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Darren Anthony Fish

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  • Darren is great - the firm however is chaotic at best. They messed up many things, missed dates and just said sorry. Really?

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff A.

    We too like many others, heard the Foreclosure Defense Network ad on the radio. We called in and talked to a marketing person who set us up to go to an appointment in Rosement at a shared office space conference room. The non lawyers first answered questions about the one time upfront payment of $1000 for a 'forensic analysis' of the mortgage before moving forward. We were very close to the end of the process as we did not get served properly and weren't aware of any pending action until the week before we retained Darren. He answered our questions for a total of 8 minutes and then left to talk to the next. It was essentially back to back families who were in, who got 20 minutes of time from his staff, then less than 10 with an attorney.

    Our discussion with Darren showed that he does understand the industry, the corresponding tactics and options, etc. but he wasn't truthful in the actions he'd take if we retained him. He indicated that he would do specific things, like counter sue the mortgage company, put them on the defense, etc. Instead, we didn't get any one to file anything for over a month and then when they filed it, it was written by a rookie attorney who was less articulate than we are and he cited the wrong statutes, etc. We spoke with Lance, their Supervising Attorney, and Darren should be ashamed of this person being in charge of these rookie lawyers. They missed two dates and didn't file anything. They told us we didn't need to be there because there were handling it. They weren't even there. We called them the days leading up to the hearing to find out which attorney we were meeting, with no response. They didn't intend on going. They put someone on it at the last minute, who of course, came unprepared and the judge made him look like a fool for not having copies, for not even citing a valid defense because the wrong statutes were applied to the defenses they attempted to present. After much pressure, many calls with Darren and his partner, they finally got us to one of their attorneys, still quite new, who handled the motion for a second attempt. He left the firm shortly after and separately advised us to move to another firm to avoid the mess that is this firm.

    No one is there managing anyone. No one sent us copies of documents we explicitly requested. We called over and over and worked with their office management directly and they still didn't get documents to us. Motions weren't filed when they said they would. Certainly there are many people who don't want to know about these things, but we wanted to be in the loop. We are intelligent business people, who have high expectations. They didn't come close to grasping the concept of service. They are two experienced lawyers trying to make quick money on hiring in experienced lawyers who make mistakes because in my opinion, Darren simply doesn't know how to run a business nor manage a firm. He himself has only been an attorney for 7 years so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.

    Lastly - only due to multiple deaths in the family, a cancer patient in the family, and a few other tragic turns, were we in this position. But, we bought into the hype about how good they were and retained them. There are many other attorneys out there who are focused on you, and are actually able to do what they say they are going to do. $1000 upfront and $700ish monthly is excessive. Meaning, it's cheaper than your mortgage, but it's also cheaper to pay an attorney to simply file an appearance and your answer. Then, you have over a year or more without any action anyway. Until we went through it, we didn't truly understand that he's making this $700 a month for a year or more and the client perceives this to be because of the firm, when in fact, you'd live in that home for that long anyway, if you simply filed an answer of your own or had an attorney do just that for you.

    Simply put, we hoped they'd fix their issues, but they didn't.

  • Best money I have ever spent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Darius

    About a year and a half ago I lost my largest client, Lutheran Family Mission. I had an $80,000 a yr contract with them they lost their funding mid year due to state of Illinois budget cuts.

    I contacted Eastern Savings bank and they said they would work with me. I sent two payments with money orders both 15 days or so late thinking i was ok, only to have them sent back to me uncashed with a letter to be foreclosed on or get current. i could not right that moment. I was terrified.

    When i originally got the financing the agent told me he would refinance me after six months at a lower rate, but none of that happened and he became difficult to reach.

    I called eastern savings bank and talked to three different representatives who promised to try to reduce my interest rate. but nothing happened and the clock was still ticking..

    I was in my car listening to WLS or WGN and heard an ad from the Fish Law firm. I called that day and made an appointment the next day up north at an office on north river road.

    I met with Darren Fish. Showed him my documents, the returned uncashed money orders and written correspondence from the bank.
    He made me feel like i had hope. I paid my retainer and got started.

    The Bank initially tried to go around the attorney with letters and calls but i notified the firm every time that happened and eventually it stopped.

    I was disheartened. I had just loss an estate fight for the property. My Aunt willed me the property free and clear, my whole family knew her intentions but even though her attorney had the will she got sick and died before it was executed. My uncles and their families abide d by her wishes but aunts were money hungry, took me to court and won. so i had to refinance for $150,000 (worth about $310,000 then). Time was of the essence so i settled for a high interest rate to get them out of my hair.

    Darren impressed me. he was personable and straight forward. he made no promises but was obviously passionate about big banks not being fair to mortgagees like me.

    we are still fighting. my mortgage with assessment is $2,851 and i have saved 1201 for 13 months (my assessment is 900) and have over $15,000 to move if i ultimately loose the property. I hope i can negotiate keeping it because of the sentimental value. But i am prepared for either case.

    Don't panic or feel trapped. Call Darren You can make the bank slow down and respect you.

    I am completely pleased with Darren and his team of attorneys and office staff.

  • Fish Law Group saved my home

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Artemio

    My home had been foreclosed on and I was about to get evicted. I retained Darren Fish and the Fish Law Group to defend my foreclosure. Even after the home had been foreclosed on and I thought I was about to lose my home. Darren and his team stepped in a challenged the banks and proved that they did not properly follow all the laws they should have and was able to over turn the foreclosure and get my case dismissed. In addition to all they were able to successfully negotiate a loan restructuring and payment that I can now afford.

    I want to tell Susan and Mr. Fish, that I am very grateful for all their help and efforts that went into saving my home. I thank your firm, but not before thanking God. I want to say to Susan and Mr. Fish, that I keep them and their loved ones in my prayers and that I am very appreciative of what you do there at your firm. I cannot express how thankful I am of all your help and that this coming holiday season I will enjoy it with my family in my home thanks to you all. Just want you all to know that everyone who helped or touched my case in any way I pray for you every night. I am sorry if I was ever rude to anyone and once again thank you.