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Kimberly Lynn Newcomer-Fitzpatrick

Kimberly Newcomer-Fitzpatrick’s reviews

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  • Taking Care of Business

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bryan

    I had a car accident about 3 years ago, it was the other Drivers fault. I tried handling it myself with the help of my family as we have some knowledge of the process of filing suite against the Insurance company. I filed the Civil Lawsuit a few days before the 2 year statute of limitations. We thought we would hear back from their attorneys but Allstate tried to have the suit thrown out 4 months later for not moving forward with the process.

    Long story short, I retained Kimberly Fitzpatrick to represent me on the matter when it seemed that the case was about to be thrown out for the above reason. She was able to pull the lawsuit out of the gutter and not only get me the $7500 I paid in Medical Expenses, but also got my lost wages while working as a Server (I was in College at the time of the Accident) when the Restaurant was not willing to give the proper documentation to press the issue of the wages in Trial.

    Kimberly got both amounts of money out of the Insurance Company plus $2000 over through a Settlement when it seemed like the Judge could've thrown the case out for it being too old. What she accomplished with what she had to work with was nothing short of Magic. I highly recommend her for Civil Suit because I could tell from her tenacity and work ethic, She would have been the Defense Attorney's worst nightmare in trial.

    My only complaint is that she waited until we were in the mediation to settle to start picking holes in the case. I will say, they were issues that I could see hampering the case at trial. Mostly, the lack of documentation for my lost wages would have taken $4000 off of the final amount. Most likely, pain and suffering would not have covered that amount. Ultimately, a Settlement was the best course of action that led to the largest amount of money I would have received.

    You WILL NOT regret hiring Kimberly Fitzgerald.

  • An Attorney with Ethics

    5.0 stars

    Posted by CHASE

    I was injured in a auto accident in 2012 and retained Kimberly as my legal counsel. The firm also handled my divorce the prior year. For 2 years Ms. Fitzpatrick held my hand through multiple surgeries and pain management. Despite her busy schedule, she always returned my calls and frequently checked in on my well being. A genuine human being who really cares. My case was settled in less than 2 months and thanks to Kimberly's expertise, I walked away better than I could have imagined.. If you have been injured in an auto accident, I highly recommend the Harris-Cook law firm. Thank you for everything Kimberly!

  • First offense- First Lawyer hired.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nick

    First of all I wanted to say that with the help of Kimberly Fitzpatrick, my case got dismissed.

    Disclaimer: do not take my word for legal advice.

    In short- I was arrested for scavenging an abandoned (bait) car. This was early November.

    This was my first offense.

    At the time of arrest I was working self-employed less than 15 hours a week for my father, mother, and mother’s friend. I was also a househusband. I feared that the lack of employment, community participation, and education (I am a non-graduated junior student at the college level), and my age (23) would negatively impact the outcomes of this charge.

    The first court date was December 3rd. That day I did not successfully get a lawyer so the court date was postponed to the 13th in order to give me time to get a lawyer. I had emailed Anna O’Day because she was one of the several lawyers who sent me mail. She sent me a detailed report on how she would handle the case. (Deferred Adjunction & said that I was not qualified for Deferred Prosecution Program (DPP)). After reading her email I was impressed and told her she was hired. For three days I did not hear back from her. She was consistently stuck in court each time I called her secretary. It was December 12th. I got desperate and discussed with my girlfriend to see if she was willing to look for the best lawyer, so I checked and saw an AD for Fitzpatrick. I did not screen out lawyers based on practice. If I recall correctly, Fitzpatrick’s cases only consisted 10% in criminal defense. She is more experienced & specializes in a different type of law. Anyway, I called her that day and immediately had an appointment at 2. I had withdrawn 625 and kept it in my wallet for O’Day- her price for “three court appearances”. I was unsure what exactly three court appearances meant. But after three days of unavailability, I got scared and went to Fitzpatrick instead. She offered to stay with me through the case for 1,500. That seemed more of a solid contract than “three appearances”. What if I needed 4?

    So, right then that day, the very day before my second court date I hired her and within 15 minutes she got my first court attendance dismissed.

    She works extremely fast, is very knowledgeable and pushes the limit. O’Day said that I was not qualified for DPP since I was above 21. But Fitzpatrick said she would shoot for that and she attempted to request an exception since I was barely above the age limit. Fitzpatrick’s devotion towards getting the best results for me was very obvious- but she remained honest and practical with me. My only issue I had is that she sometimes would skip out answers to a list of questions I asked. But she is very busy and works fast, so I can’t really blame her. I just ask again and she will answer it on the second time. She is very tech-savvy. She answers via text or email.

    She suggests that I get a job, get in school, get character letters, and do community service before my case was even heard. I had success getting in school and I got plenty of character letters from various influential people. I did not have success in finding a job, and I was not motivated enough to do 40 hours of community service hours.

    The court hearing- Fitzpatrick talked with the DA and I could see that she had excellent people skills- It seems to me that her actions and attitude helped a lot to making the DA decide that I was eligible for dismissal! I had to take Theft Intervention counseling and perform 24 hours of community service where I completed at Mission Arlington (THEY ROCK.)

    So today I got the dismissal documentation in email. Fitzpatrick had far exceeded my expectation of a “best case scenario”. I will go straight to her again if I need an attorney again in the future.

  • Excellent legal council

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Provided great service and took care of all our issues.

  • Highly Recommended Professional!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chad

    Kimberly Fitzpatrick handled my case with a professional sense of urgency and I will be using her for any legal needs in the future. She communicates effectively and has an insight I have found in no other lawyer for presenting all options with honesty and integrity. Kimberly was able to obtain a settlement in my 7 year long case in less than 3 weeks per the specific guidelines I asked her to go by. Keeping me as a client in the loop throughout all legal processes is of utmost importance. Kimberly communicates throughout the entire process with professionalism and honesty keeping the clients objectives always at the forefront. I would highly recommend Kimberly Fitzpatrick to anyone seeking legal advice or representation as I consider her to be of high character, unquestionable integrity and an excellent lawyer.

  • Great Corporate Lawyer in DFW

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    Kimberly gets things done quickly and professionally. On numerous occasions she has gone above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied and achieved the results we were wanting. I strongly recommend Kimberly for any business matter that needs to be handled the right way.