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Charles Kelly Kilgore

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  • The biggest fraud attorney in California, stay away from him!!!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Alexander

    I hired Kelly Kilgore to represent me in court, he would never keep an appointment to see me always with an excuse or another and when I fired him, he kept 90% of the money for doing nothing, then I took him to arbitration and again he kept canceling and making excuses, now I am taking him to small claim court and reporting his fraud acts to the California Bar association.

    Charles Kelly Kilgore’s response: “This is Charles Kelly Kilgore and I am responding to Mr. Abraham's post. It has been almost one year since his post and I have reasonably calmed down since then. It is true that he hired me to represent him in a TRO brought against him by a former girlfriend. That is all a matter of public record and does not infringe any protections or confidentiality. He hired me when I was back east on a case, and wanted me at his beck and call, very nearly 24/7. I had many appointments and court appearances already docketed, and was not avaiable to meet with him when and where he demanded. I was not able to acquiesce to his dominion and control, and arranged to meet when I could. That simply was not good enough and he chose to engage another lawyer. I billed him for my time up to that point, and he was not happy with that either. We agreed to mediation, and there were times my trial schedule meant that I could not appear at a certain date and time. After the mediation, the mediator ruled that I was due some money for my time, and Mr. Abraham was due some money back. You can check the California Bar Association website, enter my name or bar number, 173520, and see if I have ever been discipline by the Bar. I haven't.”
  • excellent criminal attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    I have known Charles Kelly Kilgore for over 20 years. On several occasions I have had the opportunity to call him and ask him for advice in the Criminal Law realm. I don't practice in that area, and it is helpful to know that I have someone that I know and trust that I can call, virtually anytime, and receive a speedy, and accurate, response to any question I have. One of the best criminal attorneys out there.
    David Leventhal

  • Mr. Kilgore is the Man!!!!!!!! Point blank!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sharon

    Mr. Kilgore handled my sister's case. I love this Attorney because he showed so much love and compassion for his work as well as his clients. Many attorney's are in it for the money only and could really care less about the clients just as long as they win, but not Mr. Kilgore. He does this because he just love helping people. He is a real go getter and puts his all into what he do. And because I loved his work ethics so much I've even referred a close friend of the family to him and now he's handling her case. Thanks to Mr. Kilgore, my sister is Mary Thompson is out of prison after serving 17 years for which she was given 25 years but due to the fight in Mr. Kilgore and his determination and hard work, my sister is now free. Thank you Mr. Kilgore!!!!!!!!!