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Barbara Perez Munoz

Barbara Munoz’s reviews

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  • Excellent Legal Advice - Divorce Case!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Henry

    Barbara represented me through my divorce case which included the negotiation of a marital separation agreement and parenting plan. I was very satisfied with the outcome. Her services were delivered to satisfaction. Time to settle all legal matters was short taking into consideration the complexity of the case. Her legal fees were very reasonable.

  • Amazing Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lourdes Alguino

    My name is Lourdes and I got a divorce in December 2006. My children were extremely devastated. I have two daughters by the names of Jennifer and Janessa. Janessa is my oldest daughter and she is physically and mentally impaired. She was diagnosed at birth with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. Jennifer was only thirteen years old at the time so her cognitive development was established enough to be aware of her fathers departure. The reason for the divorce was adultery in which he had no shame for. My youngest daughter Jennifer was the first to discover his wrong doings. Her frustration turned into unhappiness, her
    anger turned into rage and the confusion of her fathers decisions spiraled out of control. As a mother I wish I could take the pain from both of my daughters and that their father would receive some sort of justice. He spent all his money on everything other than my kids when he left. While my mother, which was 79, and I did whatever we can to provide and support my children. My children will always come first so I wiped away my tears, sewed my heart shut and contacted Barbara Munoz for her help. Barbara Munoz literally helped heal my broken family. She fought for my children in the court room as if she took the role of the second mother to my children. She made him realize the hurt and heart break he put my daughters through. I was able to buy everything my children wanted, needed and deserved all thanks to Barbara. She did not rest until we won the case. Even when she was not in the office she will contact me to see how I was doing as well as my children. She is not only my lawyer but also an amazing successful caring woman. I would not be where I am today and neither will my children. Barbara Munoz I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your hard work and dedication on the case. I think it is fair to say that your clients benefit from your legal expertise and ability to negotiate on their behalf.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ana Margarita Rodriguez

    My name is Ana in Miami Dade Family Court) and this is my testimony that miracles do exist and with a lot of prayers and the help of my great attorney Barbara P. Munoz I was able to resolve my very difficult case. Thank you Barbara!!! I will always be grateful to you, may God always bless you!!!
    Barbara P. Munoz was my third lawyer and many people will tell you that sometimes lawyers don’t take people who’ve had two or more lawyers, but she did, and I was blessed.
    I will make the long story short: Barbara P. Munoz became my lawyer after a year of being in the legal hands of two attorneys who had completely mishandled my case. As a matter of fact, with my first attorney I was found in contempt of alienation and was ordered to even pay for my ex.'s attorneys fees, which later Barbara was able to fix all the mess this two so called attorneys got me into.
    Once I was found in contempt of alienation my ex was entitle to request custody of our children, which he did. . My ex owed me $ 32,000 in child support so his main reason for custody was to take child support away from him. Still the court allowed him to go ahead with the case.
    This was the time I knew I needed a miracle in my life. My family asked around, we were going crazy. A friend of my sister from church gave her Barbara's number. The first time I met Barbara I knew she was the one and I hired her right away. She battled tirelessly against someone who was mean spirited, spiteful, making up stories to the court and did nothing for the right reasons. Barbara fought him and his attorney hard and her dedication paid off when it was over and she was able to clear my name and avoiding this so called father to take our children from the only home they ever knew. My family and I have so much gratitude for everything Barbara did. After watching her in action…..Barbara P. Munoz is definitely the one you want on your side of the court room!

  • You will be glad you hired this attorney! She will fight tirelessly for you and your family!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    My case was a very complicated child custody case where I was seeking to terminate parental rights of a biological father who had abandoned his child and the reappeared. I was told by many attorneys I could not prevail but I did through Ms. Munoz's diligent efforts. Trust her implicitly --while she is a sole practitioner and generally works alone she is one smart cookie when it comes to family law.