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Patricia Faye Bushman

Child custody Attorney at Pasadena, TX

3.5   20 reviews
  • Licensed for 28 years
    State TX
    Acquired 1995
    Eligible to Practice in Texas No misconduct found

We have not found any instances of professional misconduct for this lawyer.

About Patricia

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Practice areas
  1. Child custody
    I want to help people with their kids.

    29 years, 1,000 cases

  2. Child support
    Support is for the kids. Lets make sure it is fair for everyone.

    29 years, 1,000 cases

  3. Family
    This is what I want to do. Help people in need.

    28 years, 2,000 cases

  4. Probate

    28 years, 25 cases

  5. Wills and living wills

    28 years, 35 cases

  6. Guardianship

    25 years, 5 cases

I am doing what I love to do in Family law.  My job is to help people.  While I want to make enough money to live on, I'm not in this to get rich.  I cannot imagine a job with more satisfaction that mine.  Helping people at what is often the worst times of their lives, to deal with the most important issues in their lives their children and property.  I want to help you.

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Patricia F. Bushman
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Bushman Law Offices
P.O. Box 3411
Physical Office is in Houston
Pasadena, TX, 77501

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3.5 / 5.0
  20 customer reviews
Posted by anonymous | May 2, 2015
Hire this lawyer now!
Ms. Bushman did an outstanding job on my difficult legal modification case. The opposing counsel was board certified and Ms. Bushman was able to go toe-to-toe with this hot shot attorney. She seemed knew everyone at the courthouse. The judge treated her in a very respectful manner. I wish I'd hired her earlier. I've had bad experiences with some attorneys in the past - Ms. Bushman is tough, smart, and a no frills kind of person. She sends out monthly invoices that are easy to read. My case cost a lot but my ex paid a whole lot more to the hot-shot attorney. Her deposit is reasonable and I was able to make monthly payments on the work she did for me. Her office and her dress is not fancy but she knows her stuff. She did not over-promise -- she delivered exactly what she said she would. The judge ruled exactly as she predicted. I was not 100% happy with the result but Ms. Bushman had warned me and I was willing to take the risk. This case took a lot longer than I wanted but Ms. Bushman had warned me of this when I first hired her. If I need any legal advice in the future, I will definitely call her again. I've read about her assistant, Mandy, being rude. I worked with both of her assistants, Jessica and Mandy, they were both friendly and helpful. They are not allowed to give out legal advice so they have to talk to Ms. Bushman. Ms. Bushman apparently is in court a lot and they always replied to my emails or phone calls within a day. If Ms. Bushman was in court they got the answer to me as soon as they could. After being in court for most of a day with Ms. Bushman, I know that she turns off her cell phone when she's in the courtroom. She does not return phone calls on nights and week-ends. It's much faster just to talk to one of her assistants and someone always called me back with an answer within a day or so. If you want someone to be available 7 days a week then hire someone else. My ex was also unhappy with the response time with the hot-shot attorney - perhaps this is common in attorney offices. But then, my CPA usually takes a day or two to respond so I've learned that professionals don't always respond within 24 hours. If you need an attorney that will give you sound advice and not make all sorts of promises that she cannot deliver on, I highly recommend Ms. Bushman.
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Posted by Chris | January 5, 2015
Great to work with
Mrs. Bushman represented me during my divorce in 2014. I did not have any children involved but I did have a complicated business that I wanted to keep 100% of. With her and her staff's help I was able to negotiate a fair divorce settlement and was able to keep all my my companies. I would highly recommend Mrs. Bushman for any legal situation you may encounter. Should I need her again I would not hesitate to pick up the phone and call her.
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Posted by Griselda | October 7, 2014
Excellent and would hire her again if needed.
I stay in North Carolina and Ms. Bushman was able to handle my case in Houston, TX. She knows exactly what she is doing and kept me well informed on everything that was happening. I will recommend her to anyone and will go back to her if anything else comes up in the near future.
Posted by anonymous | August 23, 2014
Great family attorney
I would highly recommend Ms. Bushman if you need a family law attorney. She is very knowledgable and is sincerely the reason that the court decided in favor of dad in a custody modification. It was not always easy to reach Ms. Bushman but she did have a number of unexpected staff changes during our case. I will say that when we had a meeting or court day she was always on time, professional, and answered all of our questions. Overall, we were highly satisfied by Ms. Bushman's services and would hire her again in the future if needed.
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Posted by anonymous | July 26, 2014
Top notch attorney!
Attorney Bushman was my attorney in a child modification case. Her office is child friendly and I felt very comfortable. It was not a typical attorney office. Her staff was so nice whenever I called. I was really scared but she made me feel so much better at our first meeting. At mediation we rejected the other side's offer. I got a much better deal in front of the judge. It seemed that Attorney Bushman knew everyone at the courthouse. If I ever had a legal problem in the future I will call her immediately.
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Posted by anonymous | July 26, 2014
Hire Pat Bushman if you want to win
She represented me in a nasty child custody case against my ex. On cross examination of my ex she showed the judge that he was a total liar. My legal fees were 1/2 of what my ex paid . If you need a skillful and incredible attorney I highly recommend her.
Posted by anonymous | September 25, 2013
Calm, Professional, and Caring
Pat handled my divorce with class. I was feeling hurt and lost - Pat brought calm and clarity to a very frustrating process. The biggest thing I want to mention is her follow-up. The devil was in the details when my ex kept changing jobs to avoid child support. At the lowest possible cost to me and my kids, Pat stayed with the details and worked everything through with a grace and calm. I really appreciate her demeanor in court. Kim in Pasadena, TX
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Posted by anonymous | August 13, 2013
Pat Bushman is one tough, smart attorney!
She got me custody of my kids from my ex-wife. It was a horrible custody battle. She did an outstanding job for me.
Posted by abdul Adisa | February 13, 2013
I used the services of Attorney Bushman in my divorce case in 2009 with four children involved in the joint custody. I had to rehire our services again last month to enforce the divorce decree regarding the property division on the same case. I had an attorney who started on my case earlier before I met Ms Bushman so I know the difference between an experienced honest professional family lawyer from a novice jack of all trade. Ms Bushman is one of the most professional and very experienced Family Law attorney in Houston today. I found her services to be of high standard and at a reasonable cost. She has various payment options to choose from. One can negotiate a "fixed charge" for simple straight forward case or choose a "variable itemized billing" for a more complex and unpredictable case. In my 2009 divorce case, I received monthly itemized billing statements and paid whatever I could afford each month while for my most recent case I agreed to settle for a lump sum charge. As for each case outcome, I think she tries hard to be just and fair. She believes it's always better for the adults to be reasonable and negotiate a settlement that will reduce the negative impact of divorce on the family especially on the children who usually are the most vulnerable. I know this is very difficult to swallow especially for men, but the impact on the children could be far worse. Ms Bushman experience proves very valuable to help to protect the interest of our children. I will definitely recommend her services for any family who truely cares about their children but finds divorce inevitable.
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Posted by anonymous | February 11, 2013
Great Lawyer!
Ms. Bushman helped me with a custody case. A case was already open with the Attorney General for child support and had been open for four years with nothing done. Within three months, Ms. Bushman helped me get sole custody of my child with visitation the way I wanted it and child support established. What she did in three months the Attorney General could not do in four years. She knows her stuff, and she is very down-to-earth. She is also very flexible with payments. Her fees are much more reasonable than most other attorneys I contacted. I would definitely recommend her for any of your personal family problems.
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Posted by anonymous | February 11, 2013
A Godsend
I have had multiple cases with Ms. Bushman concerning my divorce and children. She has always been helpful, professional and more than patient with me about my payments. When I came in, I was really afraid that I would not be able to afford an attorney, but she let me set up a payment plan, and if something happened and I couldn't pay the whole monthly amount, she was perfectly willing to let me pay as much as I could afford that time. She is honest, practical, and fair. You can tell that she is respected by both her peers, and the courts. She gets what she needs to do done, and does it in a direct and practical way. She is not one-sided, she always listens to what you have to say, but can see through the anger and pain and let you know what is really best. She is great with kids, and her experience has helped her to know what's best when it comes to co-parenting. She won't let your feelings towards the other parent get in the way of what is best for the children. Her staff is wonderful. They really go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable with what is going on, and that you don't feel left out of your own case. They care about you just as much as she does and are always willing to do what they can to keep you up to date and provide you with the information you need. Overall, Ms. Bushman is the only lawyer I would ever trust my family to. She understands your financial situation and is always willing to do what she can to help get your family back where it needs to be.
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Posted by anonymous | January 27, 2013
Hire this attorney -- will fight for your rights against an abusive spouse
I hghly recommend Attorney Bushman. She represented me against my abusive spouse. Sh was tough. Atorney Bushman alowed me to make monthly payments.
Posted by anonymous | August 24, 2014
Child custody, child support
As an attorney she is ok, my issue however is with her assistant Mandi (not sure how you spell her name). Every time I've called I can never talk to the attorney , I'm left to speak with her assistanct who is rude and seems to be a know it all. Never delivers , I've been trying to get some documents sent to me and it's been a nightmare dealing with this lady. She messed up when filling out the documents and when I ask for the corrected info all I get is false promises. I do respect Ms.Bushman , she was very helpful with my case but the way her assistant has treated me, makes me apprehensive about using her services again.
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Posted by anonymous | March 30, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Don't Waist Your Time or Money. Useless
She charged me monthly legal fees, and had me collecting documents for a year, but did nothing to resolve my divorce. She didn't explain why it was taking so long, and became hostile when I complained about the continued delay. She made several threats to withdraw from my case just days before a scheduled hearing. She had my file 10 months, and was not prepared for the final hearing. Took no initiative to resolve my divorce. Allowed opposing counsel to control the direction of the entire case. With months of doing nothing to finalize my divorce, she caused me to lose a lot of resources with no results. She is neither competent or capable and shows no compassion or integrity.
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Posted by anonymous | April 21, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Easily swayed by opposition. Failed to deliver observable results.
Ms Bushman holds a law degree and has many years of experience, There is no doubt that when she applied herself she can win for her client. Unfortunately my case seemed to fall through the cracks in her work load. She was very difficult to get a hold of. When Inwould call more often than not I had to speak with one of her assistants who were.not able to help other than taking a message. I appreciate being spread too thin and having too many comittmentd, however I would ask if that's the case are you really serving your clients properly? Ms Bushman at times was very reactive and failed to control her emotions when speaking to me, her paying client. At times she threatened me with withdrawing her services knowing we had important court dates coming up. At times I questioned her commitment to my case given her volunteer work at Food Bank sermed to take priority over returning my calls. She seemed to give up and essentially buckle under the view points of opposing counsel. Essentially sfe talked me in to agreebig to terms that have traumatized my child all in favor of opposing counsel. I agreed to the terms proposed with the hope of allowing the acrimony to settle, this was a huge mistake. As time has passed the opposition haa only become more emboldened and less open to coparenting with me than before. Ms Bushman's relationships with other attorneys seen to hold very little influence exhibited by their reluctance to be open to negotiating wit the terms she would provide in mediation. She ensured that I was always paid up in full so there was no question about her commitment to get paid. I understand she's running a business but bottom line Ms Bushman failed to deliver results on her committmenf to me and my child when we came to her for help. Please be certain to have an easy case because unfortunately Ms Bushman just did not seem to want to engage and fight for her client despite having hard physical evidence of abuse stated by the child regarding the opposition.
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Response from Patricia Bushman January 29, 2018
I have no idea who this is and do not recognize the fact pattern. In general, I tell clients what I think will happen, which is often not what they want to hear. I fight for them in Court, but privately I'm going to tell them what I think. I do volunteer work with the Houston Food Bank, but I do not let it interfere with my cases. I'm sorry this person was unhappy, but if they wanted someone to just agree with them, they should have hired someone else.
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Posted by anonymous | June 30, 2014
The lawyer is OK, but her assistant is a rude.
The lawyer herself appeared OK, but her assistant Mandy Yensi is an *incompetent* and *unprofessional*. She is incompetent: we are making our living will with the lawyer, and the will could be done by—by the computer-- within 10-15 minutes literally. Mandy took more than a week to do that. She also gave us wrong info. She is a liar: during this week, many times she promised to send us the document “tomorrow” or “I am sending it just now,” or to update with us the status of the document should it be not ready, but she never did (literally). She is rude: when she could not deliver her promises, she turned all bitchy at her client: One most exaggerating event was that Mandy promised to email the document by Tuesday lunch time but by Friday evening she sent nothing. At 2:30pm Thursday I called her, and she said she was “just about to email it,” but by 3:30 we have not received it. No explanation was given. When I called her at 3:30, she said the lawyer didn’t review it yet (so it was not possible for her to be just about to send it at 2:30). At 5:30 when I called again, she turned all bitchy and said “your document is not going to be ready today. I don’t know if it will be ready tomorrow.” She knows that we are traveling and we desperately need our living will ready but she doesn't care. My advice: take your business somewhere else. As a client you deserve better. Even though the lawyer herself is probably OK, as long as she still uses this incompetent assistant, you are likely to have a terrible experience.
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Posted by anonymous | June 27, 2014
Very Disappointed!
She was appointed amicus for my child. I paid her fees upfront, then received a bill for additional fees. I asked my lawyer why I received a bill, I was never told there would be additional charges. He told me not to pay it, that he would talk to her first. I never received another bill and it's been six months. Now she is adding this to the court orders. Why did she not send me another bill or call me? Obviously my lawyer failed to talk with her, but still she could have sent another bill. This is unprofessional! I would have paid, I paid her original fee in full up front. Come on why do people have to be ugly! I work hard while my huband stays home with our child with a disibility. I have good credit, so why does someone have to be so hurtful. I have always been respectful to her. Just another reason I don't trust lawyers. I am so hurt!
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Posted by Johnny | June 6, 2013
Not honest at all!!!
Ms. Bushman was appointed to over see our court case in which my ex wife was taking custody of our daughter and I was taking custody of our son. She from the very start misrepresented the case from the very start. I have to believe she is bios towards the mother with the way she handled everything. Long story short I had to go do all the digging to prove she was being dishonest and we in the end won our battle. My son lives with us aspergers I tried to get him help in 2009 but his mother would not allow it she was called into CPS over it and she denied everything and Bushman claimed she could find nothing as well. I found it and due to her sneaky past my lawyer with held it until the day of court. When we presented it she backed away it is a scary feeling to know your kids futures are in the hands of someone who will lie at every turn to achieve something instead of looking at the facts. My daughter which I got her school records today she has yet again failed she missed 14 complete days of school and she has missed 2,3 5th so many time the lady would not even count them out for me. All I can say is if you have her on your side she has no issues with lying to win but if the court appoints her then do everything you can to ask the courts to appoint a different lawyer to over see the case. She knowingly told the judge I canceled my kids insurance for the reason she wanted our son to go with his mother the same mother who she knew did not get him help. When the judge said he has one month before turning 18 and he had no say so over it. They called for him to be tested which we already had it scheduled to do so. She done her test and concluded Jonathan needed guardianship, I was angry because she struck again. Well the doctor called me and she told me her conversation did not sit well with Bushman and the only reason she wrote the letter to say he needed guardianship was to get him in a program like Texana to help him with his situation. I explained to her has been in line for 8 months. She then told me she was told I was doing nothing to help him according to Bushman. Well I sent her over the letter showing he was in line for over 8 months she emailed the judge and said she was under false information when making that choice and said now after seeing documentation she said he did not need guardianship. Well we went a step further knowing at every turn this woman was not telling the truth we begged the doctor to come testify in which she did with no problems at all and her testimony along with the paperwork from 2009 where I went and started help but after they spoke with my sons mother she told them they could not give any treatment to him. In the end she charged over 11,000 dollars for this service in which she stood in front of the judge and agreed with my ex wife's lawyer she was not working and wanted me to pay it all. I think the judge knowing my ex wife had been caught lying two times in the past about not working he made it 50/50. Just do yourself a favor if you are in a situation where the judge appoints an amicus lawyer do not just sit there and let them appoint this lady do everything you can to get another one appointed. She is not at all in for the best interest of the kids NOT AT ALL. I have no idea what drove her to her actions i stayed away from her and just decided to make sure to bring witnesses and paperwork to dispute all of her lies. I know they dont like to use the word lie but that is what she did almost from the very start but in the end at least my son is getting his help he has been going for about 4 months now and doing very very well. I would have fought for my daughter as well but she told me from the start she wanted to be with her mother and she would do anything to make that happen including ruin me so I never pushed it. I hope people see this and can avoid the same thing I went through as this not losing money here she is gambling with a kids life and that is very sad.
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Posted by AFool4Trusting | December 28, 2012
Stay away and if you have her already cut loss before its too late
I have been employed all my life since I was out of High School. I have graduated from UH. I never been court before at all so I am the first one to admit my experience in this field is very limited. Understand the laws and I follow them. I suppose it was my fault I let this be known to her right off the bat. My case was not a divorce but a simple child support enforcement/ modification to visitation orders. Her words were No worries I'll see you through this advise all the way beginning to end I've been doing this for years...etc All you have to do is provide me with docs, info, and let me do the rest no need to checkup or worry I'll call you/ email. Worry free limited invested time on my part once I provide with all items bang for the buck. I had already researched a bit in advance had all ready those first 2 days of service. I was a fool. At the end after a year with 3500 of advance she was late unprepared on the 1st court day dressed very casual. I felt uncomfortable bc she did not have her documents with gave excuses. She let go of one of her employees etc. 2nd court casual hand written draft to sign late again. At this point I was calling emailing no response wanted to understand and be advised on what the law expected out of me. No answers no tips no important info to have on hand in the future. Nothing before, after, and during communication provided, I did get charged however for every call, letter, email I had made during the last of last of it. At least they read them. Case is closed had a large bill paid but not forgoten. I am not a professional in this field but professionalism is important no matter where you work. I got more help from the D.A. Office and blogs then her for before and after the case. I held off getting her off the case bc she said it would be worth it. I am glad the D.A has info I need and its free. I suggest mediation/gov. Lawyer before get stuck in the rain with no rainbow in sight.
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Response from Patricia Bushman January 29, 2013
The main reason I haven't responded is that I have no idea who this is. The few facts recited don't match any of my known clients. I don't do criminal work, so I don't know how a DA would have been any help on any cases I have or had. I consider myself professional, as do my peers and most of my clients.
Posted by Jeff | February 1, 2011
Extremely Unprofessional. Worse than Worthless.
I've worked with quite a few attorneys in my life (family, probate, real-estate, divorce) and Ms. Bushman was by far the worst, the least helpful and professional of those I've used. Essentially, after I paid her retainer, she filed paperwork but otherwise left me on my own. Failed repeatedly to respond to my numerous pleas for advice and counsel during the settlement/negotiation period. Finally had to fire her; hire another lawyer. That set back my divorce for months, but was worth it. If I'd stayed with Bushman I would have lost many hundreds of thousands of dollars unjustly. I would strongly advise anyone going through a divorce to steer very far clear of Patricia Bushman. My experience with her was frustrating, angering, time-consuming, and could have been financially catastrophic.
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Response from Patricia Bushman January 21, 2013
I had this case from Late April to early August. Client did not want to be aggressive, spend money. Opposing counsel was slow to reply. 1 financial issue. They sent a proposed Decree, which I forwarded to the client, who fired me without talking about it. Glad to see him go.
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  • Free Consultation 60 minutes
  • Hourly Rates $ 300-350 per hour
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AVVO RATING 8.0 (Excellent)

Work Experience

  • Attorney
  • Patricia F. Bushman P.C.
  • 1995 - Present


  • University Of Houston
  • law
  • 1994

Sample of Legal Cases

  • In re: TM
  • Won appeal
  • In re: NW
  • Father got full custody
  • in re: KM
  • Father got full custody


  • Houston Food Bank
  • Apple Core
  • 2012 - Present
  • Sons of Hermann
  • Finance Committee
  • 2010 - Present
  • Texas Family Law Foundation
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  • 2005 - Present
  • Houston Bar Association
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  • 1996 - Present
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  • 1996 - Present
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  • 1995 - Present
  • Houston Food Bank
  • Volunteer
  • 2011 - 2012
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  • Longevity of Exemplary Service
  • Houston Bar Association Dispute Resolution Center
  • 2016


  • Texas Family Law Pracice for Paralegals
  • Enforcing and Modifying Family Law Orders and Decrees
  • 2012
  • Texas Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers
  • Conservatorship, Possession and Access for Non-Lawyers
  • 2004
  • Houston Bar Association 2003 Family Law Institute
  • Working in the IVD World
  • 2003

Speaking Engagements

  • Texas Family Law Practice for Paralegals
  • Enforcing and Modifying Family Law Orders and Decrees
  • 2012
  • April 2004 Meeting
  • Conservatorship, Possession and Access for Non-Lawyers
  • 2004
  • 2003 Family Law Institute
  • Working in the IVD World
  • 2003

Attorney endorsements

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Endorse Patricia
Adoption Attorney | Oct 14
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"Patricia and I have worked together on a most difficult and complex adoption matter for the past year. She is not only a beacon of light in navigating through the many pitfalls that often arise in an adoption, but she has turned into a wonderful mentor who I have come to rely on greatly for her expertise and approach in navigating legal theory as it relates to the law. I highly endorse this attorney, and would recommend her to anyone in need of legal guidance and representation - not just for adoptions, but for any area of family law."
Family Attorney | Jul 13
Relationship: Worked for lawyer
"If you want an attorney who knows family law inside and out, this is the attorney for you. She is a great person and will you get the best possible outcome for your case. She is affordable, and she cares."
Family Attorney | Oct 02
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer."
Family Attorney | Jan 23
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer. I know Patricia Bushman because I have worked as an opposing counsel, I have worked as a mediator for her. I know that she is zealous, super competent and brave in battle. You won't be disappointed if you hire her. She is very good."
Family Attorney | Jan 21
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Bushman is a lawyers lawyer, the type of person you can trust and who you know cares more about her clients than anything else. She is a credit to the legal profession. and I highly recommend her legal services."
Family Attorney | Nov 06
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I strongly endorse this lawyer. Pat Bushman and I have shared office space for over 5 years. I would not office with Pat unless I respected her. I refer my family members to her. She has represented me in a legal matter and I'm really picky. Pat handles family law primarily in Harris County, but she will travel to many other counties. She has a lot of trial experience. The judges know & respect her. She has been appointed by the judges to represent children in litigated cases - this shows how much they respect & value her opinion. She accepts Texas Attorney General cases. Pat handles primary family law and estate planning (wills). I think that Pat's prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of service that she provides. She accepts credit cards and offers payment plans. She is also an experienced mediator. Pat's first appointment is FREE & she will quote you her deposit at that first appointment Her legal assistant's name is MANDY."
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