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Thomas J Conlin

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  • Beyond Expectations

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    It's rare these days to find people that go above and beyond one's expectations.
    Conlin Law Firm exceeded my expectations on a daily bases as I truly could not of been happier with the level of service and commitment they provided me during one of the most difficult times of my life.
    The entire staff at Conlin Law Firm was extremely knowledgable in all aspects of my case. Anytime I had a question, I could simply call and there was a friendly and courteous person eager to help.

    Thank You Conlin Law Firm, you provided my family and I peace of mind from the day of your representation, throughout litigation and seeing it through to a very satisfying resolution.

    Sincerely Mark S

  • Did not take my case - but very honest!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    I called Tom's office with a weather related slip and fall case two days before Thanksgiving. The office assistant put me through to speak directly with Tom on that same phone call.

    After talking through my situation, Tom said he would do some initial research and review with his team. (at no cost to me) Although Tom did not take my case I just wanted to relate that Tom and his office were very honest and straight-forward. The were realistic about what to expect, very responsive (I was always able to speak with someone who could help me), and I felt Tom was very genuine in his concern and interest.

    I had never called a contingency lawyer before so did not know what to expect. Tom quickly put my fears of "being sold" something to rest. I would highly recommend Tom and his office for an initial consultation. They are professional and caring.

  • Excellent Atorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shelly

    Due to a slip and fall at a restaurant I was in need of an attorney and Tom Conlin was referred to me. I contacted him and he represented me in the lawsuit that was brought against the restaurant. He did a fabulous job and got me what I feel was a fair and equitable settlement. In detail, he explained to me along the way, how my case was progressing and he was always there to answer any questions I might have. If anyone asks me if I know a good personal injury attorney I will highly recommend Tom Conlin.

  • A Law Firm with Dignity, Respect, and Results!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Tom Conlin came highly recommended to me through a network of attorneys. I knew nothing about malpractice law, or if my case was even eligible for compensation, but the injury that happened to me during a routine surgery was so devastating, that I knew I needed to do something. From the first conversation that I had with Tom, he was very straightforward and realistic. He and his staff always treated me with the utmost respect and dignity, and truly cared about me as a person. Along the way, Tom shared his knowledge of how malpractice cases work; yet ultimately I was the one who made my own personal decisions based on that knowledge. Tom is very good at explaining the process, and giving you all the information that you need to make those hard decisions confidently. My case ended up settling before it went to court, and I am very pleased with my compensation. I would highly recommend Conlin Law firm. You will have no doubt that your particular case is in the best hands possible!

  • Great Client Advocate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nathan

    As a recent client of the firm, the Conlin Law Firm met or exceeded my expectations in every regard. Tom and his entire staff are knowledgeable, easy to work with and are the epitome of professionalism and client care. From the beginning of my case, I was treated with the utmost amount of respect. In addition, the details of my case were handled with great attention and timeliness. And the most important element of my experience was that the Conlin Law Firm got the results we hoped for!

    I was injured in a head-on car crash several years ago in which the other driver was at fault. Since the accident I have needed ongoing medical care. From the onset of my injuries, I was not very familiar with the legal process and what my options were. After my initial consultation with Tom and his staff, they took action and developed a plan that enabled me to seek just compensation.

    The process was certainly a learning experience for me, as Tom and his staff took the time to educate me throughout the case so that I understood what my best course of action was. I appreciate the process that the Conlin Law Firm led me through but most of all, I appreciate the outcome. Even though I will live with my injuries long term, it is comforting to know that justice was served in providing me compensation for the disruption they have caused in both my peronal and professional life.
    Thank you for all of your hard work!

  • Great Settlement - Great Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Tom Conlin and his team represented me in a slip and fall incident that occurred in late 2010 at a Minneapolis hotel. I broke my jaw in three places, underwent three separate surgeries and endured a rather protracted and painful recovery. He was recommended enthusiastically to me by some of the top trial lawyers in the State of Minnesota - a recommendation, I soon learned, that was richly deserved.

    Mine wasn't an easy case; in fact, it took Tom and his team over a month to agree to even accept me as a client. At our first meeting, I insisted that he only take the case if it had merit, and after extensive research and interviews, he agreed that it did. That said, from the outset, he warned that the circumstances surrounding the accident (a relatively surprising, treacherous and very well reported evening ice storm) might make either settlement, or a verdict in my favor, difficult. In fact, summary judgement against me was a very real possibility.

    We agreed on a very standard 1/3 contingency fee (after expenses) and Tom got to work right away. He interviewed me, other witnesses, gathered hospital records, retained a weather expert and slowly built my case. He contacted the property on my behalf and actively engaged with their insurance company. Early in the process we met with the property's insurance company to describe exactly what happened; Tom prepared me and made me feel both comfortable and at ease.

    We waited a considerable amount of time before making a settlement offer - Tom wanted to wait until I was completely recovered and finished with my medical work and dental reconstruction before proceeding. During that 15-month gap, Tom kept me abreast of all developments and periodically checked in to be sure I was recovering well.

    In the fall of 2012 Tom made a settlement offer on my behalf - an offer that he knew would be rejected but established a fair starting point. He did an excellent job of setting my expectations throughout this process - never too high and never too low. Just very cautious and realistic...a crucial skill when dealing with someone like me: a person with no legal background, no experience working with attorneys, and no preconceptions about what a "good offer" might be.

    He negotiated brilliantly and we secured a settlement in December of 2012 - a very good settlement, I'm told, by friends in the trial lawyer community. I trust these friends implicitly and, after initially explaining the circumstances surrounding my case, they thought my chances for an advantageous outcome were slim, at best.

    In addition to obtaining a very good settlement, Tom also negotiated with my health insurance company on my behalf and secured a subjugation waiver for just $.02 on the dollar. Essentially, I was able to keep nearly almost all of my share of the settlement - money that we're now saving as we guard against long-term medical difficulties related to my injury.

    It should be noted that just recently, in a slip and fall case that occurred on the VERY NIGHT of my accident in 2010, a Minnesota appellate court upheld a trial court judge's summary dismissal of the injured plaintiff's case. Had Tom not negotiated an out-of-court settlement. I almost certainly would have suffered the same fate.

    Tom Conlin and the team at the Conlin Law Firm represented me with compassion, diligence, a mastery of the law, and a professionalism that injured individuals most certainly deserve - but rarely find - in their attorney.

    I give him and his team my highest recommendation.

  • Excellant Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Tom is an excellent lawyer who keeps you informed all the way. He is constantly looking out for the best intrest of his client.