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Zalena M Kersting

Zalena Kersting’s reviews

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  • Thorough and Very Assertive

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ali

    Zalena is very knowledgeable in family law and knows how to direct herself in a manner that is conducive to winning in court. She is very assertive and well prepared with thorough questions to ensure a fair and just outcome. I would highly recommend her for anyone with family court issues.

  • Zalena Kersting~.An attorney who fights your case like you would!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by CC

    If your life depended on her, she can handle it! I called with an emergency default divorce attempt. She took me the same day and worked all night(after 11pm) to file a detailed response. Her attention to detail and listening skills was beyond commendation. Her ability to comprehend the complexity of my case was amazing in such a short time. It was not only beyond what three other attorneys in two different states could fully grasp, it was like she heard everything I explained to her with razor sharp clarity. My case involved more complex issues that needed a cautious approach to the response to the default filing. She handled it with great delivery in the details. As we dealt with the issues unique to my case, she was fully versed on my case and ready for battle when the case called for a 3 hour hearing to allow the judge to sift through the evidence. My case wasn't usual, cut and dry or easy to defend but, Zalena, unlike the experience I had with several attorneys across two states, didn't blink! Attorneys are not guaranteed to "win" a case for you. In fact, in my experience and research, I realize attorneys get you heard with the correct legal terminology but aren't a guarantee of a favorable outcome. What happens beyond that makes the real difference. With Zalena, you can expect research of cases that can have a direct impact on your outcome, the most minute details that could sway a thought process, the connection between how something is said and interpretation to reflect how you want the judge to view it, the character issues of the other party(even possibly their attorney) that affect how the evidence is presented(even in this no fault state) but most of all knowing the details of the case intimately enough to explain it as if it were her own situation/life. This is the real test of an attorney! With everything that I was faced with, when we waited for the judge to give the ruling, I knew Zalena did everything to help me be heard as if I was an attorney presenting my own case. I feel no one should give their lives to an attorney or any other professional and should be 100% part of the team but, just know that this attorney will show up with her 100% too. My spouse hired a shark! He was also extremely exceptional in the courtroom and with his preparation. My case was a victory but, not actually because the evidence suggested I was right in the details of the law. I feel somehow, in my attorneys attempts to relay not just the details but underlying behavior, the judge saw through the facade of the other party. The ruling should have had a favorable ruling for my spouse by technical laws but, it did have the ability to be ruled either way as well. I was victorious before the reading happened because the truth was presented and whatever the law interpreted it to mean, I knew Ms Kersting had taken care of business before and during court. While the ruling appeared to be going against me, I didn't have one regret, second thought or even small seed that Zalena was the best one to have achieved what I needed. After the findings were read to suggest the other party was technically correct, I was given a gift. No one wins in divorce but, the value of integrity and honesty should not be dismissed. "No fault" has reduced our ability for protection and respect as families and individuals but, all is not lost! The more someone does against you can and does count if you have a voice in the courtroom. Let Zalena Kersting be that voice! The judge ruled in my favor in the end because the details do matter! I almost missed the shift since my spouse was "legally" correct. Thanks Zalena for listening and conveying the details so professionally, eloquently and confidently! Ps...she did have to pull out the "boxing" gloves a little in the courtroom and did it with professionalism.

  • attorney review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I have been a client of Zalena Kersting for eight years. She has been great to work with over these years. There have been many issues with my ex-husband that have not been typical or normal in a divorce. Ms. Kersting has been great; staying on top of each situation in order to best represent me.