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Christina Marie Shaffer

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  • Outstanding Job!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I was looking for someone to represent me during my divorce involving a very unreasonable spouse and two very young children. Christina meet with me free of charge and discussed my situation and set real expectations for me right off the bat. I decided to retain her services and am extremely glad that I did. Christina and her assistant Sarah were very professional and helpful throughout my lengthy case and trial. Christina's office was very well organized and punctual with all my paperwork and filings, they handled everything perfectly and I never had to worry about a single thing, which is important when you are going through such a testing experience like a divorce. If I ever needed to discuss a situation or ask a question, Christina's office was always available and would quickly take care of whatever I needed. Christina's billing and fees were fair, and for what she brings to the table, I never gave it a second though.
    My initial legal needs were representation durning a rough custody mediation and spousal support issue. Without Christina, my children would barely see me and I would be paying so much in child and spousal support that I would have been living out of my car. But she was able to fight for me and get me more and more time with my children each time we went to court. Christina put together a very detailed MSA for me and after several attempts to reach an agreement with my ex, we had to cut our losses and go to trial. After reading some horrible stories of what has happened to some people that went to trial, I was very anxious, and a little freaked out. Christina once again gave me real expectations and told me that this was my best shot to get a fair deal. Christina and Sarah dedication and effort preparing my trial reassured me that I was in good hands, and that every detail was going to be just right, and that is exactly what you need to know when you are going to trial. Christina gave me confidence and I knew that she was going to get me the fairness and equality that I was seeking, even if it seemed like a long shot and as if the court was working against me.
    After my divorce was finalized, and my trial was over, I was able to finally move on with my life and start again. Christina fought for me and turned a bleak situation into a win, something that I never thought to be a possibility. I know without a doubt that without Christina's representation, my life would be a mess right now.
    I would absolutely recommend Christina to anyone in need of a silver bullet.

    Thank you Christina and Sarah, you were amazing and I could never thank you enough for everything you have done for me.


    Hired attorney
  • A Leading Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dan

    My case was complex. My ex-spouse was very contentious at every issue of divorce. She would do or say anything to win sole custody of our child. She attempted to strip me away from him. My ex also wanted to sell out our family residence, or otherwise would demand unreasonable amount of equity if I wanted to keep the house. I found the law firm of Attorney Shaffer on this website. After reading her former clients’ comments here, I decided to meet with Christina.

    Ms. Shaffer was upfront and honest with me about my case. As a mother, she understood both sides of the custody issues and the needs of a young child. Christina is all about fair divorce. She agreed to represent me.

    Throughout my case, Christina always found the proper strategy at the proper time. She was strategic and tactful in dealing with the opposing counsel. Christina knows the family laws and the court systems very well. Her guidance was accurate and up-to-date. Christina fought hard for me. At the same time, she tried to keep my expectations realistic. She looks at the big picture. Her correspondence to the opposing counsel was clear, intelligent and to the point. Christina encouraged me to do leg works for my case to help control my legal fees. She worked hard to verify the information that I provided since she did not necessarily take it at the face value. Therefore her settlement proposal was consistent and accurate to the end. Her firm was fair with the billing. Her staff is friendly, professional and responsive. In short, Accuracy, Responsiveness and Integrity are what I have experienced with her law firm.

    I finally got what I wanted: the child custody agreement that every parent wants, and retaining our family residence at a fair market price. I highly recommend Christina for any family law matter, especially to fathers who care about their children but might face uphill battle in the court. Ms. Shaffer definitely has the expertise and experience to help culturally diverse clients.

  • Excellent attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Frank

    Ms. Shaffer is an excellent attorney. She provided awesome results for my complex case.

  • Worst divorce mediator in ventura county

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Worst attorney ever. The marital agreement she mediated for me was so ambiguous and contradicting that the judge questioned it twice about the validity of the document and asked who the lawyer was.
    Had to spend more money on dealing with the discrepancies of the agreement in court 6 times.

  • Strongly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by arci

    I strongly recommend Christina as a family law attorney. She assisted me with a very difficult divorce and child custody case. She is compassionate, caring and able to take on very complex cases, like mine. After already going through 2 bad divorce attorneys, I was lucky to find Christina from a fellow co-worker that was also happy with the outcome of his case.