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David Everett Mosley

Criminal defense Attorney at Jeffersonville, IN

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  • Licensed for 37 years
    State IN
    Acquired 1986
    Active in Good Standing No misconduct found

We have not found any instances of professional misconduct for this lawyer.

About David

Learn David’s areas of practice.

Practice areas
  1. Criminal defense
    Misdemeanors to Major Felonies. Admitted in State and Federal Courts. Recognized as an Expert in Trial Practice. Significant Appellate Experience.

    38 years, 4,500 cases

  2. Car accident
    Total recoveries for clients in often difficult cases. Trial experience.

    38 years, 125 cases

  3. Family
    Wide experience in all aspects affecting familys. Divorce, Paternity, DCS, Child Support, Custody etc.,

    28 years, 1,200 cases

  4. State, local, and municipal law
    Former Town Attorney. (two municipalities) Former DCS counsel. Current County Contract Attorney. Special Counsel, Clerk-Treasurer. Remonstrance attorney. Various miscellaneous cases involving local and state government.

    38 years, 400 cases


Recently:: Jury aquits man who admitted escape from prison.


An Indiana man admitted to a prison escape, but a jury found him not guilty of the charge of felony escape. Rodney Miller was the subject of a manhunt in December after he got out of the Henryville Correctional Unit. “Escape is kind of like a no-brainer. It's ‘Is you is or is you ain't in jail?’ You know? And if you ain't you're guilty, right? That's what I thought,” defense attorney David Mosley said.

When the court handed Mosley Miller’s case, he learned there was more to the story. Some facts were indisputable. There is video of Miller leaving the now-closed minimum security Henryville Correctional Unit in December. Miller was later found 90 miles away from the complex with his girlfriend.

Miller said he escaped because he was afraid his girlfriend was going to abort their child.

Mosley mounted a defense using a rarely cited Indiana law of a crime of duress. “I just thought this is absolutely crazy. He pulled it out of a hat.” Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Zynthia Arocena said. Arocena showed WLKY an interview in which she said Miller contradicted his claim that the escape was about his girlfriend.

The jury deliberated for about 30 minutes. The verdict? Not guilty.

He was being held on a felony theft charge. 

If he had been convicted, he faced four years in prison.  (By Ben Jackey, WLKY NEWS)



In practice since 1986, Mr. Mosley's wide experience includes criminal  and civil trials, state and federal appellate work, administrative law, election law, municipal law and family law. A number of his cases have resulted in published opinions.  He has authored articles that appeared in Res Gestae.  He was selected as "the best" local attorney by Evening News-Tribune Poll of Clark and Floyd County readers.   Martindale-Hubbell ranks him fifth in prominence in Clark County and gave him its highest ranking for ethics and integrity.  At the beginning of his career he was mentored by Frank E. Haddad, Jr., and Burton Milward (author of Kentucky Criminal Practice and Reversible Error in Kentucky...both handbooks for practicing criminal law in Kentucky). He has appeared numerous times in local televised news reports and appeared twice on the Nancy Grace CNN network program as a guest commentator.

Representative past and current employment or clients include, Clark County Government, Town of Utica, Town of Sellersburg, EMC corporation, N-Flyte Trucking, Clark County Prosecutor's Office, Clark  County Public Defender Office and a host of private individuals.

Mr. Mosley has taught in ICLEF seminars on Capital cases and trial practice.  He is a recipient of the Pro Bono Publico award by the Clark and Floyd County Indiana Bar Associations. He is a past or current member of the Indiana Bar Association, The Seventh Circuit Bar  Association, the Clark County Indiana Bar Association, the Sherman Minton Inns of Court. He is licensed to practice and has appeared before all levels of  Indiana State Courts.  He is licensed in the Southern District of Indiana Federal District Court, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.


Client's Choice 2016,2014
Client's Choice
2016 2014

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David Everett Mosley
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Jeffersonville, IN, 47130


4.8 / 5.0
  30 customer reviews
Client's Choice 2016
Client's Choice
Client's Choice is an Avvo award granted to attorneys with a significant number of client reviews over 4 stars in a given year.
Posted by Rex "Wrecks" | October 12, 2012
Look NO Further !!!
April of 2002 I walked into Mosley's office after bonding out, we talked he give me a price (he worked with me & I paid him) & when I stood up to leave I knew I had the RIGHT man for the job. The bad thing is I didn't do my part because I broke out in a rash of 5 felonies in another county. OUCH !! Busted & disgusted I found myself surrounded by concrete & glass with a bunch of glorified adult babysitters. I picked up the phone & made a collect call to 812-282-9000 & believe it or not my collect call was accepted by a lady with the name of Shelly. She took my info. & said Mr. Mosley would contact me as soon as possible. When we hung up I didn't feel near as good about the phone call as I did the day I left his office. I remember thinking "yea right what he gonna do call me at my new office" two days went by and across the loud speaker came the voice of one of those glorified adult babysitters & said "wrecks when the door unlocks step out of your block & go down to book in you have an attorney visit. I thought "WOW this dudes good". I have to say when I walked into the client/attorney meeting room David let me know I had screwed up VERY big. He went on to tell me although my recent decisions were becoming quite popular they were highly illegal, hence the reason I was now tucked away from society. I'm not the brightest crayon in the box but even I had that part figured out. You obviously see where I'm going with this. The gig was up. Playtime was over. David got really serious as he explained the possibilities. He told me the truth and as he talked he gained my trust because I could tell this guy was shooting me straight. When our meeting was over and again as I stood up to walk away from this guy I had now only seen twice in my life, I knew I had the right man for the job. I can tell you or anyone else that David Mosley done the absolute best for me given my situation he could. Most importantly he was thinking about my well being and best interest before I knew how to do those things myself. I was 28 years old and at that time I had no idea I had made a friend that would last until the present date of 2012. With my best interest in mind David got me into a position to change my life, which I've taken advantage of. God knew exactly what he was doing when he placed David Mosley in my life. I'm not even a religious man but I know Devine intervention when I see it. Like I said I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, but hey I'm at least in the box. It's been almost a 11 years and not only do I have a great attorney, a loyal friend, I have a man that is always the first to advocate for me & stand in my corner. Not just sometimes ALWAY''S !! I've hired David more times than I'd like to admit, but I'm happy to say it hasn't always been for criminal issues. David has helped me with family matters as well, for example getting me custody of my son. My son has resided with me for over five years now. I honestly can't say enough about David & I'll NEVER be able to repay him for all he has done for me & my family. David is a GREAT lawyer, man, & friend. If you need someone to help you legally there's not a better man for the job. Period !!!
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Posted by Brian | October 19, 2012
A Great Attorney: Highly Recommended
David did a great job for me. I have a Client that I help with financial matters who needed some legal help with a criminal case. I was trying to help my friend the best I could and I knew he needed a lawyer so I recommended David. David worked extremely hard for this young man and was very knowledgeable of the law. Because of the work David did this young man got the help and representation he needed in his case and was able to work out a very good settlement for his legal issues.
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Posted by Chris | March 13, 2023
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Best choice I ever made was Mr. Mosley
Mr. Mosley was assigned as my puvlic defender and man did i hut yhe jaackpot. Treated me as if i paid him. The deal he got was a dream. Because of this i hired him for another case and it has also went far better then i could have imagined. The whole staff is incredible. Woukd recomend Mr. Mosley over any attorney out there.
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Posted by James | May 18, 2022
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Represented family for 15+ years!
David is a gentleman on top of being a lawyer. As the title said, he has been part of our family for a long time. He treats us with the upmost respect and we treat him the same. He represented me on my recent charge of DUI. It was my first DUI and of others who have it they were shocked of the deal I had got. I advised David that I will plead to any charge as long as I don’t get more then a year probation and I didn’t loose my license. I got exactly that. He communicated and kept in touch with court dates and what was discussed. I would highly recommend David to friends and family, he is understanding, compassionate, and a beast in the court.
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Posted by Matthew | September 20, 2020
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Best Attorney in the Southern Indiana and Louisville Area
I don't think there's a better attorney in the entire Southern Indiana and Louisville area. He fought my case with me for more than two years and never gave up. When I was offered a plea agreement he felt was unfair he explained he explained why he felt this way. From there we continued to fight my case until he was able to negotiate a resolution that left everyone, especially myself, satisfied. There was a time when I was certain that I would be serving a lengthy sentence, but he assured me there were other options and we should keep fighting. Even though I was confident I would be serving a 10-year prison sentence, he was able to negotiate a plea agreement for me that included zero prison time. More importantly, he never misled me. He acted with honesty, integrity and always helped me understand the process. He never promised me, or anyone I've recommended to him, something he couldn't deliver. David is not the type of attorney that would promise the impossible to a client. I've encountered several attorneys in the area and I've found nobody understands the laws and court process as well as David. His willingness to fight for his clients and his experience as an expert negotiator is the reason I'm able to enjoy the pleasures of freedom today. I can assure you that you will not be able to find a better attorney in the area and would be satisfied if you hire him as your legal counsel.
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Posted by anonymous | March 11, 2020
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
'The BEST without doubt'
Mr. Mosley and his staff are very professional & super nice. Everytime I would get a phone call about something changing or whatever the case may be, Mosley's assistant Shelly was so polite and understanding of my situation, and when she would call to tell me that the court date has been changed she would first ask me how are you doing and are you having a good morning. Mr. Mosley is the best Lawyer that I have ever seen and was VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE with my situation, Mosley treated me like a family member, I wasn't nervous around him or anything. Some Lawyers make me nervous just talking with them, but I did not get that way with Mosley at all. There was an incident that I was stressing about and I called Mosley's office to speak with Mosley, Shelly said come on in Mosley said he would speak with me after he gets done with a case he's on, I headed straight to his office and after I got there I was greeted with "would you like something to drink or anything" , staff is amazing. After waiting for about an hour or less Mosley walked straight up to me and said let's go to my office and talk, we talked for about 2 hours and I walked out of his office stress free. If you want the BEST Mr. MOSLEY is the one. I thank you and your staff so much for everything you have done for me.
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Posted by Jay | October 15, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Not all heroes wear capes!
What can you say about a man that saved your life? I truly mean saved my life and I am not exaggerating. When I had no one in my corner he was there. Got my bail down from 100 thousand to 1 thousand because he believed in me and fought very hard for me. He is the most amazing attorney anyone could ask for. Between him and Shelly his assistant I was kept aware of everything. If you want someone who cares and knows how to defend you look no further. I owe this man and his office my life. Thank you for saving my life.
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Posted by anonymous | September 5, 2019
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
Good guy
Good guy a was very helpful in my case and was on top off it and he also did his research on the case and did his best to get it done and over with
Posted by Angie | November 6, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
More than enough
He did a far better job than I could have ever imagined !! He went above and beyond anything I have ever seen . I can’t thank him enough for everything and every sacrifice he made to win our case and to change our lives .
Posted by Kimmy | November 6, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
What sweeter words to hear that those in the title above when your own brother is on trial for the murder of your father. After being lied to by the detectives and told my brother was guilty, David never wavered on my brother's innocence. He not only found reasonable doubt but he PROVED beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was impossible for my brother to have committed the murder. Mr. Mosley worked with me and kept me posted on every update of this case. He is compassionate, very animated in court and commands the room with his presence. I could not pay the $25,000 any defense attorney wanted to take my brothers case. David Mosley was court appointed and did a better job than any of the other attorneys would have done for his paycheck he would have received regardless if he did a great job or not. He did a great job because he is a great man and he has a true heart for what he does and it shines in the courtroom. My family and I will be indebted to him forever. No amount of money we could give him would ever be thanks enough and I know he is aware we feel that way. He is a spirited, soulful man with integrity and conviction to fight for those wrongfully accused. Court appointed or paid attorney, you can bet he will fight just as hard and my brothers case proves it. I will recommend David Mosley to anyone proudly. I am proud to say I know the man although I hope my life is never in his hands again if it has to be in someone else's ever again, I sure hope Mr. Mosley is available to take my case!
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Posted by Amy | October 27, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Professional, dedicated to superb representation
Mr.Mosley has been engaged in my case since it's inception. His attention to detail, and genuine concern for justice never faltered. His entire staff were professionals who treated me with respect and kindness. Mr. Mosley obliterated looming charges thus allowing me to get on with my life. I would recommend Mr. Mosley to you if you need a great attorney.
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Posted by anonymous | April 17, 2017
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Absolutely the Best!
Let's face it, needing an attorney is probably not on your bucket list, or one of your life's accomplishments you list on your resume. Whatever the situation is that leads to needing an attorney, something large is at stake. Whether it's your freedom or your family, it's a pretty huge "something". Rest assured David understands that. I cannot say enough kind words about this man. His knowledge of the law, his passion in the pursuit of justice, his genuine concern of the outcome, those are just a few. I've not met one person who doesn't feel the same.
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Posted by Janet | October 18, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Mr Mosley
Mr. Mosley treated us with the up most respect he was very professional. He took the time to talk with all parties involved. He was very thorough in his investigation. I would recommend him to anyone and i would sure use him again if i needed to. I owe him many thanks will never be able to repay him for his services.
Posted by Russell Carnes | July 10, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
The most intuitive, smart and considerate attorney
Mr Mosley gave me comfort knowing that he would handle everything. He plainly spoke my options to me and multiple scenarios so that we could come out with the best results. I recommend to take his advice to the bank and never doubt. He will protect you.
Posted by anonymous | July 8, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Extremely Pleased Client
When our son was charged with a misdemeanor, we had no idea where to turn. After a recommendation from a friend, and doing our own research, we contacted Mr. Mosley. That was the best decision we could have made. He spent time with us explaining the process and was able to have our son participate in a diversion program. Our son successfully completed the program and the charges were dismissed and the case closed. Several years later we encountered a slight problem related to the case and contacted Mr. Mosley's office. They contacted the court immediately and the speeding charge associated with the misdemeanor was dismissed that very day. Mr. Mosley and his assistant are excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone facing legal difficulties.
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Posted by anonymous | January 21, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Criminal defense Attorney
David Mosley ,Is an amazing criminal defense attorney ,He has worked very hard on our case and the outcomes have been amazing . He defended me in court and he new the case inside and out , What I mean is that he does his homework and is fully prepared to argue the case. In my case the charges that was being sought against me would have cost me a many of years in prison , he was able to get my charges dropped to a way lesser charge and this lessened the sentence dramatically . If I had describe him ,He reminds me of Perry Mason in the fact that he is not easily manipulated and he makes his point very well while in court . He is an amazing criminal defense attorney that worked beyond my expectations and he is still working the case and doing an excellent job. Him and his staff are the one you want on your side if you are being charged heavily you need him he cares and he fights hard. for his clients
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Posted by Kevin | January 13, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Kevin Hawkins review of David Mosley
My family and I have used Mr. Mosley's services for over 20 years and are always pleased with his work and professionalism. I would suggest him to anyone.
Posted by Destiny | May 12, 2015
Beyond Helpful
I obtained David Mosley for a criminal misdemeanor case that I strongly felt should be dismissed. The case had gone on for about 14 months by the time I obtained Mr. Mosley. Within a week of being hired Mr. Mosley had already filed 3 motions on my behalf. Before obtaining Mr. Mosley the state were dragging their feet on my case, not really anything was happening. Within 2-3 months of obtaining Mr. Mosley I had been in front of the judge twice and the case ended up being dismissed. Furthermore, my case was covered by local news media so upon dismissal Mr. Mosley even helped me reach out to them so they could correct their stories. Mr. Mosley drastically helped me when I needed it. I would gladly recommend him and even hire him again if need be. Thanks again David!
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Posted by Tina | March 10, 2015
I appreciate the wonderful advice Dave has gave me. He is a very smart man!! thanks to him I have my freedom. Praise God!! Thanks Dave
Posted by anonymous | December 16, 2014
Your life depends on a great attorney, look no further!!!
I wish I could give Mr. Mosely (and his paralegal Shelly) a 10 star rating! I phoned into Mr. Mosley's office one day and spoke with Shelly (Mr. Mosely was in a seminar), being a first time offender I was lost, upset, scared all rolled into one. I explained to Shelly what my situation was (mind you I was NOT a client at this time) and within an hour Mr. Mosley phoned me. He told me exactly what to do and what not to do until he could meet with me. I followed his orders exactly and met with him a few days later. At our 1st meeting I knew Mr. Mosley was the attorney for me. He was no hold bar; he told me exactly what I could be facing (since I wasn't charged yet it was all up in the air). He then told me again, what steps to take and trust me, you will want to follow everything he tells you to do because this man knows the law! He was able to arrange it so that I did not speak with detectives (this is super important, do NOT speak to anyone but an attorney 1st) and was able to turn myself in after the warrant was issued. He was there with me the entire time, when I booked in, he stayed with my friend until I was booked out. I was charged with multiple D felony counts, never before been in trouble my entire life, you can imagine how scared I was to be in this position. Mr. Mosley did not treat me like a criminal, he was very caring, and I know he went way above and beyond for not just me but for my children. Mr. Mosley is tough and he will not sugar coat anything but what I have found is that you do not want anyone who is not 110% honest with you. He was there for me every step of the way telling me exactly what was going to happen but he was also a fierce supporter of mine. He is the type of man you want in your corner in a courtroom. He's super knowledgeable in the laws and as long as you do everything he tells you do, when he says to do it, he will do the same for you. I owe this man my life, he gave me a 2nd chance that I know I would not have received with just any attorney. He is not just an attorney for the money, trust me, he puts in a lot more time then he gets paid for; he is in it for the love of the career. You can tell this is his passion as he pours everything he has in your case. I honestly felt like I was his only client. It was a long, hard road and in we got a great outcome; and I know without a shadow of a doubt I would not be here able to write this review without Mr. Mosley being my defense attorney. I could go on and on about how wonderful he and his staff is but you are a fool if do you not pick Mr. Mosley to represent you! You will NOT regret having him in your side, in fact you will regret NOT choosing him as your attorney; after all your life depends on it!
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AVVO RATING 9.5 (Superb)

Work Experience

  • Founding Member
  • Mosley, Bertrand, Jacobs and McCall
  • 1995 - Present
  • Attorney
  • Town of Utica
  • 1991 - 1995
  • Attorney
  • Clary, Hess, Guilfoyle, Thomas and Wilder
  • 1988 - 1990
  • Attorney
  • Town of Sellersburg
  • 1988 - 1991
  • Deputy Prosecutor
  • Clark County Prosecutor's Office
  • 1986 - 1988
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  • Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville
  • Juris Doctor
  • 1986
  • University of Louisville
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts
  • 1982

Sample of Legal Cases

  • State v. Myers
  • Plead to amended charges as misdemeanors and probation.
  • In Re K.C.
  • Case dismissed.
  • Estate of C.M. vs. J.H. and F.M.H.
  • Pending
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  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • 2004 - Present
  • Seventh Circuit Bar Association
  • 1992 - Present
  • Indiana State Bar Association
  • 1986 - Present
  • Clark County Indiana Bar Association
  • 1986 - Present
  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America
  • 1995 - 2000
  • Sherman Minton Inns of Court
  • 1995 - 2001
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  • French

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  • BV Rated
  • Martindale-Hubbell
  • 2016
  • Appreciation
  • Indiana Public Defender Council
  • 2009
  • Best Local Attorney
  • Evening News-Tribune
  • 2008
  • Service Award
  • Clark County Public Defender
  • 2000
  • Pro Bono Publico Award
  • Floyd and Clark County Bar Associations
  • 1997
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  • Trial Practice Seminar
  • Trial Practice
  • 2010
  • Death Penalty Defense
  • Life Without the Possibility of Parole
  • 2009

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Endorse David
Criminal defense Attorney | Jul 25
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"David never, ever gives up on his client. We have battled on more than one case and he provides excellent representation to his clients. I endorse this lawyer."
Criminal defense Attorney | Dec 15
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter
"Experienced and knowledgeable advocate. Effective in trial. Very persuasive and well prepared. Trusted and well liked by colleagues and clients."
Criminal defense Attorney | Mar 11
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Dave is great attorney and works hard for his clients."
Criminal defense Attorney | Feb 22
Relationship: Co-worker
"David and I have worked as co-counsel on several criminal cases. He is a gifted lawyer working tirelessly and zealously to defend his clients. David loves the law, he is resourceful and extremely knowledgeable. I endorse this lawyer."
Criminal defense Attorney | Mar 19
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer. David is a Great Lawyer and a Fine Gentleman! Your not making a mistake by contacting him."
Criminal defense Attorney | Mar 15
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"I endorse this lawyer. Dave is a dedicated, effective and caring attorney. If I ever needed help, I would go to Dave."
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