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Kenneth Edward Andrews

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  • Great defense

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Could not have asked for a more caring attorney. My husband had been arrested and during a very stressful time for, Ken took the time to speak to me to help me understand everything that was going. Ken was also extremely fair on his fees and the schedule for me to pay. Ken also helped get a very unfortunate situation plead down to a much less severe sentence for my husband. And just recently aided in getting my husband's probation terminated early. Can't thank him enough!

    Hired attorney
  • highly recomended for further defense cases

    5.0 stars

    Posted by tabetha ehlert

    Mr.Andrews was very good at my trial today. He made sure the jury recognize the truths about the case and also made sure they heard the key evidence to prove my innocents. He explained through out the trial what to expect and what was going on. I am very pleased with the not guilty outcome today and could not have done it with no other defense lawyer.

  • Very reliable and accommodating lawyer!!! Helped with my MIP (Minor in Possession)

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    After receiving my misdemeanor for possession of alcohol by a person under the age of 21 I was clueless to what I should do next. I contacted Mr. Andrews after his recommendation from family friends and I could not have made a better decision to hire him. From day one he was fully committed to my case. He explained to me the process and legality of the situation and ensured me I was in good hands. I was never worried after hiring Ken because he kept in close contact with me, updating me on each step of the hearings, pleas, and post-trial actions. I did not have to appear in court a single time through out the process, which was a great convenience to me. Ken was able to get me into a pre-trial diversion program, a great alternative to having this stupid mistake of an MIP harming my personal record and future employment. His pricing was exceptional and made a payment plan for me to ensure I was able to get the help I needed. Any questions I had he promptly answered and never left me in the dark. I would definitely recommend Mr. Andrews to anyone seeking legal advice or has a similar situation.

  • Great lawyer!! I would absolutely Hire Mr. Andrews again!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Katie

    It's hard to choose an attorney these days. It seems they are everywhere and all claim to be the best. Ken was recommended to us by a friend that is very familiar with the legal system and we couldn't be happier with the job he did for us! We hired Ken to help fight 2 felony traffic cases in 2 different counties. We just wrapped both cases up and could not be happier with the outcome. It's safe to say he worked small miracles for us, simply amazing!!

    From day one Ken was easy to get a hold of, very prompt in responding to us, extremely knowledgeable and was overly willing to walk us through any and all questions we had. He was extremely accommodating and did all he could to work with us if we needed anything every step of the way!

    I can not speak highly enough of Mr. Andrews and would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs legal help! If you are looking for a honest and trustworthy lawyer who is also a great guy then Ken Andrews is it! Thank you Ken for ALL of your guidance, expertise and help! You are truly appreciated!

  • Dont retain this lawyer

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Ken Andrews agreed to an original plea deal for me then added terms during sentencing without consulting me which resulted in impossible terms that further incarcerated me, so much so that I had to hire two additional lawyers for thousands of dollars to repair the damage Mr. Andrews caused as well as future irreparable financial and social harm due to violating the clients Sixth Amendment’s requirement of the effective assistance of competent counsel.
    The following FL rules were also broken by Mr Andrews
    (b) Presence; Definition.
    A defendant is present for purposes of this rule if the defendant is physically in attendance for the courtroom proceeding, and has a meaningful opportunity to be heard through counsel on the issues being discussed.
    ** None of this occurred which the lawyer failed to enforce who agreed to plea terms on the spot without the consent of the client or the ramifications of his actions.

    (c) Responsibilities of Defense Counsel.
    (1) Defense counsel shall not conclude any plea agreement on behalf of a defendant- client without the client‘s full and complete consent thereto, being certain that any decision to plead guilty or nolo contendere is made by the defendant.

    (2) Defense counsel shall advise defendant of:
    (B) all pertinent matters bearing on the choice of which plea to enter and the particulars attendant upon each plea and the likely results thereof, as well as any possible alternatives that may be open to the defendant.
    **None of this occurred either.

    Mr Andrews also failed to mention the "Anti Murder Act" which prohibits persons from ever getting bail for any reason.
    Mr. Andrews also decided to discuss personal family matters with the judge for 30 min after the hearing in a public sidebar in order to further his ability to network his professional relationship as well as allowing me to be locked up due to his negligence for a violation of probation that he agreed to with vague terms and failed to appear or testify or provide exculpatory evidence at my VOP hearing which resulted in a guilty verdict and increased sentence.
    In closing, Mr Andrews ineffective representation has cost me over $12,000.00 in funds and caused my incarceration.

    Kenneth Edward Andrews’s response: “I should have know better than to represent this client. He had filed a bar complaint against the prior lawyer on his case. He suffers from mental and emotional issues including paranoia and compulsive obsessive behavior and is incapable of accepting responsibility for his behavior. He was charged with a serious gun related assault and then was later also charged with three stalking charges against the very same witnesses in the assault case. Because of his mental illnesses, he literally couldn't stop himself from harassing them. Although he was facing a mandatory prison sentence, I was able to convince the State Attorney and the Judge that because of his mental health issues he needed to get counseling and that he would be unable to survive in prison and they agreed to a probationary sentence. I was also able to get all three stalking charges dropped even before he was arrested on them. Apparently this was not good enough for this client and he has since blamed me for his ills. He has since harassed me with the same intensity as the conduct that lead to the three stalking charges against him. I initially hesitated to respond to his comments because I know that he will be unable to control himself and feel compelled to further libel and blame me. I fear it will never end. After he violated his probation his mother called me to further represent him in the violation of probation case but I refused and told her I could give her the name of another attorney. Because of his mental health issues it is impossible to reason with this prior client and I have requested that his comments be removed from this website. In the meantime, I believe anyone reading his comments deserve to understand the context of the situation. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is filled with defendants with mental health problems. This is something all defense attorneys must deal with. I just hope if you are looking for an attorney you won't let this individual's issues stop you from considering me. Thank you.”
  • Outstanding service!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anthony

    Mr. Andrews did a great job in his commitment and the dedication that he put towards my court case. He sent out a cancellation letter to the judge for my deportation to my country as soon as he took on my case, and he provided vital information or evidence about my history in the United States, which made the judge know that I am here in America for the greater good. By doing so, he was successful in making the judge waive my deportation, and I sit here a happy client.Without his diligent efforts who know what would have taken place. I am very grateful that Mr. Andrews took on my case, and I will recommend him to anyone who may need him as much as I needed him.