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Rosa Alexander Eliades

Rosa Eliades’s reviews

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  • Passionate, Trustworthy and a Born Fighter for Clients

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Appeals client

    Ms. Eliades represented my case through trial and through the Appeals process. She fought for what is right and worked to ease my fears throughout the process. She gave me personal attention that I'm not sure I could have received anywhere else. She had true passion and concern for my well being separate from the court system. It took us a long time to overcome a malicious prosecutor and undue the harm he caused but in the end we prevailed. I can never thank her enough!

  • Last Man Standing

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JS

    After interviewing several Criminal defense attorneys, I choose Rosa to represent me in a complex Federal criminal conspiracy case. Thanks goodness I did!! All the other co-defendants decided to cut a deal with the devil and accept agreements with the government. Rosa stood by my side and refused to allow the government to intimidate us with the threat of Superseding indictments. Instead, Rosa rallied her colleagues from the “Spence Trial Lawyer College” to help prepare for trail conducting multiple psychodrama sessions. I cannot emphasize enough the personnel bond Rosa develops with her client – Not ONCE did I call or email that she did not respond no matter how trivial my question was. More than once at the drop of a hat Rosa jumped on a plane and traveled to investigate every aspect of my case.

    At the end of the day Rosa the government was offering for us to take plea agreement to a misdemeanor with a year probation.

    Thank you, Rosa, for always being there to give me guidance. For that, you truly are my "North Star."

  • Review from Jose Hernandez

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jose Hernandez

    I'm very supportive of Ms. Rosa A. Eliades as an attorney retained. As a former client, in which she represented me in a capital murder case in 2007. My experience with her is unforgetable, she definitely looks to pour herself out and go the distance for her clients. I highly recommend her for anyone who is in need of an great attorney.

  • Extremely Compassionate Hardworking Dedicated Wholhearted & Knowledgable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Rosa not only knows the law but knows how to dig into your past. She doesnt want to just know about the day you were charged with the crime. Rosa wants to know all about you. Many attorneys charge you tons of money spend little time and cut a deal with the district attoney that's not in your best interest.

    Ms. Eliades is all about fighting for your rights. Going to the mat and making sure that the truth comes out. The law is not on your side and as much as we were all taught you are INNOCENT until prven guilty.....that is FALSE. Ms, Eliadesd will not let you be railroaded. She will put in as many hours as it takes and talk to as many witnesses necessary to ensure she knows all the facts.

    When you go to will be prepared! Not only will you have an attorney you will have someone who treats you as if you were family. She will protect you as if you were on of her own. She fights for fairness.

    If you want someone who is compassionate, knowledable, hardworking, deidcated and not afraid to go all the way, you have to hire Rosa. She will protect you to the best of her ability.