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Susan Jean Mundahl

Susan Mundahl’s reviews

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  • Tells the REAL facts of a simple divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michele

    Susan is compassionate, honest, and clearly knows the law. She is perfect for the executive level individual who just needs a pretty simple split. The average cost of a divorce is between 5-10K and knowing how law firms work and understanding your goals ahead of time will keep that price down. She also has an oversight option that allows lower cost lawyers to work on the file at a much lower rate with her care. The greatest tool is knowledge and she has tons of it.

    Consulted attorney
  • Terrible attorney!!Just wants to take your $$$

    1.0 star

    Posted by Heather S

    I hired Susan Mundahl in 2011 to represent me in my divorce and she acted very sweet and concerned when I first interviewed her, but she nickel and dimed me, sending out bills constantly well before I had even come close to my original retainer and charging me for the cost of 'processing' these bills. She showed up to Mediation only to sit there and read her personal e-mail and check her dating sites while I had to represent myself - she said nothing while my ex husband who makes a six figure salary sat back and laughed while he got everything and I walked away penniless from a 16 year long marriage when he cheated on me and was abusive. She could not care less what happened to me, only that she got paid, and when I was still making payments to her (several thousand dollars later) she stopped representing me because of 'insufficient payment' before my divorce was even final. I don't know how a lawyer with so little integrity is still practicing, but I hope my review helps someone to avoid my terrible mistake. ! I would be happy to certify that I was an actual client to anyone contacting me on behalf of this website. I just want to warn others...

    Susan Jean Mundahl’s response: “I am confused why this client has chosen to attack me years after the fact. I do remember this very troubled client. She is correct that she received monthly billing statements that fully set forth the work done on her behalf. We do bill for the time that we have to spend on a file. It is not to nickel and dime clients, it is to engage in discovery and to negotiate settlement of a divorce. Divorces are expensive and all my clients receive an important information letter informing them of ways they can hold down their bill. Clients also sign a retainer agreement setting out both the attorney’s responsibility and the client’s responsibility regarding their duties during litigation and responsibilities for payment. We do not ever c charge for questions on bills or for “processing” bills. Clients are told prior to the day of mediation that it is a voluntary process and that they are in charge of whether to accept a settlement proposal or not. I also talk to clients about their responsibility at the time of mediation to come prepared to settle their case and also about the possible buyers remorse they may have after they have reached a settlement. This client was not coerced into the agreement she made. I am truly sorry that she is seeking this way to express her unhappiness with her agreements.”
  • Highly Recommend...!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim K

    I am very pleased with the service I received from Susan Mundahl. Her knowledge and expertise far exceeded expectations. Her and her staff treated me with honesty and respect. I would recommend Susan to anyone looking for family counsel.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I did not have a lawyer that was for me..... I paid her to not to represent me but to represent the case against me....
    You think when you hire a lawyer that they are for you so you trust them to inform you and keep your best interest at hand. NOT with Susan Be careful.... I was misinformed.... NOT informed..... Completely not represented at all by someone I hired...... And I might add at a costly price too.
    I was totally deceived by this lawyer and hope that it does not happen to anyone else....

    Susan Jean Mundahl’s response: “I do not believe that this is a former client of mine. I am very concerned that this person does not identify themselves nor have they spoken with me personally about their concerns. If the person had spoken to me, I do not believe that they would have been misinformed or misled.”
  • Assessment

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    There can be doubt that she knows the law and will give you a candid view of what will transpire. She is very capable.
    However it comes at a very steep price and unless you’re a wealthy individual I would not recommend her. She is money driven—that why she is in business. In short, if you have the money this women is for you. If you don’t I would strongly suggest you use another.