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Gary Victor Johnson

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  • Anonymous

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Represented a family member beyond our expectations. Quite knowledgeable, prepared and compassionate to all. We have referred other clients to Mr. Johnson - also with exemplary results.

  • Just Plain Lousy!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    After my consultation with Gary Johnson, I payed the $400 initial fee ($750 total fee) and agreed to have him represent me in my case. He had me request a change in court date (which I did) and then call him with the new court date (which I did, leaving a voice mail with all the info). I did not hear from him for about a month and a half. I then called him (about five days before my new court date) and he did not remember me. He asked if I had hired his firm, etc., and I reminded him about the upcoming court date. I asked him what I should expect at court. He replied that we would be out of there quickly, but gave no mention that I would be expected to plead either guilty or innocent. On the actual court date, an hour and fifteen minutes after he was supposed to be in court with me he still had not shown. I had not received a phone call from him or any of his associates either. A family member was able to get in contact with his secretary for me (since I did not have his phone number with me). His secretary contacted him and he replied, saying in a message to my family's voice mail that he got caught up in another court house (If he hadn't forgotten me once again, why did I not get a phone call to notify me of this a couple hours previous?), but I do not believe his explanation and did not receive any apology from him either. He did not tell me he would be at another court house that morning. He had his partner show up at court (now almost 2 hours late) to finish the case. I never got to talk over my options with him in advance before my court date as I would have liked, and basically never heard from the guy. He had his partner write the follow up letter as well. My experience with him was quite poor, and I definitely do not recommend seeking his "services."