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Pauline Martin Rosen

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  • Attorney that works in your best interest

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    I would not wish anybody to have to go through a divorce. It is an emotionally charged event that is filled with stress.

    Pauline is an attorney that educated me on the law. When I thought she was wrong she would present me with case law showing me that I would be throwing money away if she followed my directives. She told me when I was grasping for straws. Pauline focused me on the reality of situation. She is one of the few attorneys that presents solutions that keep your billable hours down.

    California family law is counter intuitive and unfair in many regards. Rulings are inconstant, so much depends upon the judge that is assigned to your case. Pauline researched and advised strategy based upon the judge assigned to my case.

    If you are looking for an attorney that will guide you through this process, that is looking out for your best interest both in outcome and expense, then hire Pauline as your attorney!

  • Difficult case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Herman

    My 2 year old child was abducted by her mentally unstable mother from our home in CA to her native Norway. On top she filed a baseless domestic abuse charge against me which threw me temporarily out of my house.
    A friend advised me to contact Pauline. I had mixed feelings at first because she had not handled an international abduction case before and I knew that the odds were against me as the father with a young female judge in CA and Norwegian judges to deal with if we would win in CA. Pauline confirmed the difficult road ahead openly and told me that she would be personally committed and study the international treaties involved without guaranteeing success and be in constant feedback/consultation.
    As a CEO of a large multinational I had experience with a lot of inside and top lawyers outside over my 20 years building my career. Pauline stood out! She has that unique combination of being down to earth/facts, communicating, listen, develop a joint strategy and go really deep and personal resulting in prime teamwork and effectively defining parts of international law that were uncharted under the Den Hague treaty against international abduction.
    In short:
    - The domestic violence accusation was denied.
    - The child abduction was confirmed in LA Court.
    - It was upheld in appeal in LA.
    - The Court granted me (father) full legal and physical custody with limited supervised visitation for mother. With the mother and child being in hiding in Norway this was unenforceable.
    - With the help and direction of Pauline we invoked the international Den Hague treaty in court in Norway with the help of a local associated law firm.
    - Despite my child's Norwegian citizenship the Norwegian court ruled that the child should be returned to me in CA, upholding the original CA court order.
    - In appeal the Norwegian high court upheld the ruling.
    As a result of our teamwork my daughter is now happily living with us and has very limited visitation with her mother. She is almost 7 now and fighting visitations so we have a new problem brewing.
    All of this would not have happened if Pauline had acted like a corporate or bureaucratic lawyer.
    She took the time to familiarize herself with the details of international child abduction and made the crucial difference resulting in me having my kid back.
    Her deep personal involvement and team working between us led to this highly unusual success and I am grateful.
    Her hourly rate is steep but she is worth it and the final cost goes down a lot if you prepare yourself beforehand.
    We are absolute happy with the way she handled our case and the result.

  • I was very fortuntate to have used Pauline Rosen to represent my in difficult divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    As a father of two amazing kids, it was imperative to hire the best Attorney to handle my custody battle and to keep my best interests in mind. Divorce is an extremely difficult time in anyone’s lives. At difficult times like this you need a great experienced attorney with a great track record to stand up and fight for you. I am so grateful to have Pauline Rosen take on my case and help me achieve my goals. If you are in need of a tough, intelligent, determined, understanding attorney then don't hesitate to contact the offices of Pauline Rosen. Her assistant Michelle was fantastic and every time I called, some was there to answer my questions.