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Larry Heinkel

Tax Attorney at Saint Petersburg, FL

4.9   24 reviews

also known as R. Lawrence Heinkel

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About Larry

Learn Larry’s areas of practice.

Practice areas
  1. Tax
    Any type of large dollar tax "problem": multi-year non-filers; Installment Agreements; Offers in Compromises; unpaid tax withholdings; bankruptcy to eliminate tax debts; audits; appealing adverse audits (incl. Tax Court); Innocent Spouse; Sales tax audits and collections; etc.

    40 years, 1,000 cases

  2. Chapter 7 bankruptcy
    Determining the earliest date an income tax is dischargeable in bankruptcy.

    34 years, 100 cases

  3. Tax fraud and tax evasion
    Heinkel usually works behind the scenes or in conjunction with another criminal attorney.

    24 years

Virtual Consultations Anywhere in Florida:

FREE CONSULTATIONS are a sales gimmick. If you want to talk to see if we "click", fine.  But you can't properly "diagnose" a problem in a short, free consultation. You need a thorough review of THE FACTS with the application of THE LAW and come up with a GAME PLAN that incorporates strategies that can best help that client.

A good attorney can't do that for free without going broke. A good consultation takes about an hour, plus (in our case) we obtain account transcripts from IRS in advance of the meeting so we know exactly where we are.

Isn't that what you need? A GAME PLAN?

Don't mess around with free consultations by someone trying to sell you something. In about 70% of my Game Plan meetings, that's all the client needs. Either they can do it themselves thereafter (and save money), or maybe the IRS is "right", or the best answer is "do nothing" (maybe because the statute of limitations will expire soon).

If you want to meet with an extremely experienced tax and bankruptcy attorney and pay a reasonable fee for the time, expertise and education, give us a call and get your GAME PLAN today.

By the way, my car's license tag reads BEAT IRS.

I hope  you'll contact our firm soon.

Photos and videos

Licensed for 39 years
State FL
Status Member in Good Standing
Acquired 1983
Updated 02/23/2023
State CO
Status Withdrawn
Acquired 2000
Updated 01/13/2023

We have not found any instances of professional misconduct for this lawyer.

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4.9 / 5.0
  24 customer reviews
5 Star
4 Star
3 Star
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1 Star
Posted by Teri | June 17, 2022
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
He came through
Mr. Heinkel totally refunded my deposit and I appreciated it so much. I would recommend his firm to people in Florida who need a tax attorney.
Posted by anonymous | April 20, 2021
This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney.
| Consulted Attorney
So Helpful!
I called Mr. Heinkel with an unusual situation. He took my call, listened, discussed the matter and graciously referred me to another lawyer with specialized expertise about my situation, at no charge. It was a pleasure to do business with him.
Posted by Will | March 16, 2021
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Larry Heinkel -- Certified BOSS
Larry & his team have helped me solve many tax problems indeed. His team has helped me through multiple audits and restore a great standing with the IRS. He is not your typical IRS-relief attorney - Larry knows exactly what he's doing, and is an incredible asset for any business owner or entrepreneur to have on their team. My investment in his services has paid itself off greatly -- there's MANY taxes, fees & penalties I would have paid to the IRS if not for Larry knowing how to optimize all these things. Larry is an honest guy -- he's always been REALLY fair with me on fees. On multiple occasions, Larry will offer a discount or not bill for something just because it's a simple issue. He's not one of these unhappy lawyers just trying to bill you for every minute he can -- he seems to genuinely enjoy helping people navigate their way around the tax world... He's got a great team in April, Patti & Pete -- I originally engaged Larry for solving some tax problems, but have since started moving all my accounting activities over to his firm. Tax Problem Solvers seems to be the type of firm you want to build a long term relationship with -- they'll treat you fair, perform their jobs well, and be an increasingly valuable resource as they better understand how you & your business/assets work... I'm really surprised to see anything less than a 5-star review for Larry -- both as a person & professional. He's certainly not comparable to most other tax services you'll see out there. He's not even comparable to other CPAs & accounting firms I've used. But Larry & Tax Problem Solvers is certainly an incredible partner for any business owner or entrepreneur who is looking to either clean up or optimize their tax liabilities...
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Posted by Jeffrey | September 4, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Tax Resolution
I owed the IRS more than $3M due to a complicated accounting dispute related to the sale of a large industrial property. Larry was very helpful in negotiating an installment payment plan that resulted in a waiver of the penalties (although not the interest) that the IRS originally charged. Although not inexpensive, he was always available and responsive.
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Posted by Pam | May 15, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
What a blessing working with April Serrano
I could not begin to describe the overwhelming despair that my husband and I felt after finding out the situation that we were in with the IRS. We truly did not think that we would ever have our financial problems resolved. Then we had the good fortune of being referred to The Heinkel Tax Law Group and we were teamed with April Serrano. In the most difficult time of our lives April helped us when most needed. I have never had such peace and confidence in anyone. Not only did April display such professionalism and efficiency, but she took the time to explain everything to us each step of the way. She would respond to each question immediately and was so understanding of our concerns. With our financial future being in such chaos we were in the best hands possible. The outcome with the IRS was far better that we could have ever imagined and we know that this was all due to April and her knowledge. I would passionately direct anyone to April that may need the same help and guidance as my husband and I. We will never be able to express the thankfulness and gratitude that we have for April.
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Posted by Bob | April 1, 2019
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Larry doesn't sugar coat!
I was in no mental condition to deal with an IRS Officer. Years of stress prior to making a huge "error in judgement" on a return. Numerous hospitilaztions. I needed a tough lawyer to deal with my state of mind and a Lawyer who had a good working relation with the IRS Officer. This is the man. I paid. Could have been far worse. Sanity utterly restored, finances quickly on the mend. Mr. Heinkel did much behind the scenes research to look for any lawful money to be saved. I trust him implicitly. Like any staff of doctors and nurses when you are horribly sick, both he and his staff were working on my behalf even when I could not see them. Years of stress washed away.
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Posted by anonymous | March 27, 2018
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Fast and very professional
Larry’s input regarding my tax problem has put me and my family at ease. Now I can plan and move forward and not be afraid of the IRS.
Posted by SB | February 10, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Absolutely the best!! Go to Larry first!
My IRS problems started while going through a messy divorce. My divorce attorney referred to a local Daytona attorney to assist me in working with the IRS (not Larry). This attorney, after reviewing my case, recommended I submit an offer in compromise. Her staff sent me the paperwork and it was completed and returned with one week. There was some urgency as I had already received a couple of intent to levy notices. When I sent the last signed document for the OIC, I expected it they would send it off to the IRS immediately and I would hear something back from her. One month passes and there was nothing from her office, so I sent an email asking for an update. They replied they were waiting a piece of information requested from me they claim to had not received. I found that document in my sent mail, dated one month prior and forwarded it to them so they could see they already had it. So, now I think everything is under control, right? A few weeks later, I receive a notice from the IRS that she did not include my check for the lump sum that was required with the OIC. So, she redid all of the paperwork, cut a check and mailed it again. At this point, we are over 2 months from her receiving everything from me she needed. Another month passes and I receive a letter stating she sent it to the wrong address and it was forwarded to the correct address by the IRS office that received it in error. Two week later, the IRS drained all of my accounts. I called my attorney to ask what happened, since surely she had been in contact with them from the get go, and they knew I was trying to work with them. Didn't the check I sent to them count for anything? Come to find out she had no contact with them at all!! Oh, and she charged me for all of the hours of her spending time fixing her own mistakes. That OIC was eventually declined. Over the next couple of years, I worked with the IRS on my own, and luckily had a very nice and knowledgeable officer that suggested another OIC, because I needed to buy more time and had no money to pay. Over the next year, while making regular payments on my OIC, my income was stabilizing and I was getting back on my feet. That OIC was denied. Okay, I'm in a position to pay the rest with an installment plan. So, I file the plan and submit to the IRS. A few months go by, and I come home to find an IRS agent had been to my house and left a card on the front door. I'm making payments on time, no missed payments, so why now? At this point, I'm considering bankruptcy because the payment I submitted is the best I could do, and they were not going to approve it. I consulted an attorney in Daytona who said I didn't not qualify for Chap 7 due to my income, and Chap 11 is my only option. It was not an option for me, so she referred me to an IRS attorney, who is a specialist in this field. Here is where Larry walks into the picture. He handled everything for me with the IRS and I never had to see or speak to them. Then, he informs me that I do qualify for a Chap 7 because my debt is primarily non consumer debt. Wow. He is the most knowledgeable attorney in this area and I am so happy I found him. My IRS debt was discharged in Chap 7. The weight that has been lifted from me, after years of stress, both emotional and financial, is incredible!! From the first day I consulted with Larry, to the time my paperwork was filed for bankruptcy, was less than three weeks, and the meeting with the trustee was shortly after that. His office sure doesn't waste any time. What a relief!!! If I ever need a competent attorney in the future, I know where to go first this time!
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Response from Larry Heinkel February 14, 2016
I have no idea which client this is. I wish I did to thank him or her. But it also makes me feel good to know that what we did for this person was not so unique that I would remember. It was the results we aim for and the response we hope for, for and from every client. That's why I can't tell who any of the reviewers are unless they add very particular or unique details. I guess it's my need to be liked that I work so hard for my clients. I sleep well at night, and so do my clients.
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Posted by KC | January 20, 2016
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Call Larry before you call anyone else
This firm should be your very first call. I have carefully selected and reached out to several highly-rated firms, but this one is running laps around the rest. Mr. Heinkel is not only a competent, honest, compassionate attorney; it is clear that he has meticulously hand-selected those he chooses be part of his team. The receptionist, the paralegal, and the attorney were all on the same page; they were patient, informative, straight-forward, honest, and, above all, understanding. Everyone I encountered made me feel welcomed and reassured. It’s difficult to even describe such outstanding service, but I will say they will be the first I recommend and the first I return to should I ever have a need.
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Posted by Bob | November 16, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
Outstanding legal advice and a highly ethical Lawyer!
I decided I needed a tax attorney to represent me in dealing with the IRS due to having very large prior year taxes due, even though I was current in tax return filings, and having just received notice that the IRS had cancelled a prior installment agreement and were threatening me with wage garnishment, property liens, etc. After a brief telephone call with Larry, I set up a "game plan" meeting with him which proved to be tremendously informative and reassuring. I found Larry to be extremely knowledgeable, and he quickly outlined my options, listened to my desires relative to my financial state, and recommended a path forward that his firm would totally manage with the IRS on my behalf. I left feeling a great weight had been taken off my shoulders, and immediately sent a check to his office to complete our contract. I sent backup documents to his paralegal, had several discussions with her, provided a signed power of attorney form and was informed that a response to the IRS was in process. Surprisingly, a week later I received a letter from the IRS offering an installment payment plan that I could handle. I notified Larry who congratulated me, and then provided me with a full refund of my payment except for the time his paralegal had spent preparing my paperwork. His ethical, and forthright treatment of this unique situation gave me reassurance that his reputation is justly deserved. Without hesitation I will immediately engage Attorney Larry Heinkel should the need ever arise again.
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Posted by Ryan E | September 16, 2015
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.
| Hired Attorney
He's the best in the biz.
I've worked with Larry twice in the last two years have nothing but the best to say about him and his staff. I had a ton of issues from prior years and he helped me through all of them. Always shot me straight and handled my case with total professionalism. Saved me a ton of money and relieved some major stress. I would recommend him to anybody needing help with the IRS.
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Posted by Charles | October 8, 2014
Charles E. Lufcy
I have used Mr. Heinkel's firm for over 20 years, every time myself or my corporations have used him he has never let us down with his service. in spite of the fact that he has won or produced outcomes totally in our favor in every case. what i like most is his constant communication with me so im not always wondering what is going on. Since the 80s he has never ceased to impress us. I honestly think he is the best out there.
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Posted by Dr. Dan | September 18, 2014
Larry Heinkel resolved all my problems
I was lost, afraid, and did not know where to turn. My accountant referred me to somebody that referred me to somebody that referred me to Larry. Upon our first consultation Larry didn't fill the air with bravado and ego but he calmed me down so that even if he had not helped me further he gave me enough that I didn't feel alone anymore, and I wasn't near as afraid. Luckily I live in the same general vicinity as Larry and was able to meet with him face to face and we even talked about fishing and other outdoor activities. I don't know about you but there are many professional people I have to deal with both on a personal basis and in the practice of my profession. Some of them are impossible to get to know and deal with, some of them are just ok, and others of them simply make you feel at ease. Larry is the later. I was at a low point in my confidence and trust of the world and definitely was angry and resentful at the governments tactics to bully me. Larry took the ball and I never again had to deal directly with IRS agents and the threats and scare tactics they sometimes employ. I had been trying to appease the IRS and had even made an offer and compromise prior to Larry's intervention that they flat out rejected. They said NO, pay us the entire amount NOW or be damned. I was not under suspicion nor been accused of a crime other than being irresponsible and lackadaisical about my obligation, but as time passed and the debt grew I was paralyzed. Larry Changed all that and today I am a free man, much more responsible and have not put myself in that position again. As a matter of fact I received a huge refund last year. What a miracle and a change in my life that I attribute to Larry's assistance. Thank you, Larry.
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Posted by anonymous | September 18, 2014
A real pleasure to work with!!!
Larry was exceptional thru the whole process. When I needed an answer he always responded within two hours. He even made calls as late as 8pm on many evenings. A real pleasure to work with!
Posted by Steve | September 17, 2014
We would highly recommend Larry Heinkel
We have known and worked with Larry for 12 years. We had excellent results in resolving our issues. Found Larry to be straight forward and very responsive. Would highly recommend Larry to anyone with tax issues.
Posted by ELENA | September 15, 2014
I know Larry Heinkel for over 15 years. He helped me with my Bankruptcy and left no loose ends. I referred him to my daughter and he also helped her with her situation. I would highly recommend Mr Heinkel for any Legal Matter. He is very professional and goes straight to the source.
Posted by Chris | September 15, 2014
Peace of Mind and Effective Results
I worked with Larry on an IRS payroll taxes that were causing me to lose a lot of sleep prior to hiring Larry. On our first meeting he explained what needed to be done and he gave me some tasks to follow up on. In parallel, he completed his tasks; and in due time everything was cleared up. After this matter, I chose to work with Larry again on an unrelated business contract review.
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Posted by Basil | September 13, 2014
Grateful former tax debtor
I had an expensive, complicated tax problem involving both personal and corporate returns and owed close to $1,000,000 in taxes. Neither my CPA nor an enrolled tax agent could help. Larry Heinkel, working with my CPA saved me most of that amount and got the IRS off my back. I would highly recommend his services for anyone with an expensive or complicated tax problem. Florida P
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Posted by Mike | September 12, 2014
So what is Jordanesque? it is actually a real term used to describe the best of excellence in any field (coined from Michael Jordan). Larry is Jordanesque, period. He is the Top in his field. He has helped me personally and with some of my businesses. I have used several attorneys over the last 30 years, from small, medium and large firms. Larry is the finest and most professional attorney I have ever worked with. His experience and expertise is unmatched. He has helped me through very difficult times with the IRS over the years. With one of my companies our CFO mismanaged funds and left me with a substantial trust fund tax issue. He took care of it and the personal tax issues that arose from it. He also took care of the bankruptcies that were needed. What I found amazing is once Larry was on the job, there was no more stress. He knows his stuff backwards and forwards. We cannot thank Larry enough or even give a high enough recommendation for what he has done for us. I can tell you that when looking at attorneys to help you, he just gets it done. Larry is the attorney for you. I don't write reviews, in fact, I think I have only ever written a few ever. I know the stress and anxiety that comes with these legal issues and you can alleviate them with Larry's help. P.S.: For the record, NO I am not related and my wife is a 10 year attorney in another field and recommends Larry to any client that needs help in Larry's fields. One last thing of note, I was mesmerized on more than one occasion with the IRS dealings Larry actually (politely) corrected the IRS on their own rules/code, which had he not known would have cost us a great deal of money in penalties. I think he must sleep well as I can only assume he keeps a copy of the now 73,954 page tax code by his bedside to know what he knows.
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Posted by Bob | September 12, 2014
highly recommend
Larry Heinkel and Staff, particularly Lydia Gazda, have been handling a particularly cumbersome case for my wife and I. They have been exceptional in the way they have handled our 'anxieties'. Their response to calls/information has been almost immediate. I have used the Heinkel law firm on several occassions and would highly recommend this firm.
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  • Contingency 10%-25%
  • Retainer Sometimes
Payment methods
Cash, Check, Credit Card


AVVO RATING 10.0 (Superb)

Work Experience

  • Managing Partner
  • Heinkel Tax Law Group, PL
  • 1988 - Present
  • Associate
  • Dean Mead Et Al
  • 1985 - 1988
  • Associate
  • Akerman Senterfiit
  • 1983 - 1985


  • University of Florida, Fredric G. Levin College of Law
  • LL.M - Master of Laws
  • 1983
  • University of Florida, Fredric G. Levin College of Law
  • JD - Juris Doctor
  • 1982
  • University of Florida
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts
  • N/A


  • Northeast Exchange Club
  • Member
  • 2015 - Present
  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • Member
  • 2012 - Present
  • Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Bar Association
  • Member
  • 2007 - Present
  • Rotary Club of St. Petersburg
  • Past President
  • 2005 - Present
  • Florida Bar, Tax Section
  • Executive Council
  • 1985 - Present
View all associations

Languages Spoken

  • English

Honors and Awards

  • Florida Trend Magazine
  • Florida Legal Elite
  • 2013


  • Florida Bar Journal
  • Eliminating Tax Debts - Why Bankruptcy May Be Better Than an OIC
  • 2008
  • Notre Dame Law Review
  • Section 338: An Analysis & Proposals for Reform
  • 1983
  • Journal of Real Estate Taxation
  • The Impact of Installment Sales Revision Act on Starker-type Exchanges
  • 1982

Speaking Engagements

  • FICPA Annual Accounting Show
  • Top 10 Things CPAs Need to Know About IRS
  • 2016
  • NACBA Annual Convention (San Francisco)
  • Discharging Taxes in Bankruptcy
  • 2016
  • CRI Annual CPE for nationwide staff
  • Solving Complex Tax Problems
  • 2014
  • 29th Annual Accounting Show
  • Taxation of Short Sales and Foreclosures
  • 2014
  • 37th Annual Paskay Bankruptcy Seminar
  • Issues That Tax Consumer Debtors
  • 2013
  • 27th Annual Accounting Show
  • Tax Consequences of Bankruptcy
  • 2012
  • FSU Spring Accounting Conference
  • Tax Issues of Bankruptcy & Insolvency
  • 2012
  • FL Accounting & Business Expo
  • Tax Issues in Representing the Failing Business Enterprise
  • 2008
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Attorney endorsements

Received (10)
Given (4)
Endorse Larry
Tax Attorney | Nov 12
Relationship: Worked together on matter
"I endorse this lawyer. I have known Larry for 15 years. He is extremely passionate about tax law. His drive does not diminish and he continues to educate professionals and clients in need of help. He is candid and upfront which is an admirable trait in a lawyer. P.S. In his spare time he writes children's books."
Tax Attorney | Feb 09
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I've know Larry for years. He is well known in the industry for IRS and Bankruptcy matters. Very professional."
Tax Attorney | Oct 20
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse Attorney Heinkel. He is highly regarded in the law community and has great knowledge in bankruptcy and tax law."
Tax Attorney | Sep 18
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I highly recommend Mr. Heinkel to any and all of my client's with tax problems. Mr. Heinkel is the best Tax Attorney in the Tampa Bay Area and I consult with him on a regular basis. Mr. Heinkel is also highly knowledgeable regarding bankruptcy related matters and regularly speaks at seminars. Mr. Heinkel is highly respected among his peers and has an excellent reputation. I regularly refer clients to Mr. Heinkel with confidence because I know they will be treated professionally and that Mr. Heinkel will strive to get the best result possible."
Bankruptcy and debt Attorney | Sep 18
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Larry is highly respected in the area of bankruptcy law and highly respected in the legal community."
Tax Attorney | Sep 18
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Larry is the go to source for tax laws in general, and its relation to bankruptcy in particular. Not only does he know his stuff inside and out, but he freely shares his knowledge with fellow attorneys on both listservs and private communication. Not only that, but whenever I have questions about the results, Larry is always willing to answer my questions."
State, local, and municipal law Attorney | Sep 18
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse this lawyer."
Tax Attorney | Sep 17
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Larry Heinkel is one of the best tax attorneys in the US. And, if you have any issues about taxes and bankruptcy, then Larry is the one person you need to contact in order to answer and resolve any of these complex issues."
Tax Attorney | Sep 12
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Larry is one of the finest Attorneys I know. I recommend any client that has tax or financial issues to Larry. When fellow attorneys call me to see if I know anyone in Larry's fields. he is the only recommendation I give."
Bankruptcy and debt Attorney | Sep 09
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I regret the endorsement areas don't allow additional topics because the canned category lacks a "Tax" subcategory. Tax issues are traps for the practitioner concentrating in other areas. Larry's expertise in Taxation in general and its interaction with bankruptcy law specifically, coupled with his history of extensive contribution to the debtor bar and a kind demeanor towards fellow attorneys makes him an invaluable resource. I'm proud to have him as part of the debtor bar and would not hesitate to refer clients Larry's way."
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