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Christopher Lane Rouse

Christopher Rouse’s reviews

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  • disability case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by james

    i hired him after i fired my out of town lawyer. he met with me whenever I called for an appointment. before the hearing we met and went over what to expect. I didnt understand everything he and the judge said, but he seemed knowledgable. the judge awarded my benefits and his decision seemed to say the same things my lawyer had already written to the judge

  • Disability

    4.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    WHen I called I usually only talked to his assistnt. Before we went in front of the judge, I went to his office and he pretended to be the judge and got me ready for how to talk. We won the case.

  • Beware: Negligence and Unprofessionalism Severely Compromised My Case.

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Even though he assured me, at the onset, that he was experienced with cases such as mine, he provided very little support during my Social Security Disability case. He did not engaged me in preparation before the ALJ hearing. He refused to return phone calls and messages afterwards and withdrew himself from my case without a consultation/discussion promptly after the ALJ decision. His negligence severely compromised my case. His actions were not those of an experienced and competent Disability attorney. In hindsight, I should have asked to speak with some of his satisfied clients. I should also have spoken to many other people who had been in my situation to know what I should have expected. Best, to you on your journey.

    Christopher Lane Rouse’s response: “Sometimes in taking cases, I agree to take cases that appear marginal. Sometimes I just want to try to help someone who is sympathetic. Oftentimes, based on what the client has told me, I expect to find certain medical records when I send out requests or subpoenas. In some cases, the clients have correctly informed me what the medical records will say, and I am able to put together a convincing case in front of the Judge. Other times, the medical records do not support what the client has told me. When this happens, I am sometimes too reluctant to tell the client that he/she does not have a very good case. Since this client's case, I have changed my procedures to inform the client when I believe the medical records have not lived up to what I was told in my meetings with the client. If I am only able to get the records shortly before the hearing, I will still go to the hearing with the client and present the best case possible on the evidence available, but in those cases I will not appeal the denial past the hearing. In this particular case, I should have told the client this before we went to the hearing.”