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Henry H Wood

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  • Henry H Wood is great!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by William

    In the 10 plus years I have know Henry Wood he has provided everything in an extremely timely manner. He goes out of his way to be helpful. Thanks to his knowledge level and proactive stance everything is done ahead of time. If you want things done correctly you have Mr. Wood on your side!

  • Probate help

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Laura

    My brother passed suddenly in 2014. In his Will I was named executor or as I later found out from Mr. Wood, a Personal Representative. Not knowing a thing about probate and the duties of a PR, Mr. Wood was there to help guide me through the process of a Probate. He was forthcoming with fees and kept me informed of each step we were taking. Since I live in CA, I couldn't imagine doing all this by myself, without his help.

  • An Excellent Resource in a Tine of Great Stress

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jon

    Just over two years ago my family was contacted by the Tucson Senior Services office to tell us that they had concerns about my 93 year old aunt’s mental stability. The office further stated that if my family would be unwilling to step in they would have to take action. My family elected me to handle the matter and I asked for a list of lawyers specializing in this area of practice. From that list I found Henry Wood.

    I was in an understandably uncomfortable position having never been in this situation and, to complicate matters, lived almost 2,000 miles away in Chicago. From my very first phone conversation with Henry I was put at ease by his calm, knowledgeable and empathetic demeanor. He very plainly told me what to expect, gave an estimated timeline and clearly outlined the costs. He answered every question with the authority of someone with extensive experience. I was further buoyed when I met him in person several weeks later and felt my initial opinion confirmed.

    Not only was he an expert in Arizona elder law but his network of service providers proved to be extremely valuable. All through the process Henry was very responsive to questions I had and, from his experience, prepared me for the emotional turmoil that would inevitably ensue. Having a counselor with that depth of knowledge was key, especially when all eyes of your relatives are on you as you proceed with the conservator/ guardianship process for a family matriarch. All of the petitions and proceedings were expertly handled down to the finest detail. While this matter was upsetting and emotionally draining Henry served as a reassuring presence letting me know we were going down the right path.

    Just over two years have passed now and my aunt is doing well, is safe and happy in her new surroundings. Because of the distance I still use Henry to assist me in filing the state reports properly and on time. While we speak less frequently now Henry s still my first phone call when I have any questions or concerns regarding my aunt’s legal status or general welfare.

    To say that I and my family are pleased with the outcome is an understatement. There is simply no way this process would have gone as smooth as it did without Henry’s enormous skill, experience and reassuring presence.

  • Incredibly responsive, excellent service, reasonable rates

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    We needed an emergency guardianship/conservatorship for a relative with Alzheimers who was being swindled by an overseas lottery scam, and Mr. Wood had this in place within a few days from initial contact--amazing! His firm continued to provide excellent service throughout two years, and very smoothly handled the transfer of the guardianship/conservatorship to another state. We couldn't be more pleased with his responsiveness and service. He kept us informed every step of the way, and followed up with all the relatives to make sure all the paperwork was handled efficiently and thoroughly. And his rates were reasonable!

  • Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eric

    Although the circumstances under which I enlisted the services of Henry Wood were, at best, difficult, I cannot imagine having faced them without his guidance and expertise. We had known for years that my father's mental capacity was diminishing, much to the detriment of my mother (his wife of 70 years) who was caring not only for him, but for a 3500 square foot house as well. In August of 2013, I contacted Mr. Wood and began the process of assuming a Guardian/Conservator appointment for my father so we could move both of them to more suitable living conditions. Early in the process my father had an extreme Alzheimer's-related behavioral episode that made an emergency appointment absolutely necessary. Within 24 hours Mr. Wood had made all the court arrangements (which are unbelievably complicated) so the emergency appointment could be made. This was a huge accomplishment that only those who have faced similar circumstances can appreciate and it allowed me to make critical decisions that positively affected my parents' lives.

    Fast forward two and a half years later to today. I am now my father's permanent Conservator and Co-Guardian (with my brother). My family situation presents many personal and legal challenges. Not only does Mr. Wood respond to those challenges, he anticipates what will be needed in the future thereby reducing or avoiding costs. My mother passed away unexpectedly one month ago and I now have an additional working relationship with him involving probate. Mr. Wood is personable, respectful, considerate, caring, and above all, knowledgeable. I could not have managed my parents' previous or current affairs without him. I highly recommend Henry Wood and give him the strongest endorsement possible.

  • A Great Elder Law Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I've been a client of Henry Wood for over a year and he has surpassed all my expectations. Every time i call he answers the phone personally, I very rare thing to happen in anybody else's law practice. My dad was putting himself at risk of a major injury and even a lawsuit because he was buying and driving a car without a license. The first time i ever called him we were on the phone for at least half an hour during which he discussed all the possibilities regarding my dad's incompetency and cognitive disabilities. He was very clear about what he could do in regard to my dad and i decided he was right about thinking my dad should be made a ward of the state of Arizona. Henry and the state have since done all those things. Since that time i've had to contact Henry many times to get answers concerning my dad's finances and other personal matters. He has kept me informed of my responsibilities to the state and more importantly is always meeting the courts deadlines for audits, yearly budget and financial sustainability reports of my dads assets. I feel that Henry has been very compassionate and has met or exceeded all my expectations for what an elder law attorney's duties are. In short I would recommend Henry Wood as the go to guy for anyone with elder law issues in Arizona. He understands what children of elder parents worries are and has helped to make my life and the life of my father a better one.

  • Zero Compassion

    1.0 star

    Posted by Amy

    My father has suffered from multiple strokes in the past few years. The last stroke has been the most debilitating. He can no longer speak or write. My mother, while physically able has been debilitated mentally, for obvious reasons. I have taken over, as daughter, as guardian and as protector of all that is their's. I called Mr. Wood concerning my patents trust fund. I was not asking specifically, just wondering if I need to set up an appointment for my mother and I with a lawyer, like himself, to discuss legally what needs to be done with this trust, if, god forbid, my father were to pass away. Mr. Wood refused to listen to my initial concerns, and, for all intense purposes, hung up on me. I am a scared devastated daughter who was asking a simple, what I thought was, simple question and Mr. Wood sounded annoyed and frustrated with me after a 30 second conversation. Mr. Wood is rude and has zero compassion for the very people he claims to represent. I never take the time to write a review, good or bad. However, he just made me so upset, and even more terrified for my families future, that I felt the need to keep him from hurting anyone else. Thank you, Amy

  • Henry Wood is a very responsive lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    I first contacted Henry on Monday April 7th about an emergency conservator ship. Thursday April 9th we were in court with the issue resolved. Henry Wood is the most responsive lawyer i have ever worked with and i would definitely recommend him.