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Lydia Gross Kamerlink

Lydia Kamerlink’s reviews

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  • beyond any expectations! excellent!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I appreciate her very valuable input into my life to come and
    I am very grateful for the chance to meet with and get an advice from such a wonderful listener and The Great expert that she is. Straight to the point, very patient and polite. A true expert!!! Easy to work with. And she has very caring assistant.
    I was surprisingly pleased with her professional manner and would highly recommend her to everyone who comes looking for help.

    Consulted attorney
  • Don't be fooled by appearances

    1.0 star

    Posted by howdoesshedoit

    This is a totally ineffective family law attorney practicing in the Chicago area. She's got a slick office, and she talks a good game, but the goodness ends once you sign a contract and hand over the retainer. During the 6 months Lydia Kamerlink was on my case, she showed up late for court hearings and unprepared among other actions of little or no benefit. She tries to wing it through hearings and more competent attorneys run rings around her. Additionally, she wielded no influence with the judge. Lydia Kamerlink accomplished precious little, and the most tangible thing I obtained from her was the obligation to pay her hefty bill. When you first meet her, she sounds really intelligent, and is good at making you think she is smart enough to help you. I should have been warned off from the first-she missed the initial consult because she was with another client and forgot I was coming to her office. Instead, I returned and put my faith and trust in her and that was a HUGE mistake. Mea culpa maxima, as the lawyers say who are known to quote Latin. She lost every single item but one she argued on my case. To add salt to the wounds, her paralegal "assistant" was so bad she sent third and fourth drafts of briefs with another parties name on it, and her ineffectiveness resulted in fatter bills, missed deadlines and motions worked on but never filed. Do yourself and your family a favor, find a good attorney--it ain't her.