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Robert J Lauson

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  • Attorney Robert Lauson review

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    Posted by Gary

    I am an archaeologist with an international profile (see my profile in the London Times website entitled "The Real-life Indiana Jones and the Mansion of Doom"). I have been keenly interested in Homer and his great epic poems, The Iliad and The Odyssey, and I created a multifaceted project to celebrate and research Homer, called The Homeric Project ( A part of that effort was to conduct archaeological fieldwork on a Greek island, searching for the lost Palace of Odysseus from the Odyssey. As part of my overall research on Homer, I believe I have discovered a lost code involving sacred symbolic numbers that Homer, I believe, intentionally incorporated into both his epic poems. I wrote up my research, with my new discoveries, in a research paper entitled, "The Mystery of Homer's Numbers," which I copyrighted with the US Copyright Office in 2013.
    The reason I retained Mr. Lauson was due to the following. I was conducting my field work in Greece with a colleague, with whom I also spent time writing on a projected book about the project. I had a falling-out with that colleague and terminated the joint project (including the book). In a subsequent letter from the colleague, a claim was made that she had filed a joint co-authorship of my "Homer's Numbers" paper with the US Copyright Office and it was implied that it had not only been applied for, but had actually been accepted and was in force. Therefore, my former colleague made those claims, which were not true. Since I could not stand to have such claims made on my original research, my discoveries and my paper -- and especially after my ex-colleague had an attorney send me a letter re-affirming the false claims -- I was forced to seek a professional attorney to defend me, my work and my reputation. I'm glad I found Mr. Robert Lauson because he did an outstanding job in straightening the mess out. He reviewed the facts I gave him, including a copy of my 2013 copyright which pre-dates the alleged copyright of 2014 by a year. His due diligence also disclosed that my ex-colleague did not submit my paper for copyright as stated. In fact, the copyright was not submitted until May 6 of this year (2015). Mr. Lauson completely agreed with my position on the whole matter and, unlike my ex-colleague's attorney who wrote an inaccurate and disparaging letter to me, Mr. Lauson wrote him back a very professional letter factually pointing out all the "misrepresentations" that my ex-colleague's attorney had stated based on the wrong information he had received from his client. Mr. Lauson also quoted in the same letter the legal precedents which supported my rightful legal interpretation of the case. Furthermore, and subsequent to that letter, Mr. Lauson was proactive with the US Copyright Office and got them to reject my ex-colleague's attempt to make a claim on my exclusive intellectual property. Hopefully that good action will have the effect of being a final termination to the attempt to make any claims on my original research and written research paper.
    In short, Attorney Robert Lauson was cordial, very professional and knowledgeable about how to handle my case. Moreover, he did an outstanding job of dealing with my adversary's attorney and with straightening out the situation with the US Copyright Office, that resulted in a decision by it in my favor. I can't thank him enough for his good work, which has not only set the record straight but has gone a long way to restoring my peace of mind about my original work and my career.

  • He was like a team captain.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    I was intimidated to speak with a lawyer about an area of the law that was totally foreign to me but I needed a professional opinion of my idea and the likelihood of obtaining a patent. It was as important to me to get an assessment, as it was to learn as much as could about the process. I did not want to drop my idea on a desk and wait for results.
    A friend of mine referred me to Bob. I knew at the end of our first appointment that he fit my requirements. He explained that his job is to
    interpret the Patent Law and apply it to my idea, so that if necessary, modifications can me made to be successful with the Patent Office. He made suggestions that gave me food for thought, including that I should consider a trademark for the name.
    I was very comfortable speaking with him and liked that he took the time to
    teach me. I left his office feeling good and knowing what I needed to do to
    keep rolling, what to expect, and that I made contact with a friendly lawyer
    that will guide me without me being intimidated.
    Since that appointment, he has communicated with me often to make sure
    we are progressing.
    I would recommend him to anyone seeking a patent.

  • Highly Recommended IP Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dan

    Bob is one of the best trademark and patent lawyers that I have come across. He truly cares about his craft and works tirelessly to ensure everything is done efficiently and effectively. I would recommend Bob to anyone looking for a lawyer in the intellectual property space.

  • My patent attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Bob has been my patent attorney for years and has done a very good job, helping in ways that I didn't fully appreciate until later on. I have recommended Bob to people who have asked me for advice on patent matters after they found out that I am a successful inventor.

  • Client Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stephen

    Robert Lawson has been a pleasure to work with over the past seven years on numerous projects including patent, copyright and trademark applications as well as several successful infringement cases. Robert has always clearly explained the legal points of consideration and has keep me updated in a timely manner.