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Bruce D. Goodman

Bruce Goodman’s reviews

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  • Fabulous attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by onreps

    I have the highest regard for Mr. Goodman. Professional, kind, timely, incredible knowledge in his field specifically personal injury.
    His firm, Steinberg, Goodman &Kalish is one of the best firms in Chicago
    Bruce Goodman has been named as s "Leading Illinois Attorney" and is rated AV by Martindale-Hubbell. He is ranked as a Top Lawyer in Illinois/Super Lawyer
    Top 100 trial lawyers.
    I highly recommend Bruce Goodman.

  • he is a hero in my life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by angel

    i knew immediately after my surgery eight years ago that something was wrong, very wrong. i unfortunately was the tip of the iceberg for what now is an understood condition. i fell into a gray area that both doctors and lawyers alike were unfamiliar with. i was bounced around from doctors to specialists and meanwhile i was trying to get a lawyer to listen to me. i kept getting the same response. that it wasn't cut and dry enough. there was no support backing up what my complaints and physical problems were. i kept getting dismissed like i meant nothing. my entire life was flipped upside down. i was at my wit's end and to top it off my case was in the hands of a lawyer who never bothered to educate himself on me, or my condition and was dilly-dallying around with my life. he was unresponsive and incompetent. i kept finding myself having to constantly correct him on the simplest details of my case. i felt lost, alone, helpless and hopeless. i literally sat down in front of my computer and cried and prayed. i then google searched medical malpractice lawyers in chicago, IL and i clicked on a link that listed the names of lawyers. i saw bruce goodman. i stared at his name for a long time. i kept reading it over and over and i thought goodman...good man. i thought that's what i need! a good man to help me! i prayed again and called his office. he talked to me over the phone and set up a time for us to meet. i went in and we went over my case and he has stood by my side from that day on. even when things were bleak and unsure he stayed. he would tell me things were shaky but he still stayed. he didn't abandon me because he'd rather deal with a case that was more clear, more black and white, less difficult to prove, less challenging. he didn't cast me aside like i didn't mean anything. he gave me a chance. to me it meant he thought my strife mattered, that my pain was legitimate and my quality of life was important. reports started coming forth and my condition started getting recognition in the medical field. all the while he has been there fighting for me, educating himself in every aspect of what i have endured and will continue to endure for the rest of my life. i had some insurance issues two surgeries ago and i just couldn't handle any more stress. i was a mess, reduced to tears and dejected. my boyfriend called bruce and he got on the phone and talked me through it. when have you ever heard of such an instance? the fact that even my boyfriend knew he could reach out to bruce speaks volumes. i could go on and on forever on how wonderful of a lawyer and a person he is. my strong feelings for him are endless. he has taken the time to see me for who i am. he listens and more so he hears and he cares. he's honest and fair and explains things to me in great detail and makes sure i understand exactly what is going on every single step of the way. i feel like a family member is representing me now. i know to the core of my being that when i sat in front of my computer and prayed that day that God was listening. God pointed me to the blessing and the gift that is bruce. i can honestly say i don't know where i would be both mentally and physically today if i had not met bruce goodman. he continues to fight for me against any odds and in turn has helped to give me back my dignity, my perseverance and my hope. the difference he has made in my life is priceless. i feel like i can take anything on with him on my side. i gain such strength just from knowing he is there. i don't know how to thank him enough for everything, but i know i will always hold him dear my whole life through; he is a hero in my life.