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M Patricia Marrison

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  • Don't save money when it's an important case

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I used this firm simply because they were affordable and close to work. I was billed excessively and I was not pleased with the service. I was reportedly referred to different attorneys or paralegals instead of my primary attorney and I did not feel like anyone actually knew my case or cared.

  • Careful, efficient, strategic representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    The Marrison Law Firm has represented me in an excruciating, ongoing family law matter for over 2 years now. Their legal staff is very consistent with providing professional, thorough, patient, detailed and prompt action as needed. They patiently answer my questions, and I typically have a lot of them. I have been so grateful to have an attorney, Pat (and support staff), that is very experienced and still genuinely cares about how my family members lives are affected with the court case issues. There is always careful, efficient, strategic consideration every time we file a motion (and there have been many motions). The other party has been very aggressive and relentless. Pat has remained undaunted, always calm and still ready to win the legal battles at hand. KUDOS to the Marrison Law Firm, my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

  • never ever use this firm

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    This was my second attorney. The first one told my ex wife's attorney I would pay for everything. I spent above $45000 with Marrison Law Firm. They were horrible. They did nothing for me but cost me alot of money. On July 30 I was going to a final hearing for my divorce. On July 2, I was told by Marrison they were no longer going to be my attorney. This was a friday before the 4th July holiday weekend. On July 5 they failed to show for my mediation. On July 6 they failed to show to my contempt hearing and in fact the attorney was in Castle Rock in another mediation which must be planed well in advance. The Judge while in court called Marrison. This is when I learned my attorney was not showing up for my criminal aspect of my case. I also learned they never served my ex wife with contempt and later stated I told them not to. On July 20 is when the Judge release Marrison Law Firm from my case at 1640 hours on a friday. Marrison Law did nothing when my ex wife's attorney called my empolyer accusing of committing a felony, and demanded I be fired from my job. Marrison did nothing when Gasper Law Group failed to give required documents as ordered by the judge in the correct time frame. Marrison did nothing when banks were court ordered to give all account info to us then turned around a month later and said oooh we found the account info. My ex wife knew of the accounts and refused to divulge the info and was in contempt for filing a false financial statement (3 times during the case). Marrison did nothing when I repeatedly asked them to get a forensic accountant. In the end of June they finally talked to one. Marrison charged me over $400 to deliver the files to the accountant. When Marrison was confronted as to why it took so long all she said was it was too late. Marrison failed to file a trial management certificate or present to the court a witness list for testimony,file proper responses to oppossing counsel. It is my opinion they had NO intention of going to the final hearing on my behalf. They also never assisted me in finding a new attorney as required. To top all of this off Marrison is suing me for another $12000. Because of their horrible representation I lost my children, have very little time with them,spent another $15000 to get new attorney, lost 60% of my retirement. I had to scramble to find an attorney to take my case and 2 days prior to my final hearing i hired a new one. Oh and the judge refused me an extention. Oh to top it all off an attorney with Marrison who wrote their letter to the judge to be released from my case was hired on with Gapser Law Group(ex wife's attorney)

  • Such caring staff and on a mission to save you money!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Had some family troubles with a child custody case, though we did not need to hire a lawyer (because they were there to ensure we would save money!), the staff and paralegals worked closely with us to ensure we were doing the right thing in order to be prepared for the outcome! Didn't cost us a dime just to have them walk us through the legal aspects of our case and they were persistent on calling us back and talking us through each and every time!