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Joshua Paul Eldredge

Family Attorney at South Jordan, UT

4.7   15 reviews

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About Joshua

Learn Joshua’s areas of practice.

Practice areas
  1. Adoption

  2. Child custody

  3. Child support

  4. Divorce and separation
    Family law is the primary focus of my legal practice. Family law consists of divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, spousal support/alimony, adoption, paternity, and guardianship/conservatorship. My fundamental focus is to do everything in my power to get my clients to the best emotional and financial state possible upon completion of my representation.

    12 years, 250 cases

  5. Family

Joshua Eldredge had the opportunity to grow up all over the country due to his father serving as a F-16 fighter pilot in the Air Force. Because of the diverse interactions, Joshua quickly learned how to connect and gain the trust of those around him.  Developing those strong relationships allowed him to see the importance of being able to bring peace of mind to those who are facing difficult family challenges. This opportunity helped him begin his journey in wanting to become a family law attorney.


While in law school, Joshua served as President of the J. Ruben Clark Law Society and was the Treasurer of the Family Law Society.  In addition to these accomplishments, Joshua also graduated cum laude from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego CA. 


With strong family roots to Utah, after graduating law school, Joshua returned to Utah to begin his family law practice. It his personal goal to be able to ease the burden for his clients, enter into that vulnerable state with them and provide them with efficiency, peace, and trust.  


Apart from his professional passions, Joshua also enjoys traveling and engrossing himself in other cultures. He loves to play almost any sports, and has many interests including: road cycling, skiing, snowboarding, triathlons, reading, flying, wake boarding, water-skiing, camping, hiking, surfing, golfing, football, baseball, basketball, and more.

State UT
Status Disciplinary - Suspension
Acquired 2013
Updated 03/10/2023

This lawyer was disciplined by a state licensing authority in 2021. See details

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4.7 / 5.0
  15 customer reviews
5 Star
4 Star
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1 Star
Posted by Pam | October 8, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Divorce and Termination of Parental Rights
Josh represented my son in a difficult divorce then termination of parental rights of the mother of his son. Being a father is an uphill battle to get rights terminated but Josh was amazing in court. He has a calm demeanor yet is a bulldog in his questioning. Because of Josh, we won the case and my son is in a stable family home. I can't thank him enough.
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Posted by Deserie | July 19, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Awesome Attorney
Josh was recommendeded to me by a friend to help me through a child custody modification of my original divorce decree, which required mediation. I felt Josh was very on top of things. (Even though my ex's attorney was not!) In mediation, I felt Josh really cared for, listened, and made sure to address all my concerns. He really fought and went to bat for me, and wouldn't let me settle for anything unfair asked of the other side...even when I very easily would have. His integrity is unmatched, and his knowledge of family law is extensive. Very detail oriented, compassionate and patient. Great guy to have on your side. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone!!!
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Posted by Bren | January 15, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
I could not have been more please with Josh as my attorney. He went above and beyond to help and fight for me. Josh was ration, logical and methodical. We delivered results because of those traits. I refer him to others and will use him for anything in the future.
Posted by Kelli T. | August 2, 2015
Like family
I hired Josh even though I live out of state as he was the only attorney who I felt actually listened to my situation and showed genuine compassion. As my as has case progressed, Josh showed me that not only is he knowledgeable, but he is also very confident in his abilities and rightfully so. Just when I didn't think that he could do anything more as an attorney he proved me wrong! He genuinely took the time to make sure that I was able to feel independent and had the opportunity to speak for myself. I am severely hard of hearing and cannot use a telephone without a translator(I don't use TDD /TTY). Josh knew and didn't rush me or make me pay double for his time. My case is still ongoing and I couldn't have a finer young man beside me to represent my interests while remembering what's at stake. As a family man himself, he takes that feeling of being a parent with him when he is helping with custody issues. If you want a GREAT attorney, you have hit the jackpot with him!
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Posted by Tom | July 16, 2015
Good man
Having your entire life laid out there for everyone to see is pretty hard to swallow. Admitting your wrongs is even harder. Josh was great at being nonjudgmental, kind, compassionate and understanding. He knew the law and argued to the death, but was respectable the entire time. I was speechless. I'm surprised anyone would write a poor review against him. Who it was probably is having a hard time facing their mistakes and is just trying to find someone to blame. All I know is that Josh is a good man.
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Posted by anonymous | July 14, 2015
Josh and his assistant are amazing. I couldn't have picked a better team to help me with my divorce case. I plan on using Josh as my attorney for everything, if he'll let me. To find someone as caring and trustworthy as Josh is hard to come by these days. You're in great hands with this attorney.
Posted by anonymous | July 13, 2015
I'll be the first to admit that attorneys scare me. You don't know what type of quality work you're going to get until after the fact. What I learned with Josh as my attorney is that he is only one piece of the puzzle. People often think "I'm right" and with the presumption also think they know what a judge or commissioners decision is going to be. Unfortunately, the court doesn't work that way and every case is different no matter how similar some details may be. What Josh gave me was trust, honest expectations, flexibility, understanding, empathy, guidance, and the best outcome possible given my situation. Attorneys aren't God's, they're people. Josh gave it his best and that's what I cared about. He was on my side and fought every step of the way. I could not have asked for a better attorney on my side.
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Posted by Troy S. Beck | July 13, 2015
Saint and a Scholar
This young man stepped into a very difficult situation without hesitation. It is my belief and experience that without his assistance on our case, we would have continued to have our voices ignored and would not have been able to survive financially and continue our fight for our children . Our case is one of the more difficult family Law cases an attorney will ever come in contact with. Attorney Eldredge showed that not only is the law important, but compassion, mercy and the willingness to fight for your right as a human being is essential to the survival of our country's perception of checks and balances. Joshua Paul Eldredge is more than an attorney. He is an honest, gracious soul with the intent of helping anyone he can. He is not an attorney that lives off of retainers. He follows through for what is right, enduring to the end demanding proper solution and answers for the misunderstood portions of family law. My family is looking forward to utilizing his extreme knowledge and skills in family law as we approach our time to be heard in court again. I was married to a paralegal of extreme stature for 13 years until her death in 2001, (therefore knowing and associating with some very prominent Lawyers professed in all areas), and in all that time, knowing all those attorneys, Attorney Josh Eldredge is by far one the most admirable people I have ever come in contact with in my 47 years of life. Please hear me when I say, if your in a very difficult position involving family law, DCFS, the courts and others may direct you to those advertising for the need of enlarging their client list, but do nothing until you seek the advice of Attorney Eldredge. He will tell you straight out what is about to happen and see you through to the best possible result in your given situation. Thanks for all your Help Mr. Eldredge, and thank you AVVO for the opportunity for me to share the blatant truth. T.S. Beck
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Posted by Dave | July 8, 2015
Josh helped me with defining some of the meanings in our HOA governing documents. He gave me a very professional letter quoting state and case law that cleared up a lot of misconceptions about our governing documents.
Posted by Amber | July 8, 2015
Nervous at first
I spent a lot of time looking at reviews for lawyers for my situation, and for the most part each person I looked at had fairly good reviews. I was nervous picking someone but I ended up meeting with Josh, and was instantly confident in my decision of meeting with him; Josh is kind and passionate about helping his clients. Upon meeting him I felt comforted on his confidence in helping me and my case. In the experience I've had with working with him I have not had any issues getting in touch with him or his assistant, I have felt comforted through each step of the process and he has kindly answered all the questions I've had. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a family law lawyer!
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Posted by anonymous | July 7, 2015
Child custody case
We used Josh and his office for a change child custody case. Josh and his team were very informative and really helped us out. They made great use of my time and theres. I appreciate having a law office I can not only trust bit refer to others.
Posted by Matthew | June 18, 2015
Fathers Rights in Utah
Utah is not father friendly when it comes to custodial rights, and it can be very frustrating. Josh Eldredge committed to helping me gain equal custodial rights of my 3 year old daughter in November of 2014. Josh developed a plan to allow me to seek custody. Within six months of starting the process we were victorious in court. When choosing a lawyer I have learned that it is important to look for the following characteristics. 1. A broad knowledge of family law. 2. Honesty with their client. 3. Responsiveness to their client. 4. Understanding and caring of the client’s situation. 5. Patients and ability to listen. Josh has proven to me that he has all of those characteristics and more. Out of frustration with the pace of the court system I exploded on Josh a few times. Josh always listened to my complaints, and would calm me down. I felt that Josh truly cared for both myself and my family, and understood how helpless the Family Court System in Utah can make a father feel. Josh was always there to jump in on my behalf or sometimes just listen. I give very few recommendations, but I would not hesitate to recommend Josh Eldredge to anyone.
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Posted by Melissa Fitzgerald | March 6, 2015
Lifelong Client
Most incredible experience I've ever had with an attorney. Regardless of the reason for the need to retain any legal advisory, most cases are extremely sensitive, even tragic. The care and attention your case may need will be met, starting with the staff and secretary all the way to the truly genuine care of this amazing attorney. My business will forever be here, forever thankful to have found Joshua, Thanks to Utah Family Law Group Lifelong client The Fitzgerald Family
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Posted by Mele K.N. Hardman | May 28, 2014
Outstanding Attorney
Joshua Eldredge is someone everyone should hire who is in need of an attorney. Apart from his professional and trust worthy demeanor, Josh is able to connect with client’s in providing them with the utmost confidence in his abilities to handle their case efficaciously. Not only is Josh knowledgeable in his specialized areas of law, but he also illustrates any process clearly and is very easy to work with. As I have worked with Josh over the years, his tenacity is unmatched but delivered with outstanding quality work. I highly admire the efficiency in which Josh and his team handle their cases and recommend him as a great and reliable attorney.
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Posted by Toni | February 9, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Poor Representation, Lack of Communication, High price to Pay
I hired Joshua Eldredge at the beginning of December, apprising him of the difficulty of this case. My husband was very controlling, and abusive, and would fight us on every point. He said he was very confident he could handle it. Mid December I warned him my husband had moved out, and that he threatened to take my car and possessions, and put our house up for sale. I emailed, called, and texted my concerns, telling him exactly where and when to serve him, but things seemed to be dragging out badly. Joshua knew my husband had drained all of our money from our accounts and hired an attorney in October, and had an agenda unknown to me. I had to pay on credit. I told Joshua I had planned on leaving out of state for the holiday's for two weeks, and I wanted him to be served by then, as I was worried about leaving my property and house, and I wanted some kind of order in place saying he couldn't take my things. I even called him from my layover in Denver to try to reach him again before taking off, begging him to get the paperwork done and serve him. After arriving, I called or texted, and left messages every day to find out if he'd been served, but didn't even get an acknowledgment of my communication. He called once to say he needed a form filled out to file the petition, and I gave him the information in 5 minute, and again, the petition was supposed to be served before I returned. When I returned from my trip on January 6th, there was a lockbox on my door, with no notice from anyone. I called the realtor to take it off, and called and emailed Josh, once again not able to reach him. Again, I told him I needed the petition filed, as he would my husband would be very angry I had the lock box taken off, but still nothing happened. On Sunday, January 10th, my husband stole my car from a church parking lot after I entered, than proceeded along with several coworkers/friends, to strip the house I had possession of, of everything valuable. Big screen t.v. AND mount were taken off the wall, huge sectional couch, and all of our other possessions acquired during the marriage, and 1/2 of my personal possessions from before the marriage were gone. The snowblower was gone, during one of the heaviest snowfalls in years, and I was left with my boys to dig out 3 feet of snow to get out of our driveway each day. The police were called to both places, but said they couldn't do anything as it was a domestic issue. I was told the next day my husband sold the car, and put the rest in storage. Joshua spent the next week trying to get the opposing attorney to accept the service, and she said she would, but his trust was put in the wrong person, and she never confirmed the service, so any motion we tried to file after that would be denied because they needed proof of service of the petition for divorce first. Joshua finally told me opposing attorney emailed proof of service, but when I checked a week ago, there was still nothing filed with the court showing proof of service. So, again, nothing has been achieved to make my case go forward, yet I received a bill on January 12 saying most of my $2500 retainer was gone, and I needed to deposit another $3000 to keep him working on my case. Joshua knew I had limited resources, and was counting on a temporary order. Within a day I was sent a contract for services, they apparently forgot to have me sign. I was horrified when I read in the contract that I was expected to know all important dates in my case, and make sure no filings were missed, even repeatedly calling or visiting the office to make sure everything was in order = (more money) WHAT!!!!! I hired an attorney so I didn't have to do that. Now I'm starting from behind correcting the errors made in the petitions myself, so a new attorney can take over. I wrote him a letter citing my disappointment last week, and he hasn't even responded. I've had several attorneys in my life. THIS ONE WAS A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! :(
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Response from Joshua Eldredge May 9, 2016
Toni, I am deeply sorry for the difficult situation your husband put you in. I did everything in my power to represent you to the best of my ability. However, your review is unfair because almost all of it is factually inaccurate or twisted to come across negatively. I have sent you an email giving you a line by line break down as to the factual inaccuracies of your review and asked you to please take it down. As you can see by the positive reviews I've received by other clients of mine, as well as the fact that in 2015 I received the award, "Top Ten Client Satisfaction Award for Utah," and then being nominated for that same award in 2016, and also receiving the Client Satisfaction designation from this very website(AVVO), my clients are very happy with the work I perform for them.
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  • Hourly Rates $ 180-225 per hour
Payment methods
Cash, Check, Credit Card


AVVO RATING 5.7 (Average)

Professional misconduct

This lawyer was disciplined by a state licensing authority in 2021.

Public Reprimand issued in UT, 2021
updated on 03/01/2022

This means the attorney did something wrong, but the Bar did not suspend the lawyer. Typically in this case the lawyer's poor behavior is exposed to the public in hopes that he or she will not repeat the behavior.

Work Experience

  • Attorney
  • Pearson, Butler & Carson PLLC
  • 2014 - Present
  • Attorney/Owner
  • Utah Family Law Group PLLC
  • 2013 - 2017
  • Family Law Clerk
  • Law Office of Deborah Mandalay Holme
  • 2011 - 2012


  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law
  • JD - Juris Doctor
  • 2013
  • Utah Valley University
  • Business Degree
  • 2010

Legal Cases

  • Custody/Divorce
  • Mother has full custody


  • Utah State Bar, Family Law Section
  • Member
  • 2013 - Present
  • Utah State Bar, Estate Planning Section
  • Member
  • 2013 - Present
  • J. Reuben Clark Law Society
  • President
  • 2012 - 2013
  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law Family Law Society
  • Treasurer
  • 2011 - 2012
View all associations

Languages Spoken

  • English

Honors and Awards

  • Top 10 Attorney Under 40 Award for the state of Utah
  • National Academy of Family Law Attorneys, Inc.
  • 2015
  • 10 Best Client Satisfaction
  • American Institute of Family Law Attorneys
  • 2015
  • Cum Laude
  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law
  • 2013
  • Student of Excellence Award
  • Utah Valley University
  • 2010
View all awards

Speaking Engagements

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Benefits of Having an Estate Plan as Part of a Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • 2015

Attorney endorsements

Received (11)
Given (19)
Endorse Joshua
Divorce and separation Attorney | Jun 12
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"Work against Josh on a couple cases. He was always great to work with. Smart. Nice. Always looked out for his clients and did well by them."
Family Attorney | Nov 26
Relationship: Co-worker
"Thumbs up."
Family Attorney | Nov 11
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer. Josh is hardworking and strives to find the best solution for each of his cases."
Family Attorney | Jan 15
Relationship: Co-worker
"I endorse this lawyer."
Family Attorney | Dec 08
Relationship: Co-worker
"Josh is a charismatic attorney who enjoys protecting the rights of his clients."
Family Attorney | Feb 17
Relationship: Co-worker
"I endorse this lawyer. Josh is a hard-working, ambitious, knowledgeable, and amiable lawyer. He has impressed me with his ability to handle a full caseload while keeping clients informed, happy, and cared for. Josh is a great asset to our firm and we're glad to have him here."
Family Attorney | Dec 22
Relationship: Co-worker
"I endorse this lawyer."
Family Attorney | Dec 22
Relationship: Supervised lawyer
"I endorse this lawyer. Josh cares about each client he represents, and dedicates the time and attention needed for every client. He is knowledgeable and skilled, and provides an exceptional level of customer service to his clients. Josh presents himself professional and capably in court, and has established respect with the Court and his fellow lawyers."
Family Attorney | Jun 14
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse Joshua. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community."
Family Attorney | Jan 29
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer."
Divorce and separation Attorney | Jan 29
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"I have spent many hours with Josh working on different matters. He is trustworthy and knowledgeable. I endorse this lawyer."
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Estate planning
Estate planning
Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Estate planning
Bankruptcy and debt
Bankruptcy and debt
Personal injury
Estate planning
Chapter 7 bankruptcy
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