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Todd Andrew Nickle

Todd Nickle’s reviews

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  • Very excellent !!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    My mother had hired Todd to handle my case facing a whole lot of time, over 25 years TDC time.. mother hired him and got results... probation. I would definitely recommend thid guy! Thanks Todd

  • Todd A Nickle, $3000 ripoff. Awful attorney. Keep your money - get a court appointed.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Steven

    I would never recommend this guy to anyone. He took my money and did nothing for me. NOTHING. I would try to explain all that he did, but, in truth, he didn't do anything.

    When it was time for sentencing, the prosecuting attorney informed me of three charges, all class A misdemeanors. Nickle, who was my attorney at the time, told me that i was only going to be convicted of two of the three.
    I had to inform the prosecuting attorney that only two of the three were legitimate offenses, and they needed to remove one.
    Also, when it came to the 2 remaining class A misdemeanors, one of them was bogus, and Nickle didnt even notice. the charge was a class A theft, but items allegedly stolen didnt even add up to beyond 500, and thats not a class A. I had to remind the prosecuting attorney of that too.

    All the while, Todd Nickle was sitting in the courtroom chatting with some other attorneys, while i discussed all this with the prosecuting attorney.

    3000 dollars, for nothing.

    never choose this asshat. keep your money and get a court appointed.

    Todd Andrew Nickle’s response: “Clearly a bogus review. Never represented this person. Frustrating that Avvo does nothing to prevent fraudulent posts.”
  • excellent representation

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Got my felony case no-billed. Pushed my misdemeanor case to trial and the prosecutors dismissed it before we started.