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John Maurice Holcomb

John Holcomb’s reviews

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  • Contested Chaotic Divorce by Spouse....John calmed the storm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Artiffany Washington

    Stuck in the middle of a contested divorce by my ex husband, who request the divorce, my case was rought with contempts for refusal to pay temporary support, hidden assets, threats of harm, weekly court hearings, and using our children as shields. It was mass chaos to say the least. Often I sat speechless, wondering whom I'd married and thankful I was getting out! I fired my attorney after she failed to remove my children from this toxic environment. And with an attorney who rapidly declined in competency as the other side fought dirtier, it seemed a hopeless case. Although all facts were in my favor and we should be winning. I was baffled and depressed with each hearing. At one point the judge questioned the sanity of the case.

    Enter John Holcomb, just before the trial and with little time to prepare, he managed to calmed the entire divorce proceedings to one of peace, dignity, respect and focus on the most important issues at hand - the law and facts of the case. John even did damage control on previous ill-advised documents filed with the court per the advise by my former attorney in the domestic violence case against my ex husband. John held my hand through each painful step needed to complete my divorce and brought an eternal cycle of hearings to a peaceful close.

    His attention to detail and encyclopedic law recall are noteworthy and admired by his colleagues, fellow attorneys, and judges. Well respected and humble are of utmost importance when dealing with an ex spouse determined to undermine the legal system at all costs. While my respect for my ex husband no longer exists, John's ability to bring the case into focus and work in harmony with the attorney hired by my ex husband to destroy me (for reasons I still do not fully understand) made me admire his humanity even more.

    And as the case continued with more contempt issues, I am confident in John's ability and thorough attention to detail in bringing resolution to help close this painful chapter in my life. He was truly a Godsend and one with the authority and power to squash the chaos of my painful divorce. Now healing begins!:)

  • Criminal defense

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    Hy, My name is Rob & I am here to say that I paid two other attorneys for the same thing and got no results but JOHN M. HalcomB did get results in a very short time. He is and allways be my attorney. Very very nise man! I would recomend him to any one!!