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James Rodney Hamilton

James Hamilton’s reviews

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  • Great lawyer! Mr. Hamilton is a genuinely caring person in which I would intrust my life and my family's life.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by C.T.A.

    Mr. Jim Hamilton is an excellent and knowledgeable attorney. I have always went to Mr. Hamilton with any legal issues that I have experienced, from criminal defense to family law. I owe a great deal to Mr. Hamilton for what he has done for myself and my family. Mr. Hamilton always kept his word and helped me to feel reassured in times of despair. Mr. Hamilton was also quick to defend during prosecution or objectionable testimony. I would most definitely recommend Mr. Jim Hamilton or anyone else in his firm for that matter. The Hamilton Law Firm is one that stands beside, supports, and defends their client 100%.

  • Review for Jim Hamilton, a great lawyer with genuine people skills

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Jim Hamilton explained my entire situation to me in a way I could understand the legal issues. He took the time to explain the entire situation, gather the needed information for court and create a winning defense. He returned calls in a timely fashion and took the extra hands on time to help with my concerns. He addressed all concerns beyond what was needed to deal with the legal issues so I might have some peace of mind. This kind of professionalism and personal service is exactly what is needed in a legal action.

  • Great Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Colton

    The Chanco and Hamilton firm was a great experience for me. Both were very knowledgeable and actually do care about you as an individual. They would keep me informed regularly and would give great advice on how to look good and prepared before the actual court date. After the initial court date, Mr. Chanco and Hamilton were not happy with the ruling that they had sentenced me and actually went on to fight it which resulted in another court date, which he represented me, free of charge. These guys do not just look at you as another client, but as someone they do care for. I would absolutely recommend this firm.

  • Amazing service!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    Outstanding service, extraordinarily upstanding attorney. A DUI was the last thing I needed. I have a good job, a family, and I messed up drank one too many and hit a road block. Mr. Hamilton and his associates at the Hamilton Law Firm in Cumming took better care of me than I thought any attorney could. They're not over priced, and frankly they provide amazing legal counsel. Beyond that, Mr. Hamilton's a great guy. He far exceeds the stereotypical overpaid stiff we often think of when trying to find an attorney. Look no further.

  • RipOff!

    1.0 star

    Posted by KLS

    I hired this lawfirm in March 08' my case is still not completed due to the lack of compitence. I was able to get a better deal with the DA's office myself than what Jim Hamilton could get me! He never returns phone calls never has your file in court and aswered most of my questions with an "I don't know". He always acted to busy to deal with a paying customer. He did not hold up his end of the contract signed to provide a service and yet refused to give a refund of the retainer paid. So my opinion is if he can't even follow whats right in the firms contract then I wouldn't trust him with anything important. He even admitted I should get a refund face to face but blew me off for several months then said he was not going to honor the refund. So to answer the above questions, NO he was not Trustworthy, Not Responsive, Not Knowledgable and most certainly Did Not keep me informed. As a former paralegal I have been very disapointed in this experience and in my opinion please save yourself some time and effort, find another attorney!