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Steven Blaine Ockerman

Family Attorney at Weddington, NC

4.3   20 reviews

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Licensed for 30 years
State NC
Status Active
Acquired 2002
Updated 10/03/2022
State MO
Status Inactive
Acquired 1992
Updated 09/20/2022

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Epperson Law, PLLC
13657 Providence Rd
Weddington, NC, 28104


4.3 / 5.0
  20 customer reviews
Posted by KAREN | August 5, 2013
Outstanding Professional
Steve represented me in my child support and custody case, in which we won. My ex-husband was ordered to pay child support and I received full permanent custody. He also petitioned the judge for payment of my attorney fees, which the judge granted and approved. Steve did an outstanding job on my case and he exceeded all expectations.
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Posted by Dawn | May 13, 2013
Completely Satisfied
When I first entered Steven's office I felt very awkward about what I was going through. Once I met with Steven, he and his staff made me feel welcome and helped me get over that awkward feeling. He did not judge me for my inability to keep my marriage together but helped me understand that he was there to help me get through this difficult time. I was reluctant to put up much of a fight but Steven reassured me that he was there to be the bad guy, to say the hard thing, and to push for a fair settlement. Steven kept me updated on where I stood, what needed to be done, and how the process would flow. He was honest and upfront about the timeline, never telling me what I may have wanted to hear but realistically giving me the information about what I should expect. I felt that he was very knowledgeable about my case and the entire process. Whenever I had a questions, I would send him an email and get an immediate response. Steven was looking out for my best interest and I completely trust his work on my behalf. He has been a very caring lawyer who worked hard to make sure that my interests were taken care of. I am very satisfied with his work , knowledge, care and concern that he poured into my case. I would recommend Steven to anyone who is going through a divorce.
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Posted by anonymous | April 23, 2013
Review - Steve Ockerman
I would definitely recommend Steve for anyone going through the extremely difficult time of divorce/separation. Steve proved to be very knowledgeable in several areas we had to deal with such as child support, custody and division of assets. I felt like Steve was responsive to all my questions and successfully navigated me through all legal matters during this tumultuous time. Most importantly, Steve was empathetic to the situation and helped me understand the entire process, while protecting my interests. I felt like Steve got me through and settled issues efficiently, professionally and in a practical manner. In the end, I felt like Steve helped me obtain the best outcome that could be expected for my situation. Thank you Steve.
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Posted by Sarah | April 18, 2013
A wonderful help to me
I will be forever grateful to Mr. Ockerman and his assistant, Ashley, for guiding me through the divorce process. I also had a complication, concerning my name, and Steven was very understanding and knowledgeable. Believe me, I've struggled for over three years to figure out a solution to my situation, and literally in minutes, I felt relieved of the weight. I'm looking forward to the final resolution of my case, and will forever remember how kind Mr. Ockerman and his assistant were to me.
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Posted by anonymous | April 18, 2013
Professional, Knowledgement and Accessible
In February 2012 I had a consultation with Steven Ockerman regarding separation from my husband. Mr. Ockerman was very informative and I felt very comfortable talking with him about personal reasons of wanting this separation. Mr. Ockerman showed much concern and was very caring. A year later, after separating from my husband, I emailed Mr. Ockerman as I wanted to file a legal separation and divorce proceedings. Mr. Ockerman knew exactly who I was and emailed me right away. I filed for both separation and divorce and it was done quicky and professionally. I also had to email Mr. Ockerman many times and he always answered my emails promptly. Mr. Ockerman is honest, knowledgement, always there to help.
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Posted by Elizabeth and Reginal | February 10, 2011
Wonderful attorney
My husband and I attempted on our own to get custody/visitation of our granddaughter thru the self serve clinic. When we realized that we needed help I was able to find Mr. Ockerman who turned out to be my blessing. With his assistance we were able to get joint legal custody of our grandaughter. During the entire process I was a nervous wreck having lost my son to prison and on my way to losing my granddaughter. Steve was kind, caring and professional the entire time. I don't know what I would of done without him and I truly thank God for him.
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Posted by Pat | December 17, 2010
Ockerman is Board Certified in Family Law
I was scared to death the first time I went to see Steve Ockerman. He was caring and professional and I felt I could trust him-and I was right. From the beginning he explained things to me and did not talk down to me as I did not understand all of the nuances of the laws. He encouraged me to get some counseling and I believed that show that he cared about me as a person. His paralegal Ashley Hunsucker was always available and she also was very professional and very kind. They always smiled and helped me through the difficult times. I would not wish divorce on anyone but one needs a professional who cares and Steve Ockerman fits that exactly. When I talked to many Judges whom I know and they asked me who I was using and I told them Steve Ockernman they ALL SAID "you are in the best of hands." Steve is highly respected among his peers and among the judges. He has kept in touch with me and called me "to see how you are." He is a blessing and I am so grateful I found him to represent me. He will always be a friend.
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Posted by Jennie | December 14, 2010
Wonderful Attorney
Steve was very understanding in my case and helped out alot by explaining things to me and letting me know what my options were. He patiently listened to me numerous times as I yammered on about my concerns with the case and treated me as a person.
Posted by Caroline | November 30, 2010
Highly recommend Steve as a caring, compassionate, and understanding family law attorney
My family and I have trusted our legal needs with Wishart Norris Henninger Pittman for several decades. When I needed a family law attorney, it only made sense to work with Steve at the same firm. It was the BEST decision I could have made. Steve took the time to understand my unique situation and truly fought for me in court. He was an amazing advocate, advisor, and of course legal counselor that helped me win more in my case than I thought possible. He helped me navigate the legal maze of our court system and ensured I understood everything that was happening. His parallegals and the staff at this firm were extremely prompt, courteous, and responsive which are the type people you need most supporting your attorney. When it comes to cases of family law, you need more than just a good attorney, you need someone that really cares about your situation. I was extremely happy with Steve's service, results, and above all, for being a compassionate and understanding person throughout this difficult time. I would highly recommend Steve to everyone.
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Posted by Mir | November 18, 2010
I am glad I had Steve to represent me
I believe I am the only client who does not live in the US nor a Citizen of this country. For years I had been seeking to get in touch with my son who was brought by my wife from India when we went through a divorce. It had been a long a tedious search through the embassy of India and the US to trace them in the state of NC. I travelled to the US from Saudi Arabia when I work in the hope of seeing my son after seven long years. To my surprise my ex-wife refused to allow me to see my son and instead filed a false complaint in the court that I had come to Kidnap my son and take him away. This sounds so silly as no one can take away a smart eleven year old boy out of this country without a passport. I got in touch with the lawyer referral service and from there I was directed to see Mr. Steve. After a very patient hearing on the phone Steve offered his best advice and still recommended me to find a mutual understanding with my ex-wife. I insisted that I visit his office and see him in person to which he gladly agreed. I have to say that my first meeting with him was enough to convience me that he is the best guy to take my case. It has been a long a tedious process which Steve and I went through and the hard work brought results where on my second visit to the US and my first court appearance the Judge ordered my ex-wife to prepare my son to meet me in ten minutes time. The feeling of seeing my son after seven long years cannot be explained in words but can only be felt. Me and my son had a wonderful time together in Charlotte and since then I was able to establish a relationship with my son. Still the court process is on and I am hopefull to get positive results. I am sure Steve is ready and so am I. We both will embark on this long journey to achieve what we aimed for will surely achieve.
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Posted by Elizabeth | November 16, 2010
Elizabeth Hobson - family law and domestic violence review
The day following the attack by my husband was the worst day of my life. I woke up with my three small children asleep next to me hoping it had all been a bad dream. I could remember the CT machine in the emergency room, and the police officer telling me to be at the court house at 9:00 in the morning as he recovered my husband’s guns. My head was throbbing from the concussion and my 5 year old daughter’s back was covered in bruises. I frantically rushed to the court house driving with a brace on my wrist, and wondering how angry my husband would be after his night in jail. I did not understand the judicial system I was being immersed in, and found myself in tears in a stairwell after hours of traveling from building to building. I had to learn to trust strangers to make life altering decisions that would affect the safety and future of my children. Steve Ockerman took my case through the office of victim’s assistance, and continued as my attorney of record through several family court proceedings. During this crucial time, he patiently listened to my concerns, and offered solutions that minimized the time we spent in court proceedings. He was accommodating in his explanation of complicated legal decisions, and was forthcoming in expenditures. He has imbued the reputation of integrity with which Wishart, Norris, Henninger, and Pittman holds throughout the community. The children and I have celebrated one year of living in a home without domestic violence and abuse because of the compassion and legal experience Steve Ockerman has provided.
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Posted by Karen | November 15, 2010
The Number One Attorney in North Carolina
Mr. Ockerman is extremly knowledgeable! He knows the laws and if by chance he did not know something, which is rare, he always reseached what he may have not known. You know people have negative reviews about who did a job for them, but always remember that your hearing from someone that gave the negative review and I have found its not the attorneys fault. Clients do not listen to their attorneys. I know this for a fact, during my divorce my x-husband did not listen to his attorney and asked his attorney to do things that were not applicable in the court room. He bad mouth both of his attorneys, as the first one had to let him go. Mr. Ockerman is a excellant attorney. He is very trustworthy. If I lived in North Carolina and needed a attorney I would always use Mr. Ockerman. Even living in Ohio I would still ask for his advise to this day! 1
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Posted by -Shelly | November 15, 2010
Lucky to Find Steve
I found Steve by chance through a referral and he ended up being the best thing that happened to me and I have referred him to about 4 friends now going through a divorce (unfortunately). They have all raved about him and thanked me for referring them. I had a very uncomplicated divorce and Steve did his best to keep things simple, advise me in some areas but did not pressure me into making decisions I wasn't comfortable with. He was fair in his billing and was very responsive to emails and phone calls. When things got a little tense he was right there to fight with me to get things back on track quickly.
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Posted by anonymous | November 10, 2010
Fabulous Attorney!
I have had my fair share of dealings with attorneys over the years and Steve is undeniably the best attorney I have ever had! He has represented me for the past year & a half with child custody issues as well as creating a prenuptial agreement before my wedding. Steve is very approachable & has always been available to discuss/respond to any questions or concerns as they arise. In fact, he even responded to my emails while he was on summer vacation with his family! He could clearly tell I was concerned & wanted an answer sooner rather than later by the tone of my email. None of this waiting days/weeks for a response like some other attorneys I have dealt with in the past. Steve & his paralegal understand the sense of urgency & will get back to you right away. I know that he is always going to look out for my best interests. Having an attorney that you can trust is HUGE. With Steve you will get just that!
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Posted by Michele | November 8, 2010
Awesome lawyer at an awesome firm
I have worked with several firms in the past. Wishart Norris Henninger and Pittman is by far the best. Every attorney I came into contact with cared about my case and Steve Ockerman was so great. He was always available to answer any question or concerns I had day or night. Every detail of my case was addressed. Steve Ockerman and his staff are A+ professionals.
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Posted by anonymous | April 23, 2013
Very Pleased Client
When I came to Mr. Ockerman I was trying to complete a the separation and divorce process on my own with difficulty. My concern with turning to an attorney to take over the process would delay the matter while they went back to begin from square one. I was very surprised by the immediate response to my case and that they started working on it right away. Any question I had received immediate response even e-mails that were sent outside normal business hours. Mr. Ockerman and his staff moved swiftly and were very accommodating and responsive to my requests. As someone that has never had to go through something like this before, it was such a relief to know that my case was given the attention and care that I needed to have good peace of mind.
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Posted by anonymous | November 22, 2010
Highly recommended...
Mr. Ockerman represented my mother in a divorce case. He was very helpful and responsive, willing to work through some difficult challenges in the case,and was very professional. He is mindful of the circumstances surrounding the situation at hand as well as objective facts. I have worked with several attorneys in the past and have found his services to be more than satisfactory and his advice to be sound.
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Posted by anonymous | August 22, 2014
Not a good advocate
I was referred to Mr. Ockerman by another well-regarded, local attorney when her caseload was too heavy to take on my case. Mr. Ockerman dropped the ball on a initial filing for divorce from bed and board, allowing my ex to file for emergency custody of my children. I was ultimately successful at the hearing due to my testimony at trial, yet he stated he was surprised by the positive outcome. He then sent an unitemized bill for nearly $10,000 for one month of services. He did an horrible job of explaining the legal process, and was often arrogant and condescending. I found a new attorney after the second large bill came (again with no accounting for hours spent on my case), since he made it clear by his (in)action and attitude that he was not going to be an advocate for me and my children. Looking back now after understanding the family court system much better, I can still say that he was not a good advocate and was not invested in a positive outcome for my family. He made the most incredibly scary and stressful time in my life even worse.
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Posted by JODY | April 5, 2013
This so called attorney poorly served me he may know divorce law, but is inept at the financial side i am a CPA and passed the CFP exam, although i do not hold the CFP title
Posted by Gary | August 29, 2010
Way too many costly errors made!
Steven B. Ockerman was hired to prepare a Court Order in an uncontested child support matter. After the final document was received, I noticed one line of the Court Order stated child support payment of $150 every other week. The next line said to be taken through payroll deduction at $300 per month. You do not need to be a math major to realize that $150 every two weeks does NOT equal $300 per month. The Court Order was in conflict with itself and was not enforceable. Not a single payment has been made nor received in over three years. My child had to do without. Steven Ockerman (nor ANYONE from the Wishart, Norris, Henninger & Pittman, PA law firm located at 6832 Morrison Blvd. in Charlotte, NC) was willing to correct the firm's mistake. No one at the practice was even willing to admit an error had been made. A simple fifteen minute correction involving an uncontested and undisputed matter was needed. Simply correct the document, reprint it, and have it re-signed and re-submitted to the Judge. No big deal. Instead, Mr. Ockerman cowardly withdrew from the case. When Judge Nancy Norelli asked Mr. Ockerman in Court (at the Withdrawal Hearing) if he wanted to “correct his mistake”, he simply replied – “No, Your Honor, I am all done with this case”, and walked away. The client had to hire another attorney (Christopher D. Johnson) and pay more fees to straighten out the mess Steven B. Ockerman created. (Yes - the Court fully recognized that Mr. Ockerman did in fact, make a mistake) Letters were sent to every practicing attorney within the group (at the time and listed above), explaining the situation. No reply. No correction. No one stood up to correct the problem. No one stood up for what was right.
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Work Experience

  • Attorney
  • Wishart Norris
  • 2003 - 2014
  • Judge Advocate
  • Us Marine Corps
  • 1991 - 2004


  • Washington University School of Law
  • JD
  • 1991
  • United States Naval Academy
  • BS - Bachelor of Science
  • 1983

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  • English

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Family Attorney | Nov 02
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"Steve's knowledge of the law is only rivaled by his ability in the courtroom. He has been my legal mentor for the passed year and I could not have hoped for a better tutor. If you want your case done right, you need to go to him."
Family Attorney | Oct 15
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community
"I endorse Steven. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community."
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Weddington Family Lawyer Steven Blaine Ockerman
Steven Blaine Ockerman
Family Attorney
Weddington, NC
Licensed for 30 years