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David Zwanetz

David Zwanetz’s reviews

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  • The JUSTICE man that solves the problem before it really becomes a problem!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tristan

    My girlfriend and I got involved in a domestic violence case a couple of months ago.
    We both were foreigners and have no such experience before on how to find a good attorney and how to win the trial.
    After some research online and word of mouth, we decided to trust AVVO and trust David.
    David was a helpful listener and man of wisdom. He can always point out the key points of our case.
    Finally he convinced the state of attorney office that everything was just a misunderstanding and they dismissed the case then.
    We both are very happy and appreciate the life we are having now.
    David promised that record expunge will also be done in another couple of months.
    We really trust him and happy with our choice.
    Thanks, David. The best attorney always tries to solve the problem before it really becomes a problem!

  • No one better than Dave Z

    5.0 stars

    Posted by DuyQuan

    For my case, David was able to explain everything to me step by step. He was also able to effectively answer my questions while providing details about his own preparations. He kept me informed the entire process and I was able to trust him completely due to his amazing preparation skills. If you truly want the best criminal defense in Maryland I highly recommend you give David a call.

  • Great Person.

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Very helpful, helped with drafting out our constitution and legal documents for our organization and identified any potential risks involved. Very great person to work with.

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Erin H. Snyder

    I have known David for about 5 years. I started out trying cases against him when I was an assistant state's attorney. David is organized, prepared, hard working and a zealous advocate for his clients. He will go to the mat for each and every one of them. I now consult with him on cases as a defense attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. I highly recommend David!

  • Best in the business!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christopher

    David Zwanetz is one of the premier lawyers in MD. His dedication to provide me as a client with the necessary information to get through my case as well as being a knowledgeable person overall has earned him the title of being one of the best criminal defense lawyers in MD. Throughout the process Dave was able to keep me well informed and answer all my questions. He was also able to provide me with a detailed layout of how the case would play out and what my part in it would be. I can say that without a doubt Dave Zwanetz is equipped with top of the line communication skills and superb preparation for all his cases. I cannot recommend Dave highly enough!

  • A peer, a menton, a friend, and so much more for the community.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Taj P. Murphy, Sr., Esq.

    I have had the pleasure to try cases in th same counties and Mr. Zwanetz, the opportunity and honor to be mentored by him in the development of my own practice, and the privilege to call him a friend. Mr. Zwanetz tenacity in the courtroom is only rivaled by his competive spirit and commitment to the community that he serves. When you think of the principles of integrity, honesty, and dedication you have to think of Mr. Zwanetz. He and the other lawyers at Shapiro & Mack are committed to obtaining the most just outcome in the adjudication of your case. Passionate advocacy that puts the client first, what more could one ask for? An appointment at Shapiro & Mack with Mr. Zwanetz, thats what! Leave your problems in the rearview mirror like a State Trooper who was looking down when you went speeding because by being represented by Mr. Zwanetz is like cool lemonade on a Sunday afternoon with the kids out of town. You have nothing to worry about.

  • David Has Your Back

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tye Ryan

    My personal expectation of an attorney is someone who is straight forward, knowledgable and a master negotiator. I expect my representation to be honest, detailed and suppportive in counsel. I expect my attorney to treat my case with the personal care and attentiveness that he would of his parents, wife or own family. David met these expectations and more.

    David met me on a Sunday in his office and offered me an extraordinary professional experience in spite of the fact that I asked him to see me on the weekend. His presentation was superb. He was prepared and devised a plan that we together executed with care in order to handle my case promptly and allow me to get on with my life.

    David got me a probation before judgement: no interlock devise, no license provisions, no hassle from the legal system and for the work he did the price was reasonable.

    I would recommend David's services for any legal matters. He is versatile and the experience he renders is second to none. His guidance and influence lasts a lifetime.

  • A Master Strategist Who Wins Cases Before Even Stepping Into Court!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leo

    I had the pleasure to work with David Zwanetz during a tough time for me. I was facing a few charges due to a "failure to appear" and a few other traffic violations.

    David and his team at Shapiro & Mack was as professional as can be. They made me feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

    Just like a master strategist, Mr. Zwanetz knew all the things I should do before I even stepped into the courtroom. Even though I was facing thousands of dollars in fines and possible time in jail (a year or so at most), David was able to win the case and have all of my charges dropped without me having to step one foot into the courtroom... I never even saw the judge!

    I am beyond pleased with David Zwanetz and the Shapiro & Mack Team. They treated me like family, and I recommend them to anyone I run into who needs legal help.

    Thank you again David, thank you Shapiro & Mack, you guys are amazing.

  • Almost makes you want to get in trouble!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    I have never been so impressed with an attorney before. Unfortunately, I have put myself in situations that require the use of attorneys, but working with David made me feel so at ease. He is a to -the-point, honest, and trustworthy attorney, man, and friend. He prepared me for all possible outcomes, coached me through the process, and stood by my side through it all. I felt comfortable and informed every step of the way and recommend his services over and over.

  • Dave Zwantez takes care of everything for you

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Teresa

    I've worked with Dave for quite some time and each time I need him, he takes care of all the details so I know the job will get done and I do not have to worry. Friday we went to court and within minutes he got the results we wanted. He is responsive with communication. He can put you at ease in dealing with legal matters that require a representative who has your best interest at the forefront. I highly recommend Dave Zwanetz.