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Tracy Tyson Miller

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  • The best of the best!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debby Wiechnick

    I cannot thank Ms. Tracy Tyson Miller enough for what she has done for me. Because of her expertise and diligence I was found to be disabled since 2011 and was awarded full disability benefits beginning retroactively.
    I chose Ms. Miller to represent me for several reasons. First, her entire practice is devoted solely to helping people with their Social Security Disability claims and second, she has been selected as a Super Lawyer consistently year after year.
    Right from the start, Ms. Miller, who is patient, understanding and easy to talk to, guided me through the process, making sure I filled out all the correct paperwork, specified which doctors records she would need, and answered any questions I had. If Ms. Miller was with another client, her assistant, Tiffany, with endless patience and cheerfulness, was always available to answer my questions and pass on any information to Ms. Miller.
    When it came time for my hearing, Ms. Miller was professional and prepared and as the hearing proceeded, I really understood why she is consistently selected as a super lawyer year after year. With her sharp intellect and smooth expertise she asked me questions in such a way that pulled from me the information and answers that so accurately painted pictures of my disabilities, limitations, and side effects of my medications. So accurately, in fact, that I think the Judge could almost feel my never-ending pain, the hopelessness of my depression, the unrelenting insecurity of not knowing what the next day will be like and the damnable inability to plan anything because my health is so completely unreliable.
    Only a super lawyer could have done that and Ms. Tracy Tyson Miller is truly a super lawyer.
    If I ever have any issues concerning Social Security disability, Ms. Miller will be the one I will call.
    I obviously highly recommend her, so if you have Social Security disability issues, do yourself a big favor and call Ms. Tracy Tyson Miller.

    Hired attorney
  • Top of the Line expert in disability claims and procedures

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    I became disabled on January of 2013. Trying to maneuver through the Social Security Disability agency was a nightmare and produced nothing but denials to my claims for disability. All this changed in February of 2014 when Tracy Miller accepted my case. I no longer felt lost and defeated. Between Ms. Miller and her staff, all the emotional support I needed to get through this difficult time was provided. Her dedication and professionalism was outstanding and all my calls to her office were handled in a very timely way.

    I am very grateful that Ms Miller handled my case and will always be deeply appreciative of her dedication as my advocate to win an approval for my disability claim.

    Hired attorney
  • Professional, Compassionate Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rick

    I interview 4 different firms concerning my claim for Social Security Disability. Three of the firms had me talk with staff people who's only job was to sale me on using their firm. When I contacted Tracy Tyson Miller, I talked to Tracy. Tracy took the time to understand my medical issue and gave me advice not a sales pitch. I hired Tracy September 2013 and she went to work at once on my claim. She stayed in touch through the process and was instrumental in my claim being fully approved in June 2014. I cannot say enough about her knowledge of a very complicated process. I cannot stress enough the importance of hiring an attorney for this process, and Tracy is the best and most competent in the business. Her practice is dedicated to Social Security and she knows the process inside and out.

    I should also mention her Assistant, Tiffany, is outstanding and was there anytime I needed anything.

    Do not do this alone, hire an attorney, and I recommend Tracy Tyson Miller!

  • Excellent disability attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Karin

    When it comes to filing for disability, Mrs. Miller is at the top of the list to handle the case. Her experience and thorough knowledge of the law can't be beat. My disabled son had turned 18 and I was clueless as to where to begin. All I needed to do was give her a list of all of his medical providers and she took it from there. She keeps you informed all the way through the process. He had his first check 4 months later.

  • The truth about my attorney, Tracy Tyson Miller

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Len

    If you are faced with the daunting task of fighting the Social Security Administration for benefits, you had better be prepared for a very long battle if you decide to go at it alone. And keep in mind that you have the likely possibility of losing that battle without the help of a competent attorney who knows exactly what to expect. However, if you're smart, and by reading these reviews you must be, then look no further. You have found the knock out punch you must possess when fighting the SSA for those disability benefits you deserve. That knock out punch would be my Attorney, Tracy Tyson Miller.

    She is not the typical, over the top, cowboy hat wearing TV lawyer who needs your case to pay for her overpriced advertising. She is a real person, living in the real world, and she actually cares about you. She is a working mother, the wife of an attorney, and the daughter of a father who was a judge. Law is in her blood... 20+ years as a licensed attorney says a lot, but she's been around law all of her life! She is an expert in Social Security Disability Law, and came highly recommended by another prominent attorney who handled my accident claim.

    Without sounding like a commercial, let me simply tell you what to expect.
    - Ms. Miller doesn't have a pretentious office with a bunch of paralegals running around doing her work while she's out improving her golf swing. She is in the office, working very hard for you and other clients like you.
    - She does have an assistant, who was not only very caring and compassionate, but competent as well.
    - Phone calls were answered, always, and if Tracy didn't speak with me at the time I called, she returned the call promptly and pleasantly. We even exchanged emails, some of which were composed after hours and on weekends. (Another intimate aspect of dealing directly with Tracy rather than the 'big box' lawyers out there)
    - Tracy told us exactly what to expect , and she delivered.
    - There were no surprises. Who needs surprises when you're dealing with the government for your livelihood, right?!
    - She told me exactly how the process would go while in court, and it did.

    Something else you should know is that my case was very complicated. I have a failed back fusion from two surgeries, complicated with arachnoiditis and MRSA from the second surgery, and I can never work again. However, for what ever reason, SSA is very hard to deal with concerning this type of case and proving disability. In fact, I had two different hearings in front of the same judge. I'm so glad I did not go at this alone, because I'd probably still be fighting. I had one of the toughest judges in Jacksonville, but Tracy being the formidable opponent, wasn't the least bit rattled. Upon researching the judge, I found that he rules against >70% of the cases he hears every year! I've heard so many horror stories about similar deep tissue cases like mine that were never won, but Ms. Miller remained positive and supportive throughout the entire process. I had even put it off for a few months before hiring her, thinking I would lose. But if I knew then what I know now, I'd have hired Tracy to be my attorney much sooner.
    Friend, take my advice...don't wait around to begin the process, and certainly don't go at it alone. You've started in the right direction, by considering Tracy Tyson Miller to fight for you. You will have no regrets you hired her, and the peace of mind that you deserve when it's over. I wish you well in your fight with the SSA. I hope you decide to pack that knock out punch, my Attorney, Tracy Tyson Miller

    Tracy, if you're reading this, I just want to thank you, once again, for helping us win that tough, tough fight. Grace and peace to you and yours.
    Respectfully, Len

  • "Simply Amazing - Attorney Tracy Tyson Miller"

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Valerie

    It is critical to hire an attorney that is qualified to handle your case. That is why I entrusted my case to Attorney Tracy Tyson Miller. Ms. Miller's credentials are impeccable. She is an expert regarding the Disability process. In addition, she is extremely knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, kind, thorough, and passionate about protecting the rights of the disabled. She is wise and exercises good judgment. I was touched by her dedication, commitment and exceptional level of advocacy for the disabled.

    Her clients are a top priority. She interacts effectively, uses clarity in explaining information and always keeps you updated. She utilizes her gifts and talents to achieve positive results for her clients. This was demonstrated to me when she delivered positive results regarding my case within approximately 1 month...what a miracle! I truly believe that Ms. Miller specializes in Disability because of her deep care, concern and respect for others. She is a spokesperson for the challenged and embraces the philosophy that we are our brother's keeper. Also, not only was she amazing but her staff was efficient, courteous, and very customer service driven. They made a very complicated and complex process less painful.

    You are God's special creation and you deserve the best. Ms. Miller is the epitomy of excellence and I consider her to be the "Best of the Best".

  • Best disability benefits lawyer in FL

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Van

    Tracy is a brilliant attorney whose skills at negotiating the maze of disability regulations through thorough and zealous representation of her clients are rewarded by stellar results. The tedious task of attaining positive results does not inhibit her always positive demeanor. She and her assistant are always attentive to the client's needs and bring to the legal profession a warmth and compassion of spirit that are most appreciated by the client. While I understand each case is different, Tracy took my case in August and I received my benefits (including back benefits) by November. I cannot recommend Tracy Tyson Miller more highly as an attorney specializing in disability benefits.

  • Attorney Tracy Tyson Miller

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    If you are searching for an attorney for applying for disability benefits, Tracy Miller is an attorney that can provide you with excellent representation. She has a VERY strong knowledge concerning disabilty law. She also realizes each case is different, unique, and needs individual attention. I cannot express enough how pleased I was with the way she handled my disability case. I have painted a pretty rosie description about attorney Tracy Miller but there is no other way to describe her. I would strongly recommend that she take your disability case. You will be satisfied you did.
    (Reviewed by David Preston)

  • Excellent Results

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Ms. Miller handled my disability claim in 2005. I couldn't be happier with the end result and the way Ms. Miller handled the red tape. She kept me advised on a regular basis and provided contacts where I could seek additional assistance.Thanks to Ms. Miller's guidance I was able to concentrate on my medical condition and not worry about the legal side.

    I would strongly recommend her to anyone having to negotiate the maze of red tape in fighting for benefits with the Social Security Administration.