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  • Tough child custody case

    5.0 stars

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    I found Terry Ross to be an exemplary lawyer and an individual with the highest personal ethics. Ms Ross represented me during a very difficult divorce and custody case. My son has special needs and needed a unique presentation to the court. The case lasted a long time, in total more than 2 years, mostly due to my ex-wife's perpetually arguing attorneys and her marked instability. They would not negotiate for reasonable parenting responsibilities or acknowledge her behaviors. My ex-wife was unable to maintain a residence of any length of time, committed felony fraud on multiple occasions, lied pathologically, had suicidal ideation, and partook in numerous other miscreant criminal behaviors.

    The case was quite complex and at one point needed an emergency restriction of parenting time due to the potential danger my son was in with his mother. This resulted in supervised visits for my son with his mother, and an additional court appointed evaluation.

    In total we had two court ordered evaluations by doctoral level psychologists with many years experience. The first evaluation was excellent and made reasonable recommendations. Unfortunately this evaluation happened prior to the emergency restriction. After the emergency action we needed to undergo a second evaluation from a different evaluator. The second evaluation, however, was very poorly done and even though it made recommendations that restricted parenting time for my ex-wife, her time was not restricted enough. The second evaluator overlooked my sons special needs, seemed to ignore my ex-wife's extensive criminal behavior, and dismissed a psychiatric 'hold' where for 72 hours my ex-wife was under constant observation and treatment at a local psychiatric hospital for suicidal actions.

    To overcome the recommendations of the second evaluation Ms Ross, in court, needed to demonstrate the aspects of the evaluation that made it poor and convince the judge that it was not restrictive enough. In Colorado this is no easy feat, if not impossible. She did it though, and with tremendous affect. The arguments never once crossed an ethical line and she presented the facts and witnesses of the case as they were and very professionally. My ex-wife was eventually diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (and I would bet eventually she will be diagnosed anti-social as well). The judge commented that this was the most difficult case he has ever heard, and made very thoughtful decisions which drastically reduced her parenting time. She has since left my sons life entirely, which sounds horrible, but my son has never been better and has grown tremendously.

    I do not believe this would have happened with any other attorney. Ms Ross's experience with tough child law cases showed, and I am extremely grateful for her very skillful handling of this case.