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DeeAn Gillespie Strub

Divorce and separation Attorney at Phoenix, AZ

4.8   19 reviews
  • Licensed for 38 years
    State AZ
    Acquired 1985
    Active Lawyer disciplined by state licensing authority in 2015

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 DeeAn loves nothing more than helping people and families, especially those who unfairly find themselves in a challenging legal situation. She is known for her compassion and her dogged determination on behalf of her clients.


YOU have no enemies, you say?

  Alas! my friend, the boast is poor;

He who has mingled in the fray

  Of duty, that the brave endure,

Must have made foes! If you have none,

Small is the work that you have done.

You’ve hit no traitor on the hip,

You’ve dashed no cup from perjured lip,

You’ve never turned the wrong to right,

You’ve been a coward in the fight.


My sixth grade teacher Mr. Hawks had us memorize poems. I chose this one, and I'm glad it's embedded in my mind. I've had to draw on it many times. I am constantly on the front lines, trying to make things right. I will undoubtedly draw some fire. I don't do it intentionally -- it's just part of the job. 




Client's Choice 2013,2012
Client's Choice
2013 2012

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4.8 / 5.0
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Client's Choice 2013
Client's Choice
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Posted by Sharon | July 16, 2013
If you need a GREAT attorney....DeeAn is the one for you!!
I wish there was a box higher than Excellent. She came HIGHLY recommended to me by two people I sister, a court reporter who has worked with DeeAn, and another friend who is a nurse/attorney. I showed up at DeeAn's office for our initial consultation scared, confused and all but broke. I left her office feeling confident and re-assured. Everything about DeeAn is "top shelf". She is professional, her work ethic and integrity is exemplary. Her compassion and dedication to her clients makes you feel well supported and confident you have the right person in your corner. I have NEVER found DeeAn, or anyone else in her office, that billed me incorrectly or unfairly. As a matter of fact, when my financial picture was looking really bleak, I spoke with Chris, the office mgr., and he conferred with DeeAn and I was able to work something out with them. I have never been to court or in a meeting where she was present representing me that she wasn't well prepared, courteous to all present, soft spoken and professional. I could go on and on, but in closing, DeeAn has my complete vote of confidence and I would recommend her to anyone needing her legal services. Look her up if you're needing someone in YOUR corner.
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Posted by Dave | July 4, 2012
I now have my daughters back!!
I could not recommend DeeAn enough, nor can I thank her enough, or say enough good about her work. Her professionalism and knowledge were off the charts. She was creative and effective both in court and in our pre-court planning meetings. When she took my case, she did so knowing that the deck was stacked against us. We had a judge who did not like me and had already ruled against me before. We were fighting to get my ex to bring my kids back to the state, and this was the same judge who had allowed my ex to leave the state with them already. DeeAn was aggressive when needed, and more subtle when the moment required, and was poised and in control at all times. My ex's attorney was incredibly antagonistic and is a master of confusion and twisting the truth to fit her agenda, but it never seemed to rattle DeeAn. I was always impressed with how she handled the smoke and noise coming from the opposition. My daughters and I will be eternally happy for the masterful help that DeeAn provided us.
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Posted by Nancy | September 25, 2021
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
Deean has heart and is 100% professional
Deean represented me in my child custody case in 1991. I was frightened and concerned that child's alcoholic father would be able to share custody. Deean walked me through what was necessary to protect my child and me and her kindness and sincerity kept my confidence high. With her help, I did retain sole custody and me ex was placed on supervised visitation of our then infant daughter. Currently my son was served with divorce paperwork which has devastated him . I reached out to Deean who quickly contacted me and guided my son through the initial steps. Today is Saturday and yet she took the time to respond quickly and gave my son clear advice and helped him to calm his broken heart. He will be meeting her on Monday. This lady is DEDICATED to her clients and has many years of experience!
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Posted by Heather | August 5, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Amazing Attorney and Law Firm
DeeAn and her paralegal Deborah are absolutely amazing. Throughout my issues during and following my divorce I have worked with a total of 5 different attorneys and by far DeeAn is the best! She is fierce, extremely knowledgeable and strives for the best outcome. Deborah, her paralegal was always available to me and was wonderful to work with. I highly recommend DeeAn Gillespie Strub.
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Posted by DFJ | October 13, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
DeeAn was able to get my children out of the clutches of DCS / CPS -Arizona Department of Child Safety
I praise GOD for leading me to this woman and her team. I had done everything DCS told me to do to get my kids, and still they didn't give them back. DCS so loved the Foster Family (whom I'm grateful to) DCS wanted to adopt my kids out to these nice strangers-I needed aggressive representation to fight for my children-DeeAn and her team are AMAZING. Although it took a while, it finally turned around and the Judge saw my children's best interest are to be with FAMILY-to be with ME. I still keep in touch with DeeAn and my team-we still have a very close relationship. I will never forget these genuine people that worked so hard to get my kids back where they belong. Thank you - I'm forever grateful
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Posted by anonymous | August 22, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
DeeAn is an excellent attorney
DeeAn helped me immensely post divorce. She responds quickly when you reach out to her. She's so knowledgeable and experienced. I felt comfortable and confident that my issues would get resolved with her as my advocate and they did. I would absolutely hire her again without hesitation.
Posted by dbt | November 20, 2014
DeeAn is a tireless advocate for her clients
DeeAn goes above and beyond for her clients compared to what I have seen other domestic relations attorneys do. I am a lawyer with 20+ years experience in trial work, and I observed in great detail DeeaAn's work for a mutual client. She helped the client beyond measure. DeeAn is very experienced and knowledgeable about the law and procedure, and she fights for her clients. And she prevails for her clients. DeeAn is a credit to the profession and anyone who hires her will be well served. Dan Treon
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Posted by Christine Thien-Romero | January 10, 2014
Child Custody and Support Modification
Deanne and her team were very understanding to my child custody issue. She is a wonderful representative of what is right and wrong! She handled my case with a fair assessment of the ex-husbands situation and my own. She was not swayed or faltered when it came to a good look at the laws regarding joint parenting. I see that there is a conduct issue but honestly Deanne is an honest and fair individual and attorney. She would not do something to break the law with intent to harm anyone especially her client. She helped me through the difficult times for 2 years and having to deal with an unstable and chaotic relationship to raise a child in. Deanne, Deborah, and team are a testament to what Justice represents not a failure of it. I have not lost Faith in her it has only been renewed by her knowledge of the law!
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Posted by Carolina | August 2, 2013
Your the BEST!
Deean Gillespie is the BEST! Thank you for getting my boys back to me. No other lawyer in AZ could do what Deean has done for my family. For court she is always prepared and ready to get started.Deean and her staff keep me informed and help me understand whats going on (that helps me to keep positive). Deean is a force to reckon with in the court room! I love the fact if I have a question or concern i get a call back even if its after hours. I thank GOD everyday for my family and for putting Deean in my path. Thank you Deean and GOD BLEES
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Posted by Jennifer | July 23, 2013
The Best!!
Hiring Deanne Gillespie was one of the best moves I've ever done in my life. Deanne is very understanding, supportive, organized, composed, thorough, and very intelligent. She knows what she's doing! Talk to her, be honest with her, give her everything that is needed for your case, DO your part as a client, trust her expertise in this field and you will never regret having Deanne. If you want the job done and win your case then you hire Deanne. If you want your lawyer to get eaten and be spit out repeatedly, then go somewhere else! Watch Deanne in court and you will understand why. I couldn't be more happier with Deanne (and Ms. Natalie Newell). Thank you both!!!
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Posted by Jake | July 17, 2013
Great Family Law Lawyer
DeAnn helped me with a divorce and custody matter, because of her diligence in my case we were able to reach an out of court settlement which worked in everyone's favor. She also worked with us to setup reasonable payments to pay her off after rendering her services. I still recommend DeAnn to anyone in Arizona with custody, divorce or Family law matters to this day...our divorce was 6 years ago.
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Posted by Chadwick | July 15, 2013
Faimily Attorney's do not get any better!
Well, when I called DeeAn, I had no rights at all. Was completely cut off from my son. I had been working with another attorney who was horrible. DeeAn scheduled to see me immediately, and by the end of our initial consultation I had a visit with my son the very next day! DeeAn is calm and deliberate. She is truly Passionate about helping people, and she is armed with one of the most pleasant, non confrontational voices I have ever heard. That, coupled with decades of experience in family law make her an ace in the court room. I am pleased to say that DeeAn was able to secure the best resolution possible in my case. The judge ruled in our favor on every single issue. In my opinion, you cannot do better than Deean Gillespie Strub! My case started out as the worst experience I had ever had. I am proud to say that DeeAn has became a family friend through what became a very positive process.
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Posted by James | July 12, 2013
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotle
DeeAn is an excellent lawyer. Her integrity, work ethic, compassion and dedication to her clients is extraordinary. Aristotle was right. DeeAn has made client satisfaction her top priority. In my case DeeAn handled a very acrimonious family law matter. The case took over two years and was finally resolved in my favor. Not only that, the judge, thanks to the excellent work by DeeAn and her team, was able to so clearly see the facts of the case I was awarded my court costs!!! Costs which ran into 6 figures!!! DeeAn's trial preparation was beyond anything I could have hoped for and her opening remarks using a multimedia approach set the tone for an overwhelming ruling in my favor. I cannot say enough about DeeAn and her firm. Perhaps the fact that I have referred 4 of my friends to her and they were all satisfied reflects positively on her skills. I could go on. Suffice it to say during one of the worst periods in my life; when I was so completely overwhelmed by what I was facing DeeAn came through for me on an incredibly personal and profoundly professional manner. DeeAn has my complete vote of confidence, is continuing to work on my behalf and if you are looking for a lawyer who will put your interests first, who will communicate openly, honestly and with integrity then please visit her and have a conversation. I did and as a result I have my life back.
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Posted by Gerry | July 9, 2013
Very Knowledgeable and a Great Advocate, She is a Fighter for What’s Right and Fair
I hired Deean after I felt I was getting nowhere with my first attorney. I had spent a lot of money with my first attorney and felt the only people getting any satisfaction was the attorneys and my soon to be ex-husband. When I hired Deean she understood my situation and I felt she truly cared. She got things headed in the right direction and got me a very generous ruling from the court. I am so thankful for all her hard work. Even though I know I was not the most easy client to work with at times she always seemed to get me back in focus and did a great job. Her staff is very friendly and knowledgeable also and they always let me know what was happening as thing can be overwhelming at times in the court system. I would highly recommend her and her law firm to all.
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Posted by MARTIN | March 11, 2011
She was a motivator to see my son again; She made it possible when she got the judge to force my ex-wife to take my son to reunification therapy every two weeks! That was great!
Posted by Janet | August 28, 2010
caring, dedicated and very intelligent
I've know this lawyer for almost 20 years; DeeAn has helped me on three cases...from contract child support and visitation rights. She loves to help her clients, is a savvy lawyer, and is persistent in her work and her staff is accessible and very responsive. I'm not sure what I would have done without her!!
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Posted by Daniel | August 28, 2010
Undeniably Passionate, Professional and Trustworthy
In June 2007, due to my fiancée’s addiction to alcohol and lack of trust with her parents, I was forced to file emergency custody. To my surprise with all the evidence I had to support my emergency, I was denied and a hearing date was set on the matter. A few weeks later I received a letter from newly appointed opposing counsel that stated horrific allegations stating I was very inappropriate with my two month old daughter, reasons why my child’s best interest is to not be alone with me and my inability to be a parent. I quickly realized that my in-laws were funding this madness. I knew I had a long road ahead of me. At 25 years old and very limited funds my only option was to find a cheap attorney, I found her. Make a long story short, my attorney was in the wrong carrier field, the judge ordered me to take a physcosematic sexual exam and I was ordered visitation two hours every other weekend with a court ordered supervisor that I had to pay for. This visitation went on for 18 months. I hired another attorney who specialized in typing left to right, and charging me for it. I can’t express in words how defeated, picked apart and alone I felt. For months I searched, called and met with attorneys who all left me feeling hopeless and broke. I will never forget when I stumbled on DeeAn Gillespie’s website. I called and spoke with her for about 15-20 min. To my surprise I could tell DeeAn was listening to me. She spoke to me like she truly cared about the pain I was enduring and she gave me hope. The first time I met with DeeAn was a change in the tide. Her professional attitude and knowledge of family law uplifted me from feeling broken, hopeless and defeated. To feeling like a warrior preparing for battle. For the first time in 20 months I knew I was getting my daughter back. DeeAn stood by me and fought tooth and nail and in only three months I was awarded Sole custody of my daughter. The war wasn’t over though; opposing counsel watched me like a hawk, making sure I did everything the court ordered me to do. And for the past year they have jumped on every opportunity they could to get custody or destroy my character and every time they tried DeeAn would smash them down. I am still battling with them but I feel secure in the fact that DeeAn will always be there for me. I no longer fear going into court. DeeAn is my guardian angel, I truly feel that way. No one in my life has shown me so much compassion, faithfulness, and love. I know DeeAn truly cares about me and my family. Without DeeAn I would not have Sole custody of both my children. Words can’t describe how much I truly appreciate her.
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Posted by Ken | June 3, 2010
Exceptional character, intelligence and effectiveness
I was angry. My previous employer owed me thousands in back wages and then let me go. This firm counseled me, negotiated the best settlement I could expect, saved me time and was very frugal with my money. Honest attorneys -- what a surprise! Now I know where to return if I need any kind of legal assistance.
Posted by Mike | May 16, 2013
DeeAn handled my divorce case 3 years ago and she was terrible from the beginning...I felt like I was always chasing her and her office staff for information...We sat before the Judge and agreed to mediate the divorce....after the mediation meeting held in June and all the details were agreed upon that took over 9 months to finalize my divorce.....I called several times with questions like ...where are we at in the process? What are we doing next? When will the divorce be final? I thought that was the job of the attorney to keep their clients informed?? The only thing consistent you'll find here is her bill in your mailbox ...When we left court after one of our appearances I walked down the hall with DeeAn and we discussed the cost to finalize everything....we agreed on $2000 - I continued to get bill after bill for $3500+ do not trust her word...get everything in writing.... Chris Phillips her office manager or collection guy was terrible too...he continued to try to collect the full amount and 2-3 times I told him what DeeAn and I discussed...I held off paying her until I was able to negotiate a settlement I could live with....The only person worth a damn in the office is Shelia Cartwright - she was professional and did have good info when I spoke with her....I think DeeAn takes on too many cases and fails to give her clients the attention they deserve....I wouldn't recommend her to my worst enemy.....Do yourself a favor and save yourself the headache, find a different attorney...
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AVVO RATING 8.9 (Excellent)

Professional misconduct

This lawyer was disciplined by a state licensing authority in 2015.

Reprimand issued in AZ, 2015
updated on 05/13/2016

This means the attorney did something wrong, but the Bar did not suspend the lawyer. Typically in this case the lawyer's poor behavior is exposed to the public in hopes that he or she will not repeat the behavior.

Probation issued in AZ, 2012
updated on 08/19/2014

Probation means an attorney did something wrong but may still practice law. The State monitors the lawyer's activities for a period of time in hopes that he or she will not repeat the behavior.

DeeAn's comment: “Two minor technicalities occurring within a short period of time gave rise to the probation, which does not reflect my dedication to doing good within the rule of law. I promptly complied with all provisions of the probation, going above and beyond. To ensure the firm's commitment to practicing law within the bounds of Arizona Supreme Court ethical rules, the firm voluntarily of its own accord conducted two separate internal CLEs focusing on the entire scope of the Arizona rules of ethics.”

Work Experience

  • Founder and Owner
  • Gillespie, Shields, Durrant & Goldfarb
  • 1985 - Present
  • Founder and Co-Owner
  • The Marshall Gallery of Fine Art
  • 1999 - 2016


  • Brigham Young University - J. Reuben Clark Law School
  • JD - Juris Doctor
  • 1984
  • Brigham Young University
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts
  • 1978

Sample of Legal Cases

  • In re Marriage of Waldren
  • Dusold v. Porta-John Corp.
  • Johns v. Arizona Dept. of Economic Sec.
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  • Maricopa County Bar Association
  • Member
  • 2016 - Present
  • J. Reuben Clark Law Society
  • Member
  • 2000 - Present
  • United States Supreme Court
  • Admitted to Practice
  • 1994 - Present
  • State Bar of Arizona
  • Attorney
  • 1985 - Present
  • Arizona Federal District Court
  • Admitted to Practice
  • 1985 - Present
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Languages Spoken

  • English

Honors and Awards

  • Award of Appreciation
  • Black Board of Directors Project
  • 2016
  • Distinguished Service Award
  • J. Reuben Clark Law Society
  • 2014
  • Certified Specialist - Family Law
  • State Bar of Arizona
  • 2010


  • Arizona Divorce Handbook
  • Arizona Divorce Handbook
  • 2013

Speaking Engagements

  • CLE with co-presenters John Herrick, Bob Jensen and Stacy Click
  • Principles of Business Valuation in Divorce
  • 2015
  • Women in the Law
  • Panel speaker
  • 2013
  • National Business Institute
  • Financial Divorce Settlements from Start to Finish
  • 2013
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Community Property
  • 2012
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Business Law
  • 1985
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Unknown Attorney | Nov 18
Relationship: Worked for lawyer
"I endorse this lawyer."
Unknown Attorney | Nov 18
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"I endorse this lawyer."
Unknown Attorney | Nov 12
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Family Attorney | Oct 23
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"I endorse this lawyer."
Family Attorney | Oct 17
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"I endorse this lawyer."
Family Attorney | Oct 09
Relationship: Co-worker
"DeeAn is among the very best attorneys practicing in the valley today. Her tenacious advocacy for her clients’ rights coupled with her extensive legal knowledge and wealth of experience make her unique among her peers."
Divorce and separation Attorney | Oct 09
Relationship: Worked for lawyer
"DeeAn is one of the most accomplished and powerful courtroom lawyers I have ever had the privilege of knowing."
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Phoenix Divorce and separation Lawyer DeeAn Gillespie Strub
DeeAn Gillespie Strub
Divorce and separation Attorney
Phoenix, AZ
Licensed for 38 years
This lawyer was disciplined by a state licensing authority in 2015. See details