attorney and came up with a stipulation and order so that my case never had to go to court!! I would definitely recommend her to any friends/family members who need her services!! Thank you Samin so much for all you did for me!!
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Posted by anonymous | February 7, 2012
Hiring Samin Vali Beringer was the best decision I could have made!
I was referred to Ms. Beringer by a family friend, a past client who continuously praised her professionalism and expertise. During my divorce I was also dealing with a serious illness, so needless to say it was a very difficult time for me. Ms. Samin Vali Beringer made the entire process so quick and painless. She advised me exactly what to expect along the way and took care of everything imaginable. Not only is she a knowledgeable attorney, but she is extremely personable and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Samin to my own family, friends, or anyone in need of a family law attorney.
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Posted by anonymous | February 6, 2012
Thank you, thank you! You are Awesome!
Samin is an amazing attorney to work with. She was very attentive to MY needs as a father and worked to help me get the best possible situation for my family. I can't say enough about how knowledgeable she was. And her rates are more than reasonable for the average guy or family which is one of the many things that makes her the only family law attorney I'll use in San Diego.
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Posted by R.M. | February 6, 2012
Made divorce much easier!
Samin helped me with my divorce in 2007/2008. I was initially very concerned with the amount of time, money and energy that the divorce would take. However, Samin made the process much less daunting. She was understanding and responsive. Samin helped me complete all of the paperwork and the case was resolved more quickly than I expected. She helped me obtain a fair settlement and I was THRILLED that I never had to step foot in a court room. If I ever have to go through any sort of family law proceedings again, I would hire Samin in a flash.
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Posted by Eva | July 19, 2010
Delivered as promised
I read Fischer & Van Thiel's tag line, "Here to mediate, Ready to Litigate." Was impressed and hired the firm to help me through my divorce. I was never disappointed. After settling most of the issues in my case my husband attempted to stonewall. Mr. Van Thiel advised me of the possible outcomes at trial and we called the bluff and set the matter for a trial. Very quickly the remaining issues were settled and my divorce was handled with terms I agreed to and was willing to live with.
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Divorce and separation Attorney | Dec 10
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I have known Samin for over 10 years. I have worked with her as a colleague and fellow attorney. Samin is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate advocate for her clients. She is an excellent attorney and goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible results are obtained. I highly recommend Samin to anyone dealing with a family law matter."
Divorce and separation Attorney | Mar 15
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I have been impressed with Samin since our firm first began having cases with Samin in 2005. She is bright, reasonable, and dedicated advocate for her clients."
Divorce and separation Attorney | Mar 13
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"I endorse this lawyer. Ms. Beringer is very professional, trustworthy, quite knowledgeable in her areas of practice, very aggressive about her client's requirements and understanding."
Family Attorney | Feb 08
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"Samin is an excellent attorney! She is professional, knowledgable and works hard for her clients. I have opposed Samin on numerous cases and believe that she is a strong advocate."
Unknown Attorney | Apr 18
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer."
Divorce and separation Attorney | Mar 22
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I see Samin in Vista court on a regular basis. She is very familiar with the judges in that courthouse. Samin stands out among lawyers in court due to her poise and professionalism--just what you want in a family lawyer. She does an excellent job for her clients."
Family Attorney | Feb 21
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Samin is a powerhouse attorney! She is extremely competent and reasonable. She is respected throughout the legal community."
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