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Robert E. Abrams

Robert Abrams’s reviews

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  • Good Lawyer

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    It is my pleasure to recommend Robert Abrams of Abrams & Associates, LLC as a family lawyer. Outstanding results! Abrams is an excellent family and divorce attorney. Mr. Abrams handled my child custody matter professionally, honestly and successfully. Through his experience and expertise, he produced unparalleled results in the matter and let me keep custody of my son.

    Mr. Abrams decade of experience as a trial lawyer resonates through his practice. His endless perseverance for a quality outcome for his clients sets him apart from other lawyers. Mr. Abrams had my and my son’s best interests at heart and I would seek his assistance again in any legal matter. Abrams & Associates, LLC are great lawyers.

    He saved my son, and I will never forget that.


    Hired attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jill

    I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU so very much Robert! Our situation was an ongoing nightmare that lasted for 18 months. We contracted with a design company and it did not perform. Unfortunately, they refused to refund our money and refused to work with us on another solution. Long story short, according to the company, we were not going to get any money back. We contacted Abrams & Associates and within just two weeks we reached a settlement! We are so VERY GRATEFUL to Robert! He did an amazing job analyzing our documents and got the company to cooperate. And, everyone we spoke with at the office was SUPER nice! I would absolutely recommend Robert to my friends and family. We really appreciate all he did for us.

  • Abrams Referral

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kevin

    I was referred to Robert Abrams for a post-divorce issue involving child support and parenting time and was extremely pleased with Robert’s abilities, especially in court. Robert keeps his client’s best interests in mind and is reasonable with his fees. I can’t recommend him enough for post-divorce issues.

    I also retained Robert for a personal injury matter, which he handled at the same time as my divorce. He was a pit bull in helping me get a favorable settlement. He practically foams at the mouth while chewing up the other attorneys.

    The firm is very helpful, efficient and communicative. If I need any legal help in the future, I’ll go back to them. Highly recommended, talented attorneys.

    Dr. Kevin Christ

  • Client for Life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dusty

    I would like to express my gratitude to attorney Robert Abrams and his staff for their professionalism and affordability. Paying attorney fees can be very expensive. Mr. Abrams made sure to keep his costs down while doing an excellent job in my divorce. He also handled the entire real estate issue for me as well. I previously had a bad attorney who was incompetent; I paid the price dearly in time and money.

    Abrams & Associates took a bad situation for me and turned it around in my favor. After changing attorneys I began to win, whereas before changing, I lost all issues. There is no doubt if I had not changed counsel I would have lost my case.

    I believe if Robert Abrams were my attorney from the very start, things would have gone better for me. I paid top dollar to an attorney who didn't seem to care about my situation and I felt bullied and harassed by all parties and counsel, including my own. Robert stepped in, stopped the bullying and began winning on all issues. What a difference the lawyer can make!

    Robert is aggressive with the opposition but not with his clients. Robert is fair, helpful and altruistic. His quality of representation is second to none. It is no surprise he is so successful! A lot of businessmen and women, including me, can learn a lot from Mr. Abrams. His work ethic is that of a champion, and his skill level makes him a master of the game. Robert really does all that he can for his clients to win and make it affordable.

    You know you have a great attorney when you're thinking, "He was a little hard on her," (referring to my ex-wife) when your previous attorney looked at you during mediation and said, "She's just trying to survive." No joke! I still can't believe he said that!

    If you become Mr. Abrams' client, listen to him, trust him and do what he tells you. This is important because he thinks and acts fast. There is always a reason behind his thinking (it's called strategy), and it becomes crystal clear what he's doing through the process.

    When I found Robert Abrams, I found the best! I will be an Abrams & Associates client for life!

  • Abrams is Top-Notch

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Aaron

    I just want to thank Robert and his team for all their hard work. My construction company is so glad to have this matter closed and behind us. Because of Robert’s superb negotiating skills, our business dispute settled and we avoided further litigation and expenses. He really has his clients’ best interests in mind when he goes to bat for them. If you live in Colorado and are experiencing a business dispute, turn to Robert Abrams. Abrams & Associates is a top-notch firm and I would recommend them to anyone. --Aaron Muhonen, President, CFP Construction

  • Abrams is a Winner!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lane

    Through Robert’s experience and expertise in construction and business law, he reached an exceptional settlement in my case. His experience and confidence in construction defect, contract law and business law make him an outstanding trial lawyer. Mr. Abrams wants what’s best for his clients and is straightforward and honest. His knowledge and diligence are both evident in his practice and results. We were astounded by our settlement without going to trial.

    Abrams & Associates, LLC is a law firm I would turn to again. I highly recommend them. They really know what they’re doing and how to produce results in construction, real estate and business law.

  • Integrity and Expertise

    5.0 stars

    Posted by J Panday

    Robert’s understanding of the law and prompt attention to all of my questions or concerns made him easy to work with. He knows what he’s talking about and he is always available to talk to. It would truly be a mistake not to turn to Abrams & Associates for any business or real estate issues.

  • Great Lawfirm!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by N. Fairchild

    I highly recommend Abrams & Associates. They are skilled lawyers and produce great results. This is truly an exceptional law firm and Mr. Abrams is a very capable lawyer.

    Abrams & Associates is a small firm, but they make up for it through their aptitude, efficiency and experience. Their expertise is apparent in their practice and in the results they produced for me.

    Mr. Abrams was very hands on in my case and consulted with me about every decision. He is a great communicator and always guided me in understanding the legal process in my case. In my construction defect case and underlying insurance bad faith lawsuit, Mr. Abrams worked to get me and my wife excellent settlement money. We completely fixed our home and paid all of our attorney’s fees and had money left over. Great Result Mr. Abrams!!

    Abrams & Associates, LLC is a great law firm that I recommend and would work with again on any real estate, construction or business issues. I strongly endorse using their valuable legal services.

  • Abrams and Associates Proven Success

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kevin

    Without hesitation, I recommend Attorney Robert Abrams and his firm, Abrams & Associates, LLC. He and his firm do great work so this is a recommendation that is easy to write.

    Robert’s expertise in contract law and litigation in the fields of real estate, business and construction stem from his background as a land developer and contractor. He’s a proven successful businessman, so you can be certain he wants to reach the best possible settlement or outcome in any matter. I found his tenacity to be quite effective toward the opposition.

    Call Robert Abrams at Abrams & Associates if you have a real estate, business, contract or construction defect issue. Abrams & Associates is a firm you can trust.

  • Tremendous Results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Micheal

    Tremendous results. I highly recommend Robert Abrams and his firm, Abrams & Associates, LLC. These lawyers, in this business, are hard to come by. They’re personable yet thorough, smaller in size, yet incredibly efficient. I was extremely pleased with their legal work, and in particular, with the settlement Robert reached in my construction defect case, saving us thousands of dollars by avoiding trial. Unbelievable!

    It is with great pleasure I recommend Abrams & Associates in any construction, real estate, business, contract or litigation matter. I would work with Robert Abrams again on any real estate or construction issue should one arise. I suggest utilizing the fantastic legal counsel they have to offer.