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Lenore Rae Shefman

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  • Amazing

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Lenore took on my very complex case that involved her personally tracking down the driver who hit me on my bicycle and fled the scene. Through her tireless investigative work she was able to identify the party responsible and obtain a jury verdict of $600k.

    The case had countless twists and turns but she navigated them all with professional tenacity, excellent intuition, and superb legal knowledge. Many attorneys would have quit the case or settled out for a fraction of the amount, but Lenore stuck with it for what turned out to be years. She kept me informed, kept me reassured, and provided me with her amazing skills.

    The injuries and other trauma I sustained from the collision had a huge impact on my life. It was tremendously helpful during that time to know I was well represented. I am forever grateful. I highly recommend her.

  • The strongest, most compassionate advocate to help you get back on your feet when you've been knocked off your two wheels.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    Lenore came to me in my hospital room, highly recommended by a friend of mine. My body was broken, my pain disorienting and debilitating, and I was facing life challenges that would've been difficult enough in perfect health. After our first meeting, I knew I didn't want to consider any other representative. She was honest, up-front about herself and her services, and as a motorcycle rider who herself had been injured in the past, was very knowledgable and empathetic about what I was going through and about to go through.

    I'm so glad I chose Lenore. She's thorough, tenacious, and had my back through all of the nebulous dealings with insurance companies and medical collectors, all the while staying in constant communication and caring equally as much about my health, well being and personal progress as she did my case. In the end she won me the best possible settlement she could and fairly negotiated down all my bills and expenses. Most of all, she allowed me the peace of mind and confidence I needed to recover and heal. I most highly recommend her to anyone who's had their two wheels knocked out from under them and needs a strong and compassionate hand to lift them up.

  • Good Settlement Lawyer

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Cheryl

    I was grateful Lenore took my case, it seemed like a very minimal dollar margin with a low probability of an additional $100,000 from a bike accident insurance carrier. I had to fire a previous attorney who complained how much work he'd have for only $5,000 in return for himself. Another law firm sat on the case for a month without letting me know they didn't take it. So Lenore rescued a very bad situation in her offer to negotiate a settlement with the City of San Francisco of $255,000 in hospital fees.

    In three months after taking the case, the insurance money came through and Lenore reduced the $255,000 bills by about 65% and settled the case. I was very pleased and appreciate her work in the midst of a doom and gloom outlook other lawyers had perceived.

  • Good Results

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Cheryl

    I found the bottom line with this lawyer is she gets results in spite of a bumpy ride along the way. Her assistant Alexandra is outstanding as well. I have an anxiety disorder so keep this in mind in reading my review. I was very fortunate Ms. Shefman took my case since it didn't appear to have much money in it due to a third party with a $15,000 coverage limit. I had $255,000 in hospital bills and hired Ms. Shefman specifically to use another potential insurance company's pay off of $100,000 to settle with them. I had to fire a previous attorney who clearly didn't know what he was doing and another law firm sat on my case for a month without telling me they didn't want it. I saw Ms. Shefman on Yelp with all good reviews and she contacted me accepting my case.

    Pros vs. Cons of Lenore Shefman's Services


    Has a great assistant who responds quickly to inquiries.

    I was only anticipating $5,000 to myself, if anything, in return and she negotiated $15,200 that helped me tremendously.

    They did far more then just negotiate such as making sure the city wouldn't send the case to collections to harass me with threats, etc.

    They got results within three months of taking the case, reduced the bills by 55% with a 5 split pay off including myself.


    Lenore didn't spend much time explaining much of anything to me as a client on what the next steps were, procedures, etc. She didn't give me any time frame and I was very nervous about my credit being ruined. At one point even though she had received $115,000 to pay off the creditors, she explained my options the first on her list being bankruptcy. it made no sense and frightened me to the point of my wondering if she was going to take off with the money to Mexico.

    In telling me the pay off amounts she negotiated, she told me I was set to receive $18,000. However, I was sent $15,200 in the mail and was unsure what caused it to change. Regardless, I am happy with any amount I received and feel it was very fair since I owed $255,000 in hospital medical bills.

    I'd recommend Lenore Shefman because she has a good reputation and therefore has the ability to settle with cities that place liens on people's names due to money owed them.

    Lenore Rae Shefman’s response: “Thanks for the review Cheryl, I think.....Thank you for mentioning your anxiety disorder as well. I think that helps put our experience with you in context as well.”
  • Not Bad..

    2.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Mandissa, Lenore's paralegal read my case thoroughly and kept in fairly good contact. She did a great job in understanding my case. On the flip side, I spent two months of time without the place I was suing even knowing I was suing them. Documents were apparently requested, a notice of more time requested was sent to Shefmans office and ultimately the documents never arrived nor demanded. Asked for a valuation of the case and never received one. Seemed energetic and "on the ball" in the beginning, however once the case became complicated I was referred to another attorney with no actual referral.
    Expected a bit more from this firm.

    Lenore Rae Shefman’s response: “I believe my paralegal took your case for review. Our firm did not specialize and does not specialize in civil rights claims. Though you had some interesting issues to be addressed and Mandissa, a licensed attorney wanted to review them for you, I believe after a thorough review you were referred to an appropriate firm for the handling of your case. Hopefully that worked out for you.”